Megan Fox Does ‘Elle’ Magazine


Transformers star Megan Fox, who is already appearing on the cover of the new issue of Esquire magazine, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Elle magazine. Altho Elle has yet to publish their full interview with Miss Fox online, they have provided us with a few photos of check out. Here is Megan’s Elle mag coverphoto and a brief snippet from her coverstory interview:

On maturing early: “I’ve lived the life of a 35-year-old since I was 18. I’m so suspicious of boys-slash-men. I just don’t like them or trust them.”

On giving male writers an amped-up version of her past: “They’re boys; they’re easily toyed with. I tell stories and have them eating out of my hand.”

HMMM, she is really trying to push that vixen persona, ain’t she? But, you know, she’s young and vampy enough to pull it off … to a point. I’m curious to read more from this Elle interview. This snippet doesn’t really give us much so I’m hoping all the interesting bits are still to come. While we wait for her interview to hit the Internets, let’s check out a couple photos from her Elle magazine photospread …

She is a very pretty girl … I think the make-up is a bit severe in these photos (hi, eyebrows) but she’s deffo lookin’ sexy in these photos. I can’t help but see a young Angelina Jolie whenever I see these sorts of photos (and I’m sure that’s exactly what she likes to hear). She’s beautiful and she does really well in action movies. All she needs is to hook up with a married man and then start adoptin’ babies from all around the globe and voila! She’s still young tho, there’s time for her to kill off and replace Angelina. She’s only just gotten started. What do y’all think … do we like these photos better than the Esquire pics?


  • Jessica


  • Kendra

    She is easily one of the sexiest women on the planet right now..These pics aren’t super amazing, but she always look gorgeous no matter what..I hate her.. ;)

  • Jessica

    noo…someone beat me to it

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love her!!!

  • Chase

    @ Kendra – I couldn’t disagree with you more. Yes, she’s pretty and has loads of sex appeal but people were also saying that about Jessica Alba who barely gets mentioned at all anymore. I just don’t think Megan is the same person she likes us to believe in interviews, etc. Her Marilyn Monroe tattoo is absolutely horrendous.

  • Brittany

    @Chase – I agree with you totally. I think she is a beautiful girl but I think anything that comes out of her mouth is just her trying to improve her sex appeal, I don’t think she is true to herself (which is what I think is really sexy).

  • EmCee

    I think she is much more beautiful than Angelina tbh.
    But I don’t find her to be a very good actress. Even back when she was on Hope&Faith, she kind of sucked. Other than her stunning beauty, she does nothing for me.

  • Jenny

    I think Angie has a lot more substance and this girl is simply trying to create some substance for herself. Boring! Any person that is hailed as “the next…” anything is a second-rate copy. Flesh out your own unique qualities!

  • Katie

    Based on her past interviews, I just don’t think she’s a down-to-earth gal. And her comment about having the boys eating out of her hand proves just that. Although she’s beautiful, I don’t think she naturally exudes sexiness–rather, she tries to sell it. Just be true to yourself, Megan!!! And less is more, really.

  • nicole

    i dont think theres a pic out where she hasnt look great – i swear she doesnt even have to try! tmz posted some pics from her highschool days and she looked great even then. yes yes i have a girl crush lol.

  • la princesa

    Cheap shot!

  • Christine

    She’s great and all– but does anyone know how I can fix my hair for less than $10?!?!?!

  • tatiana

    Its easy to have men eating out of your hand when you look like THAT. Looking at her makes me want to go on a diet. :|

  • Krissy

    I think she is so beautiful. She has a flawless face. Because of this, I know she will be around for a while, so I was really hoping that she would have a good personality. Interviews like this make me dread hearing about her for the next 5-7 years. She will probably get better at interviews with time, hopefully. But she does take pretty pictures!

  • Lucy

    Seriously i don’t know one guy right now who dosn’t love her, i will give her that shes hot!

  • Prieta Linda

    Don’t get me wrong…she is absolutely breath-taking…but to compare her to Angelina? Not even in the same ballpark! Angie has that vivacious sex-appeal and fierce attitude to boot! Megan doesn’t even seem to be spillin over the bucket when compared with Angelina Jolie.

