Madonna Takes The Fam For Some Kabbalah, Then GaGa


Madonna bundled up her kiddies for their weekly sojourn to the Kabbalah Centre in NYC this weekend and she ended up getting her Jesus on too … Jesus Luz, that is, who was spotted escorting Maddy’s eldest child (and only daughter) Lourdes Maria on their way out of their place of worship. Later on in the evening, Maddy left the kids at home and stepped out with her manager Guy Oseary and Jesus to attend the Lady GaGa concert at Terminal 5 in NYC … here are a few pics:

It is plainly obvs that Jesus has fully ingrained himself into Madonna’s very small inner circle. If you are allowed to hang out with her children, you’re in like Flynn. It’s nice that Maddy was able to spend some downtime chillin’ with her family this weekend as her adoption case goes before the Malawian Supreme Court tomorrow. She is not required to be there but I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up going anyway. I imagine she is very stressed but I’m still hoping for the best for her. Fingers crossed.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Chase

    Why the camo pants!?

  • debho

    She looks awful. Camo pants (so last season), a too-tight leather jacket and stilletoes? Not to mention the black roots. She really does need a stylist..she has no clue when it comes to clothes.

  • B

    I can’t believe that our dear Madge doesn’t know how to dress better than this. It feels like she is doing the deliberately-looking-like-shite thing….ugh

  • Purple Smurf

    “Jesus” will be banging the daughter when she’s legal. Mark my words.

  • nofanofhers

    That jacket is almost as tacky as she is… She’s lost her edge and needs to retire. She should consider doing charity work in the US, instead of adopting babies to catch headlines…

  • Kendra

    If you’re allowed to hang with her children? It seems like it doesn’t take much for her to let men hang out with her children..Granted, there’s only been 2 guys that we know of who have been around since Guy, but both of these guys were hanging with her kids like immediately after we started hearing about her hooking up with them! I’m just not a fan of getting kids involved in relationships early..It hurts the kids more than anyone..

  • Perkywits

    Why, oh why, can that woman not be troubled to drag a brush through that mop? It doesn’t look good; it looks like she just can’t be bothered. It certainly doesn’t make her look younger, which I firmly believe is the only reason she dresses the way she does.

  • brenda

    what the F is she wearing?

  • nikkababe


  • m

    jesus looks more like lourdes’s boyfriend or brother in that pic on the top right

  • She moves on so fast….leaves her hubby then goes to arod now jesus.

  • Talk about a compliment to Lady GaGa!

  • aldo

    it really is sad that madonna is now a trend follower, not a trend setter. that baggy-cargo-pants-with-stilettos look is so 2003