Iron Man Takes A Donut Break


Last Friday we got our first look at a new promo pic from the film Iron Man 2 (which just went into production a few weeks ago) which showed Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark in his superhero secret lair. Today we get to see photos of RDJ filming out in public as director Jon Favreau puts the comic hero in a funny situation. Earlier this week, Favreau posted a fun photo on his official Twitter profile of the comic hero filming a funny scene for the film … here it is:

It looks as if someone (Iron Man perhaps?) is taking a respite from the trials of crime fighting in order to indulge his sweet tooth. After the jump, check out a more zoomed in photo for a closer look …

Yeah, that’s the Tony Stark/Iron Man that we know and love. Altho Iron Man 2 has only been filming for a few weeks and we’ve yet to see any evidence of the new characters that will be introduced in the film (Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson) I’m already excited to see this movie … and it’s still over a year away from release! Favreau is really good to his comic book geek fans. It looks like Iron Man 2 is gearing up to be another great film.

[Photo credit: On Location News, Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • cherrr

    those are the BEST doughnuts on the planet. hands down.
    & right by where i grew up [:
    trent, if you ever get a chance, go to randy’s!!!!

  • Dana


  • Jazz

    A Downey Doughnut!

  • Rachel

    Yay Iron Man 2 movie!!! <3 RDJ.

  • JeniLee

    I remember Dylan talking about Randy’s Donuts on 90210!

  • OMG! I drove right past that on Wednesday night. Saw Favreau and wondered what they were shooting!

  • jojo

    true story…I got into an argument with my department manager over not sharing a dozen of Randy’s donuts.
    Sorry cuh-cuh that’s my breakfast, lunch and snack for the week! You seriously NEED to try it Trent! Other donuts tastes
    like poo once you’ve basked in the delicious tastiness that is Randy’s donuts. FOR REALS, FOR REALS.

  • Gabi

    Did this place used to be a chain? I swear there’s one just like it in Bellflower, or at least there used to be some 10 yrs ago??

  • Vanessa

    Gabi, the one in Bellflower is a giant bagel. :)

  • Kari

    LOLOLOLOLO RDJ! <3 best filming spot ever I wonder if he got free donuts for that?

    I would so eat there :D I want a Downey Donut!