Megan Fox Discusses Plot Points Of ‘High School Musical’


Megan Fox, who is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Esquire magazine, makes a bold comment on what she thinks the essential plot point of the hugely successful Disney film franchise High School Musical is all about. In her estimation, the film revolves around more than just a few tweens running around their high school merrily singing with one another … she sees a more insidious tale bubbling underneath the surface. Here is Megan’s take on what High School Musical is “really about” as told in her coverstory interview with Esquire mag:

In the June issue of Esquire, on newsstands May 10, Megan Fox explains the true meaning of ‘High School Musical.’ “Let me tell you what it’s really about. ‘High School Musical’ is about this group of boys who are all being molested by the basketball coach, who is Zac Efron’s dad. It’s about them struggling to cope with this molestation. And they have these little girlfriends, who are their beards. Oh, and somehow there’s music involved,” the ‘Transformers’ beauty says. Fox adds, “You have to get stoned and watch it.” We wonder if she’s speaking from experience.

Hahahaha! Well, that is quite an opinion. It’s clear that Megan is trying to make herself seem edgy by taking this shot at a very successful tween movie franchise. I suppose she feels cool, like an older kid who picks on a younger kid in the schoolyard. I dunno if this comment makes her cool but it does enlighten a bit about how the woman thinks. Perhaps it’s best that she keeps smiling for the cameras rather than offering other movie commentary. Then again, is there anyone out there who doesn’t see that she may be on to something? HMMM.

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  • debho

    .She’s an idiot. That’s not funny, it’s a stupid thing to say.

  • Chase

    Are you honestly kidding me? I know she’s kidding and what not, but still. Whether she was kidding or not, molestation isn’t funny by any means. And, Trent, I’m actually surprised that you find this somewhat comical to any extent. Sure, it may lighten up things but it isn’t cool whatsoever. She’s just trying way too hard to be cool and you can definitely tell. I find it a little weird how you can get mad at someone who uses retardation as an insult or even gay but when someone says something like this, you find some humor in it? HMMM, indeed. Perhaps, I’m just being rational but still. Not cool to any extent. That’s my two cents.

  • Shazz

    I really dont like this girl. I agree with debho, Megan is an idiot.

  • Chase

    And I doubt my comment is going to get approved since it says, “waiting for moderation.”

  • jj

    hahaha love her
    her responses are always so ridiculous and funny

  • Karly

    I think she is completely gorgeous and I have a major girl crush on her but I do wish she would just keep her mouth shut. Pretty people sure do have a track record for being completely idiotic.

  • babybunny

    While She is hands down a beautiful specimen of the female gender, I can’t help but feel that she is a snobbish bitch. I have not a lot to base it on, and I have tried to feel differently, but comments like those don’t help either.

  • Stephanie

    Megan Fox shouldn’t speak…she makes herself look like she is trying way too hard. You had it spot on with being the “cool older kid” who picks on the younger ones to show everyone how cool she is. PLUS, she made sure to mention that she gets stoned alot, which makes her totally awesome…I wanna go to her house and drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and just sit around and soak up each others awesomeness!!!!

  • Audrey

    I agree w/Chase.
    Trent you confuse as well with comments you say about other peoples comments. That being said she should just look pretty and someone should gag her. <33333

  • MiKiE

    Who here wants to get stoned with Megan Foxx and watch High School Musical… or just get stoned with Megan Foxx? I say me! hahahaha

    She rocks, thats hilarious. High School Musical just sells sex sex sex. Like how Disney sells Jonas Brothers. Anybody ever see that episode of south park where they make fun of Disney and the Jonas Brothers and the hot white foam? That is seriously what Disney does! so I LOL at comments like these!

  • anna

    Stephanie- you are dead on. lmao at the awesomeness comment! She has a razor sharp edge to her but in the past few months its almost like she has become aware of that sharpness and is trying to be contreversial. I like her and the fact that she doesn’t fit the mold but she needs to be careful.. because she could start to look pretty stupid. Also, everyone needs to stop whinning at Trent for this post.. he’s not promoting molestation.

  • Jessica

    hahahahaha! that is hilarious. she must have been so high.

  • slartibartfazt


  • Did you read the rest of the interview? She wasn’t taking a shot (though of course it seems that way when lined up next to her Elle interview). It was just saying that hey, this girls humor is rather crass and vulgar but if Seth Rogen said it no one would bat an eye.

    All in all, it wasn’t that great of an interview. She should really learn that actions speak louder than words…

  • rachel

    haha i think she’s great.

  • tatiana

    lmao! Come on Trent, this quote is HILARIOUS! Shes beautiful, AND she has personality? I think I want to marry her, and im not even gay.

  • B

    This is someone trying desperately to stay in the news.

  • Ella

    Um, not only is joking about molestation not cool, saying that kids who are being sexually abused need “beards” (as if they’re participants in a gay relationship rather than victims – regardless of their sexuality) is just fucked up. Trent, I’m really surprised you wouldn’t call this out as being totally out of line.
    @ Trllllon – bullshit. Molestation isn’t funny, whether a man or a woman makes the joke.

