Simon Rex Hitting On Lance Bass


It turns out that it’s not just half-nekkid Brazilian men and lovely ladies who love Lance Bass … apparently so does Dirt Nasty himself Simon Rex — who was spotted all up on Lance’s biz in West Hollywood, CA over the weekend as the pair filmed some sort of TV pilot together:

Now, I’m not sure what kind of TV series could do these two guys justice but I’m willing to find out. It looks as if Simon was really trying to get under Lance’s skin, it looks as if he even tried to plant a kiss on Lance in that second pic. Lance doesn’t look too happy about any of this … but they do make a cute couple nonetheless. What kind of show do you think these two guys are cooking up together? Would you watch?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • crazyinlove

    well, Simon Rex is bisexual so you never know it with those two. Do you remember his sex tape(s)? hehe I must have seen them a million times when I was young.

  • Aidan

    After watching his, uh, solo experiences, Simon definitely knows how to start something I’m pretty sure Lance likes. Not to mention Simon is a hot piece. I remember him with fondness on MTV with his fake accent. Memories…of the smiles we left behind…

  • cute!

  • Chase

    Lance is a slut muffin.

  • Rolltideguy77

    Rex has banged every other Hollywood whore, might as well bang him too.

  • Karly

    I don’t know much about Rex but he makes me a bit sick. I remember seeing him on Paris’ bff show and thinking wtf ew

  • Michelle

    OMG I love me some Simon Rex… and Lance Bass for that matter… whatever they are up to count me in!

  • Mo

    Thought Simon had disappeared forever! Glad to see him (kinda) back from obscurity. I have fond memories of watching him on MTV back in my hormone-crazy adolescence and thinking he was the hottest thing ever! Then when I found out he had made porn I thought it must be a gift from god. HOT!

  • Simon Rex can have his own show…as long as Mickey Avalon appears on it.

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  • joey joe

    he hasn’t gone anywhere!!

    hello…dirt nasty! the name fits him too..

    for years i thought he was the hottest guy, then back in 2001 he was dethroned. i discovered david beckham. i also got the chance to meet him in miami a few years back. the name dirt nasty fits him very very well.

    he smelled so bad!!! although….i still wouldn’t kick him outta bed…;)

  • Snorri

    he is hot! i checked out his album because of this post and he is actually a really good rapper! crazy style, clever rhymes, awesome lyrics…..seriously!

  • Plz. Bass would open up in a second for some of Rex!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • canuckistani

    That’s so funny!!! Pretty boy Lance looks a little roughed up, hilarious!

  • L’ilJon

    Was that staged? Lance looks very unhappy or was he feigning?

  • James

    Rex is the kind of man for Lance. Lance loves to hire professional escorts for boyfriends….

  • Cam

    Meh…i’d care if Lance had had the balls to come out while he had any fame at all, as it is, this pilot will never get picked up.

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  • Simon Rex can’t have him. Lance Bass is all mine.