Heidi Montag-Pratt Headed For ‘Playboy’?


Heidi Montag, who officially and legally became Mrs. Pratt this past Saturday afternoon when she finally married long-time beau Spencer Pratt, is reportedly considering posing for Playboy magazine … and, according to Life & Style magazine, her new hubby is encouraging her to do so. Is there nothing that this couple won’t do for a little publicity?

Besides being Mrs. Pratt, Heidi may have another new role in the works: Playboy Playmate! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Heidi’s in negotiations to pose for magazine. “She wants to do it,” the insider confirms. “It’s just a matter of working out the details.” The insider tells Life & Style that Spencer is encouraging her to do it and is working on negotiating a $500,000 deal for his wife.

While I can’t say that I’m particularly surprised at this report, it doesn’t really jibe with Heidi’s overt Christianity. Every day the girl tweets about Jesus and/or the Bible … I cannot imagine that posing nude in Playboy magazine is really sanctioned by the church. Then again, Speidi really know how to capitalize on an opportunity and if Heidi could score the cover of Playboy magazine and pocket a half million, I bet the couple would go for it. Would YOU be interested in seeing Heidi Montag-Pratt’s nekkid bod in Playboy magazine? Do you think she’d really go for it?


  • nae

    puke! hell no! & if she is so ‘churchy’ as her tweets reflect….she wouldn’t do it. & if she does it, she’s a hypocrit & a true media whore – which i guess we already know to begin with….

  • jill

    I wonder if they have a prenup agreement? Seems like their relationship is all about publicity and $$$, so I wonder how well they protected their ASSets. For example, if Spencer is getting a piece of Heidi’s money then OF COURSE he is going to encourage her to do Playboy!

  • lizzie


  • K

    I wouldn’t go out and buy the mag, but I’d definitely try and find the pictures on the internet. Don’t act like you wouldn’t be interested in seeing her. I can’t stand her, and even I’d look her up.

    And yes, if she is truly a Christian girl, she won’t do it. But if they offered her enough $ I’m sure she could put her beliefs to the side for a bit. She’d put a twist on it like, “it’s art, not selling my body”….

  • Joey

    Ugh! Nast! Nastinacious!

  • Jo

    A little off subject…but how funny was it when Corey’s girlfriend told Heidi (more than once) how different she looks now on the last ep of The Hills!

  • Kayla

    I don’t think her religion should have anything to do with it. I consider myself Christian and while I personally wouldn’t pose in Playboy that has nothing to do with my religion, I see absolutely nothing wrong with other people choosing to do so. In my opinion Heidi can easily be Christian and pose for Playboy.

  • MeGs

    I don’t watch the hills, or read her twitter posts but Heidi seems annoying as hell!!! However, I don’t think her religion should be apart of this topic. Posing for playboy probably poses a moral question for the individual..getting naked for millions to see.. but does taking your clothes off for a camera mean you throw your religion, or spiritual beliefs out the window? Not the way I see it anyways.

  • jaanu

    yeah no!

  • katt

    i heard that she wasn’t going to have to get naked. just some “revealing” photos- did kim kardashian do that, too?

  • Kelly

    Heidi would definitely do it, as long as Spencer wants her to. She already has gotten a nose and boob job for him.
    I don’t think her religion plays as big of a part in her life as she wants people to believe. But I who am I to say that?
    She may be religious, but she’s also a liar. I heard her say on the radio that she is “waiting for marriage to sleep with Spencer”… umm… so either her whole “pregnancy scare” on The HIlls was 100% fabricated or she was lying about being a virgin. And clearly Spencer couldn’t stick around for a girl that wouldn’t put out.

  • jill

    @ Jo: OMG Yes! That stopped Heidi in her tracks. I don’t know if it was the editing or what, but Heidi seemed a bit traumatized over what Corey’s girlfriend was saying.
    I saw a commercial for season 1 of the hills and Heidi looked so normal, so girl next door, i forgot that’s what she used to look like! She was much prettier before the fake nose, fake boobs, fake tan, fake hair, and fake personality.

  • MeGs

    @Kayla lol I guess we posted around the same time..I totally agree!

  • BriK

    Kayla, is absolutely is not ok if you are a Christian. Not sure what Bible you’ve been reading.

  • detroit

    She needs to go away already…. ugh.

  • Jo

    @ jill: It was hilarious! You could hear crickets…no one said anything the first time she said it…and then she repeated herself!!! i fell off the couch laughing. she was cute before. she just looks pretty plastic now…i guess some peeps are into that. whatever floats her boat. but i loved that she got called out!

  • Whitney

    Does not surprise me!
    I love how she cannot leave ‘Jesus’ out of her posts on twitter and claims she is a good Christian girl, but then wants to pose for playboy. I am not religious or anything, but I have a feeling you do not need to be religious to figure out that a true Christian girl should not pose for playboy! Honestly, its disgusting how fake she is and how Hollywood has gotten to her or brainwashed by spencer for that matter.

