No Doubt Does ‘The Today Show’


No Doubt, who has been on a bit of a hiatus in the past few years, made their triumphant return to the performance stage this morning on The Today Show. The band kicked off the Today Show’s Summer Concert Series by performing a few of their biggest hits — Spiderwebs, Don’t Speak and their Talk Talk cover It’s My Life. Here are a few pics of No Doubt rockin’ out, together again, this morning in NYC:

Today’s performance was the first that the band has done publicly in 5 years! I believe the band will next be seen on the May 11th ep of Gossip Girl where they will portray the fictional 80’s band Snowed Out (say the name outloud to get the joke) … then the band will embark on their much anticipated “reunion” tour this Summer. But for now, let’s just enjoy their performances of the three songs they performed this morning. After the jump, check them out in full …

Woot! They are back and they sound better than ever! While I enjoyed Gwen Stefani’s foray into solo music stardom I really missed having ND all together, the way they were meant to be. So great seeing them back in action again!! I am really hoping to catch them on tour this Summer … but the looks and sounds of it, they are gearing up to put on a kick-ass show. Welcome back, No Doubt! We’ve missed the hell out of you!

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  • cherrr

    ahhh OMG.
    i abs love them & still can’t believe they’re back together.
    this is unbelievableeee!

  • Erica

    My friend Jeannie was one of the women they did makeovers for today on show….her son’s name is Kingston b/c she’s such a big Gwen Stefani fan. and they show him for quite some time! She totally deserves it! Although…they made her very “June Cleaver” and she is sooo not like that. But i think she looks gorgeous. If you haven’t seen it..check out the video:

  • Diana

    Wohoo! I’ve got tickets to their St. Louis date. So excited! I’m also getting a download of their whole music catalog b/c of the tickets I bought. : ) I cannot wait.

  • Can’t WAIT for them to be on GG!

  • Dawn

    They were so good! I can’t wait to see them. Makes me feel like a 20-something again!

  • katie

    i’m so excited! I saw them 7 years ago in DC, and now I get to see them in 1 1/2 months in VA!!! I luuuurve them, and their concerts have sooo much energy!!

  • Ashton

    No Doubt was my first concert! cant wait to see them again! they sound awsome!!

  • christine

    yay!! can’t wait to see them in june!

  • josie

    I cant wait to see ND!!! I got PIT tickes for the Phoenix show next month!! Last time I saw them was 5 yrs ago…sameplace..its gonna ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Did anyone else notice Gwen was NOT wearing her wedding ring??? Here’s hoping…

  • Ashley

    Ugh. She is to old to dress like that. I would be embarrassed if she was my mom.

  • mOnica!

    haha ur mom would be lucky to look like her ;) so stfu!

  • Dave

    Here we go again, Gwen often doesn’t wear her rings on tour.
    Gwen and Gavin are very much together and always will be.
    How’s she supposed to dress ?? like Madge LOL.

  • zelda

    i love no doubt…but i miss the old no doubt…..def a different vibe that im not digging

  • Stephanie

    Thank you so much for posting these easy to access videos. I’m 30 years old and have been loving for sooo long. I got all teary eyed watching these videos!! They inspire ME and I really hope I can find tix to see them on this tour. They never dissapoint live. Thanks again!

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