Is Taylor Lautner Romancing Selena Gomez?


Marc Malkin from E! News is reporting that lurve may be in the air for New Moon star Taylor Lautner who has been spotted spending time with Disney starlet Selena Gomez. According to the report (augmented by new photos of the pair in close proximity making their exit from having lunch together), the couple have been hanging out together in Vancouver, Canada where his new film The Twilight Saga: New Moon is currently in production. Could Taylor be using his Twilight Saga cache to couple up with a Disney princess?

Move over, Pattinson, Stewart and Reed! Make room for Taylena! Taylor Lautner, 17, is the latest New Moon-er to be hit with romance rumors. Reports say he’s gone on a few dates in Vancouver with Disney darling Selena Gomez, 16. As everyone knows by now, New Moon has been shooting in the Canadian city for the last month. Gomez is also there filming Ramona and Beezus from Beverly Cleary’s popular children’s book series. We’ve got details on where they’ve been spotted and what they were doing: Taylena hit Caffe Artigiano yesterday for a little morning get-together. With Gomez’s mom in tow, they ordered two of the coffee shop’s signature lattes before sitting at a table to chat for about 30 minutes. “They were very low-key and kept to themselves,” an eyewitness tells us. “Nobody bothered them.” In fact, the staff seemed unfazed by Taylena. Photos show the cozy duo jumping into the same SUV while being protected by a big, burly, tattooed bodyguard. A source also confirms that the two recently had dinner at a local outpost of the Old Spaghetti Factory. The only fuss came from a small group of girls “who were really excited” but were too shy to approach them, said our source. Whether the twosome is really sweet on each other remains unclear, but we definitely approve of this pairing. Seriously, the cuteness factor on Taylena is up there with puppy dogs and kittens, don’t ya think? And let me tell you, I’ve met and talked with both of them. They are two of the nicest aw-shucks kids around. Never do I hear anything bad about them. They’re friendly, smart, gracious and humble. Meanwhile, get ready to see a lot more of Mr. Lautner. Remember that shot of the shirtless New Moon werewolves that was released earlier this week by the studio? Well, I hear similar pics of Lautner are on the way.

OMG … Taylena! I love it! I suppose a name like Taylomez or Selautner might work as well but I could live with Taylena. Hahahaha … and another generation of celebrity romance is born. This news will prolly only serve to cause legions of Taylor Lautner fans (affectionately called Taylor Tots) to go screaming into their pillows … or off to burn effigies of Selena. I suppose it’s possible that these two kids are really getting “involved” but it’s also just as likely that they are hanging out together in order to whip up some more attention to the two of them. New Moon could always use more press … as could Selena Gomez, who I’m sure is just waiting for Miley Cyrus to slip up so she can step in and take her place as reigning Disney queen. I suppose we should err on the side of positivity and assume that these two crazy kids are hanging out because they like each other and not because their publicists are making them … right?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • n1cole

    oooooohhhh.. i LIKE that matchup quite a lot….

  • Julie

    :( :( :(

  • Kendra

    Taylor Tots?? Hahahaa!!

  • Ama

    I actually like this couple, they look good together and like they would be good for one another. Selena Gomez is actually one of the few Disney stars that I actually like(well her a Demi Lavato)

  • nicole

    they would look adorable together.

  • CoCo

    ADORABLE!!!! Young love…. hahaha!

  • EP

    They look good together for real!!!

  • I wish I was Selena Gomez!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roxster

    @ Ama: Totally agree. Selena is very likeable, shes really pretty and I am a fan of this pairing as well! They look great together physically, plus they both just seem like really great people. Awesome if this is true.

  • Mischa

    that would be SOSOSO cute!

  • ~ I n F a m o u s ~

    instead of hanging out he should be taken acting classes.

  • Judy

    I’m so jealous!!

  • Kayla

    Aw, I hope they are dating, they’d make a really cute couple.

  • rachel

    id so prefer her to be with taylor than with nick
    she and taylor look way cuter!

  • Ella

    I live in Vancouver and the Old Spaghetti Factory (OSF) is awesome. MMMM. Garlic butter.

    But yeah… <3 good couple! :D

  • edwardsbella

    ok first of all he cant date till he is 28 and i cant believe i know this cuz i absoulotly hate but watev

  • Leslie

    No offence, but seriously, you are talking to/with babies here by the looks of it AND encouraging it, and I can’t believe you find it newsworthy that somebody spends 30 mins having coffee with a friend… and then go spin a huge romance out of it. No wonder the U.S. has a weird reputation.

  • Morgan

    They’re cute.
    It’s nice to see some attention on the ‘young hollywood’
    that deserve it.

  • they are looks cute as a couple
    hopely the news are true and they can be together not only for a short time :) taylor is a good person and he deserved to be with someone who’s good too

  • kelly

    OMG they r the cutiest couple eva but i agree
    we should give them some space
    they r like the new brad and angela except for teens