  • iheartmycro

    @Kelly – i agree with the whole “pregnancy scare/I’m a virgin” crap. the last episode Spencer was like “oh, you’re a better man than me” and “there’s no way i could live like that” to Heidi’s ex. either Spencer is cheating or they’re totally doing it! plus, I’ve never known a virgin to get a boob job “just because” or known a virgin who flaunts themselves on the beach (IE – get on all fours and throw her ass in the air) without a little practice in that position. I’m just saying…..

  • Tracy

    I pray they both get swine flu in mexico. if they are stupid enough to go to mexico right now, they deserve swine flu.

  • belle

    I could see Heidi trying to tie Playboy and her Christianity together. Somehow bridge the gap and try to prove that posing nude isn’t an un-Christian behavior. I could totally see her going the a “girl can have fun and believe in Jesus” route.

    I laughed so hard at the ex’s GF comments about Heidi’s looks.

  • Karly

    Look I’m all for loving Jesus and what not about her tweets make me want to vomit. Can you imagine her tweets during the shoot? I bet they’d let her pose with a bible encrusted in crystals

    And can I just say this picture of them is probably the most hilarious ever?

  • Katie

    She does have a nice body, even though her boobs are fake.

  • Kendra

    @Katt – I heard the same thing..Not nude..Just sexy pics..I woudn’t buy the magazine either way, but I’m sure I’d look at the pics..Why not, eh?

  • MeGs

    @Karly-“I bet they’d let her pose with a bible encrusted with crystals” hahaha that is hilarious! I’m going to have to read her tweets now.

  • @ Kayla what bible are you reading? It is NOT ok to sell your body !! Do you go to church where they teach wrong from right?
    I can’t stand people who claim to be christians and are 100% hypocrite those people keep me far away from church!! I do read the Bible however!

  • Spice

    It’s also not good to have sex before marriage or to be living at an unwed couple – if she’s talking about Christianity and playing by the rules. But she broke the other rules so why not this one too? It’s all a front.

  • Marcus Antony

    Sadly, she seems to be going down the road of Dorothy Stratten :-(.

  • Freddie

    I’d be interested. I mean, I’m a gay guy but I’m fascinated by Heidi for some reason. Also, I don’t think that Christianity (as overt as it may be in her case) and nudity are mutually exclusive. Same goes for homosexuality, etc.

  • Illuman23

    Not interested at all.. Now if Spencer did that porn with Michael Lucas… I’d be interested..

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  • Lauren

    What does her being a Christian NOT have to do with posing naked for anyone to see. part of being a Christian is having morals and respecting your body as something that belongs to God. Posing for playboy in no way honors God, so it shouldn’t even be an option, if she really has this faith.

  • Lisa

    That Heidi and Spencer, always full of class!

  • Cristina

    I’ve never believed any of her “Christian” garbage. If she really was then maybe on eps of the Hills she would walk around praising Jesus for everything instead of swearing and getting drunk….

  • Katie

    I agree with Kayla and MeGs. I consider myself a faithful Christian and have been going to church my whole life and I don’t see why she should have to seperate her religious beliefs from this. Her body is hers to do with what she pleases. There are much more important parts to your faith than whether or not you are posing in Playboy.


  • lyonthelion

    Sorry, but if your longterm “boyfriend” can’t see you naked, or live with you, or hump you, then why oh why would jesus let the whole world see your bits? People like her are the reason I loathe Christianity-they are hypocrites…….sorry to burst all you bible thumpers bubbles. If you “respect yourself” like the bible says, then you wouldn’t be doing this.

  • m

    not surprised, she is a hypocrite… she should stop going on about jesus and christianity if she doesn’t even do a single thing the bible says. like abstinence? fake boobs? yeah totally christian

  • Nicole

    @Karly- that photo made me laugh so hard. thank you for sharing. priceless.

  • Shazz

    She’s a hypocrite, an idiot, a slut and well.. basically anything bad that comes to mind, but i must admit that she has a really nice body..

  • KC

    oh well now mr.phratt will have to share mrs. phratts with every one! and we all know how he loves to share her!

  • Jackie

    The people who keep saying Christianity means you can’t pose for Playboy are the reason *I* can’t call myself a Christian anymore. The new Christianity that calls for judging people, telling people they “can’t” be a Christian if they do something YOUR church doesn’t agree with, and leaving people out is NOT what Jesus had in mind. The coolest thing, though, is that every single one of you who will now judge me, tell me I’m not reading the “real Bible”, and telling me my gay rights activism and lack of problems with porn can’t stop me from still believing what I want to believe. So, continue being self-righteous and calling people hypocrites when you, yourselves are on a GOSSIP blog. Remember the parts about gossip in the Bible? You’d better start sticking to it literally if you’re going to tell other people to.

  • Kayla

    @Jackie Thank you! This is exactly how I feel.

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