Happy Mother’s Day From ‘Saturday Night Live’


Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live last night for the third time in his young career and he teamed up with his good buddy Andy Samberg to create an SNL Digital Short called Motherlover to honor mothers for Mother’s Day. As you might expect from the guys that brought the world Dick in a Box, this tribute to “mother lovin'” is not your traditional tribute. Here are a few screencaps from the video:

LMAO! This new digital short is freakin’ hilarious … and is not to be missed. Are you a motherlover? Is your friend a motherlover? Have you ever dreamed of f*cking your motherlovin’ friend’s mother? Then this video is for you — check it out after the jump …

I must admit that I’m not usually impressed with JT’s comic skits on SNL but this one is too funny to not share. The song is catchy, too! Hahahahaha! Happy Mother’s Day, y’all … I hope you spend some time lovin’ your mothers today — in any way you see fit :)


  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    BOOO unable to watch the clip from my location :(

  • Bleeding Ears

    The whole show with Timberlake was hilarious. That guy is an entertainer – hands down.

  • Bleeding Ears

    “But in secret – he hit that.” bahahahaha….


  • gunnarjet

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    i saw this last night.. i LOVED it., i love when JT is on SNL. him & andy together = amazing lol.

  • SuzieLee

    It was toooo mother f’ing funny!! Who was the other mother?(the one not Susan Sarandon) she looks familiar but can’t place her.
    JT is so f’ing talented…kinda makes me feel bad for teasin my little sis when she was into nsynch…but not quite! LOL

  • lucy

    That was really cute ;-)

  • Jadedkitten

    years later and he’s still not over her that’s hilarious yet sad at the same time.

  • kristin

    saw this on the show last night and died laughing. andy samberg is hilarious, and JT is always good on SNL.

  • Adrian

    @Suzie: Patricia Clarkson

  • Chase

    Too bad Justin’s movies aren’t this good! haha and LMAO @ SuzieLee!

  • lauren

    Wahahaha, that was awesome!! Too bad JT is kind of a tool, but he’s pretty freaking funny on SNL.

  • tatiana


  • Malcolm McCrae

    I thought this one was stupid. The one where hes his great granddad was funny though. Wish he would get over Britney, but it was still funny.

  • if you can’t see the clip try this link


    Happy Mom’s Day!

  • Doonie

    For people not in the U.S. – try this link (the above Hulu link doesn’t work for me):
    I’m sure it’ll be taken down soon so be quick!

  • Tracy

    The whole episode last night was piss-your-pants hilarious. justin is the best host ever.

  • Jocelyne

    Finally got the song memorized :) Love this video!
    To bad there was barely any Andy Samberg in the whole epsiode last night because JT and him are amazing together :)

  • Kelly

    @Bleeding Ears–I thought was the most hilarious part.

  • Morgan

    lmfao!! ill be the syrup to her waffle

  • TandSara

    funniest skit, Loved it, Im not even a big JT fan but he always hits a homerun on SNL( and they needed that ratings boost, that’s why you KNOW they begged him to be on there b/c dude wasn’t promoting anything, except ciara’s new album). I’ve watched Mother Lover over 5 times today,lol.

    People need to leave him alone about Britney, she was his first love, he’s ALWAYS going to have a special place in his heart for her( hence why he never speaks bad of her, and still has warm feelings towards her) but he’s obviously happy in his relationship with J. Biel since he’s been with her for like 2 or 3 years now( don’t they live together too?)

  • TandSara

    oh for peeps outside the US you’ll need to go over to youtube to see MotherLover ( SNL is an NBC show so they don’t broadcast outside the US)

  • shannon

    loved it!!!!! i love justin! he was so funny!

  • lstock

    I think JT is hilarious on SNL – really talented.

  • jennie

    awe i didnt know he was hosting.. he really is funny on snl

  • tasya

    “All Up Under the Covers Day”….LMAO