Kanye West’s New Ladyfriend Shares Her Photos On Twitter


Amber Rose, the shaved headed model who has been seen in the exclusive company of Kanye West in recent weeks, posted a few photos on her official Twitter profile from inside The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala last week where she was lucky enough to party with Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Here are a couple of her fun Twitpics of the gang having fun:

It’s a pose often favoured by inebriated students – a hand grasping a fellow reveller’s behind. But at 50-years of age Madonna should know better. The mother-of-three was pictured striking the unusual pose with fellow guests Amber Rose, the model girlfriend of Kanye West. That were at the star-studded Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Ball earlier this month. Of course, Madonna may have thought the photo would never be viewed by the general public. But Amber Rose was so pleased with it that she posted it on her Twitter page – sharing it with the world. Yesterday Amber’s boyfriend Kanye, also in the Madonna picture, made it clear that he doesn’t share his girlfriend’s passion for the social networking page. In a rant on his blog the rapper chastised those pretending to be him. ‘WHY WOULD I USE TWITTER???’ he wrote ‘I’M TOO BUSY ACTUALLY BUSY BEING CREATIVE MOST OF THE TIME AND IF I’M NOT AND I’M JUST LAYING ON A BEACH I WOULDN’T TELL THE WORLD. EVERYTHING THAT TWITTER OFFERS I NEED LESS OF.’ Perhaps he should share his views with his girlfriend.

Hahaha … meh, who cares if Kanye doesn’t use Twitter, at least his ladyfriend does and she can be the one to share the deets when he chooses not to. I’m surprised that this accompanying report didn’t quote Kanye’s best line from his recent Twitter rant:


I love it. I may have to start following Amber Rose just in case she shares any more pics like this. It would be funny as hell if she posted a photo of Kanye West lying on the beach … clothed of course.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I wish I could run with crowds like this. It would be fun!

  • Jadedkitten

    Grandma is trying so hard to hang with the kewl kids.

  • alisaj29

    Since when is Kanye “Lady Friend” a model? Wasn’t she a stripper when they met?????

  • kittycatastrophe

    Madonna’s playing grab ass with Kanye’s chick; she also looks like she’s had a few cocktails while hanging with the kiddies.

  • christine

    @ jadedkitten-ahahahahahahha. i was thinking the same. she really needs to stop acting like she’s in her 20’s.
    and what’s with her gloves??

  • Cinner

    The gloves hide those granny Clampet hands. They are naaaasty….

  • oh, look at them party people. living the good life and all.

  • jill

    if memory serves, both Amber Rose and Jessica Biel wore different colored dresses on the red carpet. Jessica was in that gorgeous red dress and Amber in a black and white ensemble. In these pics Amber is now in a red dress and Jessica Biel in a blue one. Really? costume changes at the costume gala? (or am i just confusing events?) Toooo bad Madonna didn’t take the cue and get rid of those heinous bunny ears when she was inside.

  • Grace

    What the hell is going on with Justin’s stupid glasses?

  • ollie

    whatever. justin’s glasses are cute!

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  • Panti Christ

    Looks like Amber Rose had a great night, and like any of us would, she wanted to share it! Fun!

    • @Panti Christ — I’d’ve done the same. If Madonna put her hand on MY ass, I’d broadcast that shizz, too!

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  • what the…

    Oh my, pour maddie, it is really the beginning of the end—she is starting to look like Donatella V. in these pics. Move along, little doagie…

  • Sarah

    It is obvious that she is a famewhore. Any person that would actually belong there would not be posting pictues of her “friends” to the public.

  • tatiana

    HA. I love that first picture so much, I might make it the wallpaper on my computer. You just KNOW that Madonna wanted to grab her ass all night, and seized the perfect opportunity. Madonna is such a freak.

  • pdnoosh

    *sigh* Hating on Madonna for a harmless party photo sheds more bad light on the haters themselves, not the woman in question. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Where’s the harm?

  • me

    She is one of the girls from the Ludicrous video for What Them Girls Like

  • Janice

    I’d so love to be included in that last picture. Sigh.
    @ Trent–seriously, everyone knows if Madonna grabbed their ass they’d post that shit too. :)