When Miley’s Away, Justin Gaston Won’t Play


Miley Cyrus has been out of the country for the past week or two doing heavy promotion abroad for her new film The Hannah Montana Movie and, unfortch, had to leave behind her 20 year old manfriend and sometimes underwear model Justin Gaston (tho, you may recall that she did manage to spend time with her more age appropriate ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas before she jetted off to Europe). It looks like Justin, who oddly enough for a 20 year old man lives with his 16 year old girlfriend’s family, was kept pretty bizzy by the Cyrus clan while Miley was away as there is a photo of Justin chauffeuring around members of the Cyrus fam earlier this week … who are, clearly, keen on making him work for his posh living. It’s a shame that there aren’t any other photos of Justin doing menial work for the Cyrus fam (cutting the grass, washing the cars, etc.) cuz then we’d know why they insist on keeping him around.

But, happy days are here again for Justin GastonMiley has returned from her European jaunt and immediately plucked Justin from his servitude and took him out for dinner at Koi last night:

Miley posted a tweet (message) on her official Twitter profile last night alerting us to the fact that she was dining with “someone special” … take that Nick Jonas. I, personally, cannot wait for Miley’s next trip tho … having Justin go back to work would be fun — especially since it’s heating up and I’m sure the Cyrus family could use a poolboy … a shirtless poolboy. Go away, Miley!!


  • K

    Waiiiit….Justin lives with them??? That is wrong on many, many levels.



  • TandSara

    Shut the hell up Adina, If you don’t like what Trent posts than get the hell away from his blog, this is his blog so he gets to say whatever he wants, you go back to disney.com or whatever the hell teenyboppers long onto. I miss the days before the word “hater” became the thing to say if you’re not licking a celebs balls.
    why would Trent be jealous of a disney teen( really I think most of us feel sorry for her if anything) Trent is in a beautiful and happy long term relationship with a GREAT job and a new apartment, he doesn’t have the papparazzi on his ass and he doesn’t have his every move raked over the coals by the media, I think he’s living a sweet life, and to be honest, celebs should be jealous of him, he gets to make good money, hang out with the celebs and without all the BS that comes with the fame side of things.Miley is the product of the machine and parents who are not unwilling to serve their child to the sharks,sorry to her fans but she isn’t quite intelligent enough to come out of this hollywood scene unscathed, the bigger a star you make her, the worse it will get for her. Mark my words, she’s young and hollywood loves to corrupt the young ones( Dana Plato anyone?)