She Fangs


I have been on a reading frenzy this week and I’ve sorta forsaken all other things in order to catch up on a few books that have been piling up on my desk. A few weeks ago, I was sent an advance copy of Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill so it’s been on the top of my reading list for a while … I finally started reading the book this week and I didn’t want to put it down:

The book is excellently written and features just enough pop culture references to make the story feel fresh without overdoing it (Nine Inch Nails gets a shout-out, which of course endeared the book to me even more). The book is the first in the Chicagoland Vampire Series and focuses on a female protagonist named Merit who is no timid woman and brings a fresh perspective on the vampire craze that is going around these days. The book has a little bit of Harry Potter in it (ie. different Vampire Houses), a little bit of The Southern Vampire Mysteries in it (ie. the Sookie Stackhouse novels which True Blood is based on) but with a voice and perspective all it’s own. No offense to the Twilight fans out there but the writing from Chloe Neill is IMMENSELY better than that from Stephenie Meyer. I just really enjoyed the book and I am very much looking forward to Book II Friday Night Bites which is due out this Fall. If you are a fan of vampire novels, I think you should give this one a try. I loved it entirely and am now very anxious to read more from Ms. Neill.

Because I finished the book a bit early in the night, I started reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith. OMG, it’s freaking brilliant! I suspect I’ll get thru this book very quickly … it’s really hilarious. I must admit, I’ve never read the original Austen novel in its entirety but I may read the book after I finish this version of the tale. If you’re a fan of Austen or even if you’re not, this book is really entertaining. I’ve gotten thru the first few chapters and all I kept thinking was that I hope they will turn the mash-up book into a movie!

I don’t think I’ll get much reading done today … David and I still have to pack for our trip to Chicago and we have decided to see two movies today. Hahahaha … yes, we’re a bit nutty.

  • Can’t wait to read this!!! It looks soooo good. I am a huge vampire sci-fi fan so I have to pick this up.

  • Trent PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back your reading list!!! On the old blog you used to have pics on the side of the page in which you listed the books you were currently reading. This was my favorite part of your blog, and I miss it sooo much. You have such great taste in literature and music and I enjoyed most of the books you listed. You should do a top ten list of books once a month of something. I’m sure others would agree!!

  • MiKiE

    @BreakMyRevenge : If you go to the top of the page and click on “On My Radar” It’ll bring you to a list of what he’s reading, currently listening too, etc.

  • My sister, at 16, could write better than Stephanie Meyer, so I’m less than surprised a real writer could also…
    I digress, I really can’t wait to pick this book up.
    It sounds like you’d like the Rachel Moran (which has had NIN shout-outs in two books) series by Kim Harrison or the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. Really, look them up, two of my most favorite series(s?) ever.

  • Jae

    I hunted this down when I first saw your post about it a bit ago and have to agree that its awesome! i’ve read and reread the twlight series as well as the sookie stackhouse books in anticipation for the next book to come next month (i think) and this was a nice read…love all the vampire stuff!! =) Thanks for bringing this book to our attention!

  • Thanks MiKiE !!!! Maybe if I learned to open up my eyes and navigate the site better I wouldnt have to embarres myself with comments!! LOLs

  • Erika

    So … I have to admit, I am a little hesitant to pick this book up because the cover is so cheesy. I’m making my way through the Twilight series right now, and I love it.

    Maybe I will be able to get over the cover thing … but I dunno.

  • Mrs. Nott

    Trent, pick up the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

  • lauren

    uh-oh, you’re gonna piss off the Twilight fanatics with that comment about Meyer’s writing! I agree though, I read all 4 books and HATED myself the entire time… the writing quality is so not worth reading. (But i had to see what happened to bella and her quest to be a vampire!)

  • Ana S

    I love Jane Austen and I been hearing about the Zombie book. I have yet to read it but it sounds interesting. I might check out the Vampire book too.

  • Lulu

    @ Mrs.Nott… That series needs a warning! There is a whooooole lotta sex in them. lol.
    I prefer her Meridith Gentry series, but once again, more like a romance novel than anything else…. :p

  • KG


  • Suze

    I STILL can’t find the Pride & Prejudice book! I suppose I’ll ditch the local bookstores and hunt for it online…

  • Natalia

    P&P&Z was great! I really do hope that they opt for it to be a movie.
    Also, I’m excited for Grahame-Smith’s new book in production, one about Lincoln as a vampire slayer…

  • Jazzo

    Trent I love that you love vampires!! Before that piece of crap Twilight book came out it was weird to be into vampire books and movies or whatnot! I worship the Charlaine Harris Sookie series, probably to an unhealthy level.. nahh!!

    I totally trust your judgement and am going to pick up both those books today!! YOUR AMAZING!!

  • Roxster

    @ Lauren…thats pretty much why I continued to read as well. I think most Twilight fans…even my tween sister…will admit that her writing is not amazing and its nowhere on par with JK Rowling or anyone else shes been compared to). You can see how her English major book list influenced her writing – especially Jane Austen (I think she used the phrase “without purchase” at least 10 times in one book). Oh wells…Thanks for the recommendations Trent, these look good.

  • Karly

    I think most people can write better than Stephanie. I really liked Twilight but the hype annoys me. I’m kind of tired of vampires but want to try that book!

  • Kristen

    Thanks for the book recommendations! I love the Sookie Stackhouse books and I’ve been looking for a new series. This sounds like exactly what i’ve been looking for.

  • Green Is Good

    Oh, Trent! Pride & Prejudice & Zombies rules! I read half of it in one sitting. The only reason I stopped was my eyes were tired. Damn small print. Time for better reading glasses.

  • Green Is Good

    Additional: for any fans of the vampire genre, I recommend “Fevre Dream” by George R.R. Martin.

    I’ve read it several times. It’s quite riveting!

  • Irma

    Who knew vampires were so cool?

  • Aly

    awesome. i live in chicagoland and i love vampires.
    i should check it out.
    and omg, TRENT! you and your love are coming to chicago!?
    if you need a tour guide, PLEASE contact me. i would love to show you my city. =)
    and be extra sure to visit Giordano’s over on south cicero. the best deep dish you will ever have.
    it’s from chicago afterall. =)
    have fun!

  • Definitely read Pride and Prejudice. It’s like my Bible.

  • “T”

    To :Trent:

    Have you ever read Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton. If you like twilight and the series you mentioned above, I think you would love Anita Blake. However Its way more grown up than Twilight and definitely not rated “pg” Hope you answer!!

  • Jen

    Thanks so much for this review, Trent! I’ve been reading your website for a couple of years now and your book reviews (as well as news about NIN and the Lohan/Ronson romance) are my favorite things to see. I bought the book yesterday and can’t wait to start reading it tonight!