Kylie Minogue Performs In Morocco


Kylie Minogue, who shocked her US fans by announcing earlier this month that she would be embarking on her FIRST EVER North American tour this Fall, was on hand for a dazzling performance at the 8th Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco this weekend and managed to pull out all the stops for this one-off show. Decked out in sparkling black and gold, Kylie showed the Moroccans why she is loved and adored the world over. Might this performance be but a preview of what she’s got in store for her US and Canadian fans when she FINALLY brings her tour to North America this Fall?

Kylie Minogue made sure it was all eyes on her at a concert in Morocco by performing in a sparkly, over-the-top outfit. The singer, who wowed the screaming fans with her famous hits, looked to be in her element as she performed in a dramatic costume, which included a blue cut-out bodysuit with arm length gloves, and a similar one in black. The singer, who was performing at 8th Mawazine Festival in Rabat Morocco yesterday, stepped out onto an equally elaborate stage decorated in glitter and bold shades of gold-coloured speakers. Kylie, has become known for her over the top stage performances. And now her American fans will get to experience a piece of the action now that the Australian singer is launching her first U.S. tour later this year. While it will be short — six cities — she’s hoping to reconnect with her small but loyal fan base. When asked why she decided to tour in the United States now, she said: “I’ve wanted to for ages, for the longest time, and it just never was feasible to do it. And I was tired of hearing myself say that. I’m doing it simply to do it, it’s not to promote anything, it’s not on the back of anything else, and it’s nice to have that freedom to create my show.” Kylie, who has been dating Spanish model Andres Velencoso for the past seven months, seems to be having the best time of her life these days. In a recent interview with Hello! Magazine she gushes about her life and new relationship, “It’s definitely true that I’m happier than ever before,” she said. “I feel relaxed, happy, excited and just totally content with my life. I’m having a good time. I really am. All my life I’ve worked very hard and I’ve always talked about trying to find a balance. Last year was very tough, I’m just chilling out, being me, having a personal life. I’m just doing things I never would give myself time to do. I’m finding my balance and I’m giving myself space just to be me. I feel good about everything in my life at the moment. I’m a very, very happy girl.”

She has the BEST attitude and I am just over the moon that we fans here in the US will finally be able to see her perform live and in person on our side of the pond. Being able to see one of her huge stage concert performances in London, England last Summer was one of the concert high points of my life. Now that I will be able to see her here, I’m just geeked beyond words. I love these new photos from Morocco … the stage costume looks entirely new. Not that I’m complaining but I’m a bit worried that her US tour will just be a pared down version of her last tour (the one I saw in London last Summer). Seeing this new costume hints that she might come up with an almost entirely new show for her US tour. If I had a say, I’d love to see her pick the best numbers from her various tours and piece together a Greatest Hits short of show (ie. not just the songs but the performances from previous tours). I’m so excited … no matter what her show will look like, I know I’m gonna love Woot!!


  • Man, she looks great. How old is she again?

  • DonBearCA

    I just got my tickets for Kylie’s show at the Hollywood Bowl, and I can’t wait to see her! My husband and I always said that if Kylie ever came to America on tour we would see her, and we are! She is amazing!

  • nysro

    They sure use the word TOUR very loosley these days… A couple of american shows is hardly a tour…

    (and the reason she’s never “toured” america before… not many really care.. her album sales in the US are LOW compared to popular artists and her world sales… )

    I’m not trying to diss her, I just don’t her appeal myself..

  • deedee

    she will be performing in my country in 3 weeks and the tickets cost less then 3 dollars :) I just can’t wait to see her for the first time in my life

  • Bubblegum

    She looks fantastic!!!!

  • BloodLover

    Yes! I was there in the front raw, had eye contact with her!
    She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve seen till now!
    And the performance, the dancers, the show, the costumes.. I’m still shaking now.. so wonderful!
    And indeed she looks VERY VERY Happy, sure it’s about her being cancer free, but she really looks like she’s enjoying every second of her life!
    We love you Kylie! Get back to Morocco!