  • @ Ella. It was in the body of the article and not my opinion that no one would bat an eye, I couldn’t quote it because I didn’t have the magazine on hand but now I do; “I think it would be different if I were a guy. Seth Rogen can say whatever he wants and people know it’s a joke.” She knows her sense of humor is foul. In another part of the article there is a reference to her knowledge that if she says something off it is going to, “…get bolded and underlined and hyperlinked into oblivion.”

    This is a small segment of a larger interview. Not to say that was she said wasn’t nasty but it is being taken out of context.

  • vale

    i hate this girl. so stupid! she’s trying hard to be the next angelina jolie by controversial comments. so dumb! and she is in the WORST movies! HAAATE HER!

  • Hannah

    This post reeks of hypocrisy. You laugh at someone making fun of molestation, but reamed Miley Cyrus for making fun of asians. In fact weren’t there over 3 posts about how horrible she was based on one photo. Now someone makes fun of rape, and then ties it into to homosexuality and its all okay. Sure she was joking and I’m not taking offense to it, but you seem very quick to judge and condemn people you don’t like and laugh of similar things when its celebrities that you prefer.

  • testington

    Not funny, now that 90210 gave us Jessica Lowdess who looks just like Megan Fox but not trashy I don’t think we need this Angelina wannabe any more

  • piper, with a low

    Kinda pathetic that Megan continues to diss all things Disney (although Disney does deserve it, to a certain extent), since Confessions of a Drama Queen was several years and one (?) rhinoplasty ago.

  • tatiana

    Good Lord. The hateration is in full effect in the comments section today. If you have THAT much of a stick up your ass, maybe you shouldn’t be on this site. lol I mean seriously people….

  • Jenny

    She’s very annoying. Trying to cut a nitch out for herself that no one wants. I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway, since her target audience isn’t into reading her interviews as much as using her pictures as private time “inspiration.”

  • Marisa

    lmao! she is hilarious… and no i dont approve of molestation or anything like that but shes gorgeous & she doesnt really fit into the mold which i love..i soo have a girl crush on her..
    @Tatiana-i totally agree with ur last post.. get a grip people!

  • Michelle

    Umm… yeah.. She’s a dumbass. Seriously, that woman might look good but after reading that you know that there’s nothing much going on inside!! Stick to the Maxim photo spreads and projects where they give you the lines sweetie!

  • Ren

    LMAO! that’s hilarious….I guess she’s just trying to say (in a not very intelligent way) that perhaps the movie is very cheesey and the only way a person who isn’t a child could watch that movie is by being stoned ~and I m/t concur…it is very cheesey with terrible acting…but again it is geared towards the much younger audience. obv she’s being scarcastic.

  • Ria

    In the beginning, she was different, edgy, and sexy. But there’s a limit where edgy just becomes stupid. In the last few interviews posted, she’s made sure that she comes off as a complete (and I mean COMPLETE) moron.

    What a stupid thing to say. Even in general conversation.

  • JohnnyJane

    She’s a girl with a kickass personality and a sense of humour to boot, of course other women and gay people are gonna hate her.

  • nysro

    She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. Only diaherra comes out of it when she talks..

    this girl has the IQ of a piece of rotten fruit.

  • Blair

    Ive never watched the transformers movie so i have no idea if she is a good actress but whats with all the press attention surrounding her? She was even on the cover of Elle for christs sake. She must have a really good publist.

  • Connie

    It’s funny, we as adults can learn to control so many aspects of our lives, but the one thing that needs it the most, (our tongues) just won’t work.

  • Olivia

    She’s hott…but i find her persoanlity is realllyyy annoying.

  • Elle

    Megan is one of those girls who is obviously sexy. She’s got the sexy part down, but she overdoes it and the whole I’m a bad girl thing. Seriously, who gets a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe? But if that’s actually her personality then who are we to judge?

    And what is up with her all over the place right now? She doesn’t have a film coming out does she?

    PS the only way I would watch High School Musical is if I’m stoned….so she’s right about that at least.

  • Megan Fox is totally batshit. Did anyone hear her comment about having girl crushes and how House’s Olivia Wilde “makes me want to tear apart a mountain goat with my bare hands”? Yeah, ’nuff said.

  • Mela

    This chick is an idiot.

  • Janelle

    I’ve heard worse.

  • RJP3

    She was just sharing a stupid stoner joke she and/or her friends made while watching High School Musical high.

    A joke people.
    Molestation is bad.
    Joking about fictional people being molested is not bad.
    Joking about molestation does not cause molestation.
    Relax the world is not that black and white.

    By the way did you hear the one about the cannibal and the Special Education student — the cannibal did not make very smart diet choices.

    Nobody will be eaten or have IQ points lost because I just made up and shared that stupid joke.

  • Aaron

    Not quite as pretty when it talks

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  • nae

    the more she opens her mouth, the dumber & less attractive she is. i never thought she was all that attractive to begin with. sure, she’s got a nice body, but her face & mouth ruin all things hot.

  • darek

    Oh God – she got high, watched the crappy movies and laughed her ass off over a bad joke – it would only make sense when high, so relax people…

  • Lisa

    i think she just needs to stop speaking all together…her comments are always so ridiculous and for lack of a better work “dumb”…sorry.

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