Are Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Expecting A Baby Boy?


In Touch Weekly magazine is reporting today that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, who are expecting the birth of their second child this year, are preparing for the arrival of a bouncing baby … BOY! Of course, none of this is confirmed by the couple themselves but In Touch claims to have sources that have dished to the mag about the sex of the couple’s incubating baby … here is the report:

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are already the proud parents of an adorable 16-month-old daughter, Harlow, and now, they’re getting ready for the arrival of a bouncing baby boy in August, a friend tells In Touch. “Joel bought water-based paint for the nursery and — surprise, surprise — it’s blue,” reveals another pal of the couple, who adds that Nicole refers to the baby as “he.” “Plus, she recently ordered some plush animals and infant toys from FAO Schwarz, and everything just happens to be blue.”

Now, I don’t really believe anything until I hear confirmation from the folks involved but … if this blue paint thing is true then I would say that is a pretty good indicator of what’s going on ;) No matter what the sex of the baby is, there is no doubt it is going to be the cutest thing ever. Harlow Winter is already the reigning cutest baby in all of Hollywood babydom … I’m sure she wouldn’t mind ruling with an equally adorable sibling.


  • CB

    Harlow already looks so much like Joel. I wonder if the little boy will look more like Nicole.

  • Blair

    Trent i love reading your blog…but could you please stop writing about Nicole Richie and her boyfriend from that band!

  • Blair

    And any future offspring they might have, thanks.

  • Blair

    Fair enough.

  • Jaclyn

    Aww I’m happy for them, what a sweet family. The baby boy will be as adorable as Miss Harlow

  • christine

    i never understand why people don’t just skip over the stuff they don’t want to read about.

  • kristin

    Oh, I hope it is a boy! They certainly do make pretty babies.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    DON’T STOP WRITING ABOUT THEM!! I love them! That picture is so cute above!!

  • Blair

    @ Christine, the correct grammar is- I have never understood, not ‘i never understand’.

  • christine

    @ blair-ok then, so skip over the stuff you’re not interested in.

  • lo

    Trent, I agree, Harlow is THE cutest! Glad you’re going to keep it up.

  • wonder what they will name him can they find a cuter name than harlow winter? because that will be tough!

  • Frisa

    They are an adorable family and I love reading about them. Thanks Trent!

  • Siobhan

    @Trent – LMAO!

    I can’t wait for this new baby. Amazing how a few years ago I thought Nicole was a waste of space and look how much motherhood has changed her. It is a beautiful thing!

  • JJ

    I’m inclined to believe they’re having a boy. I remember back when Jennifer Garner was prego with baby #1 I read in one of those magazines they were having a girl named Violet. And when Britney was pregnant with Sean Preston I read that they were having a boy possibly named Preston. Not that any of that means they’re right about this, I just wouldn’t be surprised. It has always seemed to me a lot of these tips turn out to be correct.

  • nicole

    @ Trent – haha for some reason your plain – no – gave a good laugh…hmm must be one of those days.
    well if they do have a boy – im sure hes gunna be a looker. congrats to them :)

  • Kammie

    Everyone thought they were having a boy last time too, so I’m gonna wait till Nicole actually births the little peanut.

  • Adri

    aw he would be so cute if it’s true! harlow is beyond adorable.

  • Christine

    @Siobhan I agree, a few years ago she was in a bad place and was going downhill fast… amazing the difference a few years can make.
    To the haters: just skip it if you don’t care… I could care less about Courtney Love and the posts about her, but I just don’t even bother reading them, much less commenting on them.

  • debho

    @Christine…exactly! I could give two craps about Twilight..the books and the I don’t bother reading about them. No biggie. to skip past.
    @Blair. If you’re going to be a quizzling, why don’t you try IMDb..they love a good grammatical argument over there. lol

  • Bob

    Trent just because you love Nicole doesn’t mean you have to lie her baby is just cute nothing more its far from being the most beautiful baby in Hollywood or anywhere else…Your just trying to be nice or need glasses.


  • sarah

    I am thinking of painting a girl’s room light blue.

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  • Rachel

    buying blue stuff doesn’t mean its a boy.

  • Kelly

    It make sense, since Nicole auctioned off some of Harlow’s baby clothes. But who knows, I haven’t really seen celebrity’s children wearing hand me downs either. So we’ll just wait and see! That would be perfect and make a nice little family for them!

  • I really hope they have alittle boy! He would be the cutest little guy, he would sure look like his Daddy.