Chris Pine Does ‘GQ’ Magazine


Sexy nerd Chris Pine is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine lookin’ all snazzy and shizz modeling a few Spring suit looks for the mag. His photoshoot is accompanied by a short interview wherein the Star Trek star talks about his new film … and one of his old films — one that starred Lindsay Lohan:

This Is Your Captain Speaking: To the outrage of William Shatner devotees everywhere, the role of Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek went to Chris Pine—an unproven 28-year-old from L.A.—who didn’t know a Vulcan from a Venezuelan. When it comes to his breakthrough role, we don’t know whether to congratulate him or send our sympathies

You play Captain James T. Kirk. Any razzing from old friends of late?
It’s pretty fucking inescapable. I play basketball with a bunch of guys at 9:30 a.m. and it’s like, “Yo, wussup, Captain Kirk!” I don’t have a smart comeback yet.

You weren’t much of a Trekkie, we hear.
I was a Star Wars kid. The kitsch factor in the original Star Trek series is high, but the show manages to take on these huge questions about race, sex, and war. I have a great appreciation for what Mr. Shatner did with the part. There’s a gravity to it, but he’s having fun.

Surely tiptoeing around the rabid fan base—calling him “Mr. Shatner” and all that—must get old?
The amount of dissection of the minutiae of this movie…I was blown away by the protectiveness. I’m definitely guilty of looking at the blogs, and I’m not a fan of the anonymity [of the Internet], how it allows people to just spew poisonous vitriol like vomit.

You seem interested in playing a diverse range of roles. Are you worried you’ll forever be typecast because of your looks?
I did a movie called Smokin’ Aces, and the casting director didn’t want to see me for the role of a neo-Nazi hit man. But it didn’t bum me out. I had to prove I could do it.

What was the state of the Lindsay Lohan circus when you starred opposite her in Just My Luck [in 2006]?
She was making a lot of money and attracting a lot of attention from the paparazzi. It put in stark relief that I don’t want that kind of life.

Isn’t Star Trek bringing it anyway?
Maybe. But I’m not gonna hunt it out. I won’t tell my publicist I’m going to Starbucks in twenty minutes and to call the photographers.

Ha! I love that he was a Star Wars kid growing up. There deffo seems to be a strong line between Team Star Wars and Team Star Trek. I would have to say that while I enjoy the tales from Long Ago … In a Galaxy Far, Far Away I am much more a Trekkie at heart. That said, I was never a big fan of ST: TOS — but I’m a HUGE fan from ST: TNG on. But I digress … I bet Chris Pine LOVES talking about Just My Luck. That movie was TERRRRRRIBLE. He’s lucky he ever got work after appearing in that mess. I think he’s in a much better place professionally now. After the jump, check out the rest of the photos from Chris Pine’s GQ magazine photoshoot …

While these suit pics are very nice I think I much prefer his dressed down nerdy look. Then again … if I had my druthers, I think I’d prefer even still the photos where he is wearing as little clothing as possible. Woot!


  • He is just the cutest, isn’t he?

  • Molly

    Just my Luck was terrible, but I loved it because of him. What a doll. I’m so glad to see him now in movies that I don’t have to be embarassed about having seen (more than once)…

  • nicole

    helllloooo Mr Pine ;)

  • Gaby

    Is it bad that I liked it when he was playing that redneck on Smokin Aces…he was hot in a dirty, redneck type way LOL oops!

  • KP Love

    Woot, indeed! I just want to pinch his cheeks (don’t ask which ones)! ;)

  • paige

    i agree Gaby. I LOVED him in smokin aces!!

  • Blah Girls!

    OMG what a babe.

  • nisha

    i think just my luck was actually good.i think it was just made for a certain type of audience not everyone.people of my age and younger ike it anyway.i just love the pics he looks so cute i love the top one and the last one he has such an adorable smile.i am so glad he is getting all this attention now he can be seen in more chris and i am so going buying this issue. thanks for posting

  • SuziLee

    LOL @Gaby – OMG I felt the same exact way – hot in a dirty redneck drag me to your trailer & do me kinda way! Is that wrong?!?!
    And – I must be a freak, but I didn’t really hate Just My Luck!

  • Chase

    LMFAO @ SuziLee! AHAHA. You know, Just My Luck wasn’t really that bad. Like Nisha said, it was targeted for a certain audience but it could’ve been a lot better.

  • Liza

    I <3 him. He’s officially my imaginary boyfriend.

  • cougar mom

    He is SOOOOO hot. De lish.

  • Vanessa

    just my luck was cute…not terrible by any stretch

    terrible IMO is little nicky. max payne

  • aelrah

    am loving that he seems actually semi-eloquent and intelligent…

  • Leo Nimoyy

    I have to say Chris Pine really surprised me with his performance in this movie. I had very low expectations but I noticed something about him that most great actors realize– he has the power of small. He figured out somewhere along the line that its the subtle moments and hand gestures, etc. that makes great acting. And the fact that he wants to stay far away from Lindsay Lohan makes me realize that that kind of attitude is also integral to self-preservation.

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  • sez

    He was better in “Just my luck” than he was in “The princess diaries 2″. I saw the new Star Trek on Thursday and LOVED it! I’ve never been much into Si-fi – but what I loved (other than the total sexiness of the cast) – was the comedy, esp between Chris and Karl Uban (Bones) – Finally they got the whole “there’s no sound in space” part right (for the most part, where people are concerned at least) – I came in with high expectations and JJ Abrams didn’t disappoint.

  • jbeeps

    I developed a huge crush on him , when I first saw him in Princess Diaries 2. Pine & Hathaway have incredible chemistry. They need to do a movie together soon ! I can see those two dating in real life.