  • TandSara

    Megan gets alot of love from TMZ, but I rarely hear her name, sure she’s attractive but as far as acting in hollywood goes, that’s a dime a dozen. To make a name for yourself in hollywood, to be one of the few( Clooney, pitt, jolie, berry, hayek, theron, pfiefer, basinger,Smith all made the leap) you can’t just be beautiful and rely on your beauty, you have to stop playing the vixen and the va va voom and sink your teeth into something real( ask halle, salma and kim). Not to mention, Jolie is special( or she used to be) she was daring and dynamic from jump street, not b/c of her tattoos, dark hair, celebrity father or her wild style off camera, but because she played the role of Gia Caranji like she knew her, became her, and walked in her shoes. Made me believe she really was a sociopath in a mental institution in Girl Interrupted.She did that from jump street. Everyone doesn’t like Jolie but when she wants to she can embody a character.

    ( I know alot of actors in hWood are pretty, Im talking about the ones who are considered sexy or have that model/porn actor/actress physical look that people always go for, lol)

    If she admires Marilyn than she’ll realize that Marilyn was intelligent( not just a pretty robot) she played the vixen and va va voom up for the media but she could act. EVEN when she played a vixen ( a’la 7 yr. itch) she still made you BELIEVE she was that girl, that ditzy, naive and unaware of her own attractiveness and the truth is that WASN”T Marilyn at all , she played it so well that it was endearing, rather than offensive. Megan isn’t doing that, she’s just trying to act the way she thinks people expect her to, and that makes her seem alot younger than the 35 years she’s claiming she’s experienced( in her 23 years).

  • nicole

    @ Lucy – I have a friend – he didnt even know who she was! lol he doesnt find her attractive at all – partly cause he looks like angie and he hates her too. but theres one man in the world who doesnt like megan! (he’s just crazy in my opinion)

  • Susie

    Hmm, I don’t know…Megan is still pretty young yet and I think that a lot of the depth that some here think isn’t there, will gradually reveal itself over time. I actually really liked her in Transformers – a lot. So I’m open to see how she progresses. As far as Hope & Faith goes…she was perfect at playing the pseudo-rebellious teen that couldn’t wait to move out. There’s only so much one can do with a character like that so to base her acting abilities on just that, a sitcom teenage character…I think is a little short sighted.

    We don’t really know her that well yet, and I think so far she’s doing pretty good. Especially when you compare her to some other H-wood starlets around her age that can’t keep their shit together *cough cough* Lindsay *cough cough*. I mean at least we’re not overloaded with Megan’s image at the bar, at the mall, on vacation, at the bar at the bar at the bar like so many other celebs. She’s keeping her private life on the down low which is better if she wants to have a long and respected career – that way we’ll see her more as a character when she’s on the screen, and less of a “personality”.

  • J

    Pretty she ain’t.
    Sexy she is.
    There is a BIG difference between the two.

  • jellybelly

    idk i saw her picture and angies by each other in the 100 most beatiful people magazine and angie is beautiful. I think megan is pretty but she also seems forced and that takes away from it. and she wears alot of makeup. Angie can act it doesnt matter what she does in her personal life she can act and her tattoos are for her children and something else i forgot what. Megans just seem kinda tacky like the marilyn one. Either way just cause she has dark hair and light eyes doesnt mean they are alike.

  • Hi, Megan Fox fans and Elle Magazine the front covershoot is hot Megan is looking mighty fine in that one. Where can I get an issue with her picture on it. To a couple of girls on here agreeing and disagreeing about Megan Fox not being the sexiest woman in Hollywood she is the sexiest deal with it or hate it. My Magnificent Diamond Foxy aka Meggie Fox is blessed to be where she is and no hater is going to change that. I have the gift and talent to model I have done it before but, it wasn’t a professional thing but I want to model for real one day. Megan Fox can be my sponser if she wants and help me get into the movie industry too. What, do you girls think about Kevin making it big in Hollywood. I’d say YEAHHHHHHHHH.!!!!