Brad Pitt Takes A Flying Lesson


Perhaps in an effort to have another thing in common with his non-wife babymama Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt was spied taking a flying lesson in NY Wednesday afternoon. Or mebbe it’s possible that Brad saw the photo of pregs Nicole Richie in the cockpit flying her own plane and he got inspired to become a flyboy himself. Here are a few photos of Brad giving his plane a once-over check-up before he boarded for his lesson:

I suppose I can kinda understand how some people might love the feeling that comes from piloting an airplane all by themselves but I, for one, would never want to do it. I don’t even like being on smaller airplanes, let alone a super tiny little thing that I would be in sole control of. There are just some things that I would never need to do. But I think it’s great that Brad is learning to fly just like his lady Angelina (who, I understand, already knows how to fly planes). Perhaps they could get matching airplanes or something? Just be careful up there when you’re flying Brangelina … heaven forbid anything should happen to you on one of your flying excursions. I fear the only person who would be interested in adopting your 6 kids should something befall you would be Nadya Suleman. Yikes.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I concur with you Trent..I loathe those planes. Each little bump I let out a little screech like a mouse and brace myself! Gag…I don’t see the attraction!

  • alexggb

    That’s classy, look how he covered his crack with his shirt… awwww, I love you Brad!!! Though the Jackman is replacing u a little bit, shh don’t cry, it’s ok. You are still a FILF!

  • jj

    I agree

    I hate small planes and I have never understood the fascination with piloting them. Brangelina have a lot of responsibility to six children and I am not sure what the statistics are regarding accidents and small planes but I’d go out on a limb to say that most of the crashes that we hear about involve light aircrafts. You only have to think about Aaliyah, JFK junior, DJ AM near miss, Buddy Holly and those are just the famous people..

    I also have the same complaint with Prince William and Harry I have no idea why they have been allowed to take part in flying helicopters which to me is another hazardous activity. Having the heir and the spare part take in flying careers is crazy.

    Not worth it in my book.

  • rossy

    Question: Wasn’t Brad certified a pilot back in 2007? Or is that a different class plane than before?

    Planes, regardless of size, are STILL the safest mode of transportation around… Far more people die in traffic accidents every year than in planes crashes. It’s just that when a plane does crash… it’s carrying far more people at that time, than even a bus could hold. God knows I avoid freeways when I can – If I can only get over my new fear of parking lots! Have you ever had someone speeding up & down aisles (while you’re looking for a space) so their tires squeal & acrid smoke rises?

    Very rarely do I hear of small plane crashes happening. They certainly don’t occur EVERY DAY year in, year out. If I had the money & skills needed to fly – I would leap at it! To be up there with birds & glance down from time to time…

    As for the princes, Harry & William… I don’t believe they fly civilian copters – It’s all part of their military training. Their father & uncles did it too.

  • jj

    Yes Harry and William are taking part in military training with helicopters but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous to have both brothers out there. There have been a number of crashes this year already in England with helicopters I think two within their squadrons.
    I don’t know what the statistics are and I am sure more individuals die each year in car accidents but I personally still feel very uneasy about the whole flying thing whether it be helicopters or light aircrafts civilian or military…

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  • Katie

    Interesting how he ends up doing the things Angelina does.. Get your own personality, Brad!!

  • I guess Brad is just simple bored in life guys!
    My Dad has this obsession also.

  • Joanne

    I feel nervous about celebs piloting planes – simply because many of them have narcissistic personalities, who have an unrealistic view of themselves and what they are capable of …