Kristin Cavallari Goes Shopping For New Threads


Kristin Cavallari is slowing making her way back to the scene after a long hiatus away. As you may recall, we learned that KC is scheduled to make her return to Reality TV in the new season of The Hills. Now that Lauren LC Conrad is supposedly ready to move on from the show, it seems the time is right for Kristin to move in and take her place … which is prolly why she is on the hunt for new outfits to wear. Here are a couple pics of Kristin doing a bit of shopping in Beverly Hills, CA earlier this week:

I, for one, am THRILLED that Kristin is back. I know that she was uninterested in doing TV again after her (all too short) stint on MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County a few years ago … but her time on that show was really the draw for me. I LOVED her on LB and I know I’m gonna LOVE her on The Hills. Her participation on the show hasn’t been formally announced just yet but … I think we can be pretty confident that she’ll be back on our TVs very soon. Team Kristin, baby! I can’t wait!!

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Blair

    Yey! I hope its true, im looking forward to seeing her on the hills aswel.

  • Allie

    Boo. I never understood why people found her attractive. And, I don’t understand why “The Hills” is even still on. It hasn’t been good since all of it got SUPER scripted and so cheesy. Desperate for work? I’d say soooooo.

  • BT

    I flove her. I don’t even watch the Hills anymore but I will start again if she comes back.

  • Jaci

    As long as she doesn’t say Stephen. I hated the way she said his name lol

    • @Jaci – is it wrong that I miss the way she would whine Stephen’s name by saying “Ste-PHUN!” all the time? I love this girl so much :) I got Dunzo! from her :)

  • Caroline

    I can just see this years finale to the Hills. Heidi throws the bouquet and Kristen catches it and we get the same kind of dialogue that she did at the start of season 2 on the hills!!

  • Ford

    I love her, and I think she’s way more entertaining that LC..atleast in high school anyways..we’ll see how she has changed since then..

  • Sandra

    is it just me or has she lost her appeal? aka she’s not that attractive looking anymore lol.

  • Chase

    @ Sandra – you can’t lose your appeal when you never had an appeal in the first place. : ) I can’t stand this chick and I hope The Hills gets canceled. kthanx

  • Jillian

    Who is going to be the levelheaded one now that “aurens leaving? Not Kristin! Still I loved her in laguna beach and think her bitchiness will be very entertaining! Fingers crossed rhat she will be on the hills!

  • ~ I n F a m o u s ~


  • Izzy

    lmao @ Jaci’s comment. I still love LC, but Kristin is fun to watch!

  • sammy

    I LOVE KC… without going elaborately into why… this girl had balls! she might have been a little valley… but I can relate to her much more than MOEPY mope LC … girls chasing boy? NoT HOT!