Spencer Pratt Gifts Bride-To-Be Heidi Montag With $250K In Bling

Wedding prep

We are only 2 days away from the wedded union of the first couple of MTV‘s The Hills, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, and In Touch Weekly is reporting that Spencer has already gifted his ladylove with $250,000 in jewelry as a wedding gift. By the sound of how much dough homie is dishing out for his wife-to-be, the couple may actually be planning to really get married after all:

Like any bride, Heidi Montag wants to look like a million bucks at her wedding. Now, thanks to soon-to-be-hubby Spencer Pratt, the blond beauty will at least feel like a quarter-million! The Hills villain spent $250,000 on Neil Lane jewelry for their luxe nuptials on April 25. “He bought her earrings, two diamond chain bracelets, a necklace and their wedding bands,” a pal tells In Touch. “He wanted to get it there because he knows Neil works with a lot of celebrities — and Spencer thinks he’s one, too.” The reality-TV pair will exchange platinum rings in a ceremony at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Calif.

HMMM … that’s a lot of bling. Coupled with the fact that Speidi did apply for a legal marriage license already, methinks the nuptials set for Saturday afternoon will be the real deal. I’m pretty sure that the pair are planning a lavish to do for the event … which we will all get to see on the season/series(?) finale of The Hills in a few weeks. Any ideas for wedding gifts that should be sent to the happy couple?


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  1. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was watching E last night and they said the wedding will be played on the Season finale. They also said that after MTV put some heat under LC she buckled and is going to attend the wedding now (not sure if that is true but what Julianna says goes:). The best gift ever would the B/C of Gloria Alred for Heidi:)!!

  2. Karly

    ugh, the hills is so stupid now. the “realness” of it makes me sick and Speidi just makes it even worse. i hope they fail. it’d make me feel a bit better. it sounds wrong for me to say but it’s true

  3. Mariah

    Just why?

  4. PixieBassline

    What a WASTE of money, huh??

  5. Isabella

    where exactly did he get $250k? He does WHAT, exactly?

  6. Tron

    if everyone is upset that Spencer makes enough jack to pay for $250k in jewelery then stop watching the Hills, stop buying US weekly, People, etc and stop going to the Clubs when he is making a special guest appearance. Those d*bags make min $10k just for showing up.

  7. I would be so happy if I never read another thing about these 2 idiots.

  8. Bill

    Send them a big wet turd. How did this joker come up with $250k, anyway? I can’t wait ’til their 15 minutes is up.

  9. Amy

    If he was trying to top the last ring he gave her, 5 bucks would have done it. I really can’t stand these 2 either.

  10. n1cole

    oh whatever. isn’t that like.. one episode’s pay for him or something?? pshyaa… chump change..

  11. I deffo wish them a TON of luck !!!Marriage is a lot of work, she already doesn’t trust the lad so I don’t see their point in giving this marriage a go in the first place!! Scratching my head!?!

  12. Bren

    “Marriage For Dummies”

  13. Lola

    how they f*ck they have so much money????????? MTV pays THAT well????

  14. Katie

    Yeah I think that’s the big question everyone’s wondering.. not whether the marriage is forreal, but where did he come up with that money?!

  15. Beth

    Wedding gift: coupons for sterilization

  16. Harper

    Oh, gag me, please. Enough of these two.

  17. TandSara

    I thought they had a fake/staged relationship? well congrats to them anyways, nuts as they are,lol

  18. Joanne

    People are starving in the world … and yet these two are rolling in it. *Ugh*

  19. coco

    ugh.. more like they borrowed it to him for publicity!

  20. Michelle

    He think’s he’s a celebrity I LOVE THAT… can someone buy them an island so we can start their exhile from the all civilization immediately? I here islands make nice wedding gifts,,, just as Diddy :)

  21. Atlantachick

    How bout a matching set of Massengil disposable douches? They are both total douchebags!

  22. how about something that would make them realize how insignificant they are?

  23. SuziLee

    LOL these were like the funniest comments EVER!! I’m with y’all that wondered where they got that kinda $!!!! I had no clue MTV paid that well!!!
    I know the new show will be them married then their baby…like Newlyweds (a la Nick & Jessica) no doubt!

  24. Shellslove

    lifetime supply of Valtrex

  25. ally

    Keep talking about them…you’re making them famous! Yea they are probably purposfully portrayed as idiots to people have someone they love to hate. It is annoying all these weddings they have tho.

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