Mariah Carey Looks ‘Precious’ In Cannes


With memories of her ill-fated big screen debut Glitter in the distant past (she wishes), Mariah Carey made a grand appearance on the red carpet at the Grand Theatre Lumiere for the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival this weekend for their premiere of her latest film effort Precious. In the film, Mimi plays a supporting character who is as far from her glam image as possible … clearly, the singer-turned-actress is trying to show range. Here are a couple pics of Mimi on the red carpet in Cannes (one with co-star Lenny Kravitz — a singer-turned-actor himself) and a couple photos of Mimi and her young hubby Nick Cannon lookin’ all coupley on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht:

For someone with only a few movies under her belt, singer-turned-actress Mariah Carey looked incredibly confident on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival last night. The multi-award winning singer, 40, showed off her curves in a figure-hugging Dolce & Gabbana black dress as arrived at the screening of her new film Precious. Despite a soggy evening on the French Riviera, Mariah beamed for photographers as an aide protected her designer dress from the downpour. As one would expect from a bonafide diva as Ms Carey, the singer was dripping with Chopard diamonds as she joined co-stars Lenny Kravitz and Paula Patton on the steps of the Palais de Festival … Mariah’s choice of black appeared to be the dominant shade at the Precious screening last night, with co-stars Lenny, Gabourey Sidibe and director Lee Daniels all opting for the colour. Precious is based on the book Push by Sapphire and tells the story of an obese, HIV-positive teenager growing up with abuse in Harlem. It stars newcomer Gabourey as Clareece ‘Precious’ Jones – the lead character -, Paula as her teacher, comedienne Mo’Nique as her mother, Lenny as a nurse and Mariah as a social worker. In a dramatic change from her usual glamorous image, Mariah looks tired and dowdy to play Mrs Weiss. The film received rave reviews when it first screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January and went on to win both the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize for best drama. At a press conference earlier on Friday, director Lee Daniels admitted he only cast Mariah at the last minute. He said: ‘I thought how bold would it be to cast Mariah. If she could dye her hair, put on a wig, take off the make-up, darken under the eyes, I believed she would begin to give me her soul. And she did.’ Mariah added: ‘[My character] is the audience and is that shocked person who hears what goes on and has to kind of bare her soul because she’s hearing something that is so horrific that she’s never heard before. There’s a creative side of me that needs to do work like this.’ Precious marks Mariah’s fourth film since her critically-panned debut in Glitter in 2001. Her second film WiseGirls in 2002 was better received, but the film failed to find a distributor and went straight to TV. However, last year Mariah’s burgeoning acting career received a boost with Tennessee, in which she played an aspiring singer fleeing an unhappy marriage.

HMMM … well, mebbe 4th time’s the charm? I had pretty high hopes that last year’s Tennessee would be the film to finally bring her critical acclaim and box office success but … apparently not so. Appearing in a film that premieres at Cannes is a huge accomplishment for our dear Mariah. I can deffo see how she’s got some acting talent inside her (unlike our dear Madonna who, as much as I love her, couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag). I’m very curious to see his gritty movie. Good luck with this film, Mimi. I’m tired of lookin’ for your films in the DVD bargain bins.

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  • Mariah

    I saw the trailer for this movie and she looks nothing like Mariah the Diva. She’s wearing no make-up whatsoever. From the parts I’ve seen with her in it, she could really pull this part off with flying colors. Here’s to hoping!

  • Lana

    I had no idea that Lenny Kravitz was in this film. I love him! I am a HUGE Mariah Lamb, so of course I cannot wait to see this. She looks gorgeous as usual <3

  • Dori

    My Boyfriend saw this film at Sundance when it was still titled “Push” and he raaaaveed about it. The plot is really sad and disturbing but I can’t wait to see it in theaters!!

  • Janelle

    I saw this trailer and WOW. It looks like it will be a very hard film to not cry or feel for. It’s shocking to see Mariah in such a real role, she’s amazing but seems kind of shallow. Major props for her and EVERYONE involved.

  • babybunny

    Hmm Mariah’s looking a bit preggers. :o

  • Wow, in Cannes! Good for her.

  • Bleeding Ears

    Please tell me she dies a horrible death in this picture…

  • Sarah

    She’s looking a little thick… maybe for the role? Or perhaps married life is just taking it’s comfortable toll…

  • nicole

    when i saw the trailer for this movie it kinda gave me chills lol. i reallllly wanna see it.

  • la princesa

    The trailer looked good. But people are always so quick to judge a performance as “amazing” or “soulful” when all the actress is doing is being her dull, monotonous self w/o make up (a la The Good Girl w/Aniston). I am crossing my fingers for MC on this one. The book it was based on is good, and the lead actress looks great in the lead! Mo’Nique too! I can’t wait to see it.
    Trent, did you Rudi Y Curso?

    • @la princesa — I have not seen ‘Rudi Y Curso’ but I want to, it looks hilarious :)

  • Chase

    The movie looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it. Surprisingly, Monique is getting Oscar buzz already! So weird… and Mariah, well, hm.

  • i hope she proves herself to be a decent actress because it’s going to take a lot to live down glitter.

  • JessicaGiovanna

    I have to admit that when Wisegirls is playing on tv I don’t change the channel; its my guilty pleasure and I must say she did a fine job in it :)

  • JZ

    While Madonna has made many a bad choice, or taken on a lighthearted role, let’s not overlook the fact that she did win a Golden Globe for her amazing performance in EVITA. Let’s see if Mariah ever wins one.