Courtney Love Sports Some Fancy Headwear


Courtney Love showed up at the famed Chateau Marmont yesterday afternoon to meet up with some friends and showed off some fancy new headwear in the process. C. Love looked quite fetching, I think, in her red knit Scandinavian hat …

But it was when she took off the hat that the problem began to show. I don’t know anyone who even owns a hair crimping iron anymore but, clearly, Courtney is madly in love with hers. Poodle hair rarely looks good on poodles so I don’t know why she thought the look would work for her. There has still been no word on whether or not she plans to release that album she was supposed to release back on January 1 of this year. Perhaps she’s been too bizzy crimping her hair to bother with releasing new albums.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Theresa

    I hope you’re not being sarcastic about the hat. I love it! C.Love loves homemade. Looks great to me!

  • Patrick

    Unfortunately, I think that is her hair au natural. Judging by those two pictures it just looks like C. Love got unlucky with her natural wave. However, it would have looked a lot better with some product before she let it air dry…

  • at least she looking a bit healthier these days…

  • I agree Trent what’s up with the hair and that hat!! Maybe she should try a Nicole Richie headband after she trades her Cripper in for a straightening iron ?!?

  • Michelle

    Damn… and I thew out my crimper when the 80s died out… I obviously should have saved it since the whole crimping thing is trying to make a comeback… anyone think C. Love will loan me hers?!!


  • Shazz

    little red riding hood?

  • debho

    Hot. Mess.

  • BriK

    that is exactly what my hair looks like when it airs dries! haha

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  • zoe

    that’s definetely her natural hair… and I don’t think it looks that bad at all! but hell, some mousse never hurts…

  • PixiesBassline

    I like the hat WAY better than the hair!

  • Theresa

    Ricardo: get a life.
    If we all liked the same styles we`d all look like GAP ads.

  • thank you, I adore what you wrote! i have gained alot.