Britney Spears Goes For A Ride With Jason Trawick


Britney Spears, who is back home in SoCal for a few weeks having just completed the first leg of her tour and is planning to take the show to Europe next month, was spotted with her agent and RUMORED romantic interest Jason Trawick over the weekend. The couple were riding — alone — in her white Mercedes. According to reports, the couple just drove around LA for 2 straight hours … never once stopping for food or gas:

HMMM … driving around for 2 hours, Britwick? What in the world could they have talked about for such a long time? I suppose it’s entirely possible that they were just tooling around LA talking biz but … isn’t it also possible that they wanted to spend time together and not worry about being seen or overheard? Unfortch for that scenario, the paps are really good at getting photos of people in their cars so … HMMM. What the case may be, I think it’s great that Britney has guys like Jason in her life rather than the seedy dudes she used to fraternize with. Coupled up or not, I like seeing Britney with Jason. I think he’s a good influence on her.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • mola

    tee hee, what about brason? britson? :) i reckon these r pretty catchy couple-names too

  • g

    Britwick?! Bawhahahaha Trent you are too funny!

  • adryan

    I onestly think they we’re planning other things …like getting her “free” from her father’s strings or it could be that Brit it’s like … in love with the dude and they we’re on a freaky kinda LA CELEB. date .hihihi…

  • Malcolm McCrae

    I like it either way!
    1. They were talking business which means her father is letting her get back to having more freedom and take control! Yay!
    2.They are dating on the low and he is a GREAT guy for her! Yay!

  • Jadedkitten

    Let it go Trent I’m pretty sure she’s got the same relationship with him that she does with Larry.

  • paranel

    She can go out with anyone she pleases. Please. I love you Britney. Have fun.

  • Sue.

    Apparently he has a girlfriend. Fans saw them at Brits concert

    The good ones are ALWAYS taken. *sigh* But I think a great friendship is what Britney needs right now, IMO

  • Annie

    I’d love it if they were together. Jason is perfect for her: stable, cute, a good influence, EMPLOYED!!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll get together one day

  • Madison

    Unfortunately for Brit, he is taken. I definitely saw him at one of Taylor Swift’s concerts getting cozy with a gorgeous blonde. They were with Taylor”s parents, and he is her agent. So, I’m positive this was him.

  • max

    Oh gosh! she should date him

  • Taylor

    I think that Britny has been to hell and back the last few years and she deserves to be happy and if this dude makes her happy, then so be it. All that matters is that he puts a smile on her gorgeous face.