Nicole Richie Shows That Pregnant Chicks Can Fly


Nicole Richie, who has been in Canada for the past few days on business, posted a tweet (message) on her official Twitter profile letting us know that she has successfully made her way from Toronto to Montreal … oh yeah, she also lets us know that she made the trip by airplane … a plane that she, apparently, piloted herself:

She tweets: Just got to Montreal. And I flew here myself!!

Um, whoa! I didn’t even know that she knew how to fly! Do y’all think she really flew this plane or could she just be pulling our collective leg?


  • nicole

    i think she probably did it. i cant see her lieing about that.

  • framboise

    I doubt she did it completely by herself, but she may have.

  • Ama

    Hm, Maybe she was more like a co-pilot? XD but if she did fly there by herself, thats awesome ^^

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    There is probably a real pilot next to her. I HATE those planes…I would never do it!! GAG!! Good for her thou, she looks cute!

  • MiKiE

    She’s on the right side of the plane – co pilot side… So i’m sure she didn’t do it herself… She still is the same Nicole.

  • canuckistani

    Hell to the No!

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  • I think its more like when your Dad let’s you hold the steering wheel of the car when your little, if you know what I mean !!
    Non the less she is a pretty cool fly girl!!

  • JJ

    Ummmm…NO. She did not fly there by herself! I suspect she was joking.

  • Amy

    She did not fly it. The pilot probably let her play “pretend pilot” on the way over.

  • ~M~

    I agree, she’s in the co-pilot seat… and who the heck took the picture??

  • Niki

    It’s absolutely possible that she flew the plane. They give lessons out here in Toronto all the time where they let you fly. Granted you don’t take off or land the plane, but once in the air, they give you full control under instruction.

  • Bill

    Let’s hope to God she is not flying planes up there. One more reason to stay out of the skies.

  • Sarah

    ummm… Does she even have a drivers licence??

  • rich

    First of all she was sitting in the right hand seat which is the copilot seat. 2nd you never fly with two hands on the yoke…one hand is always on the power and one hand to fly the plane. Sure she probably had the plane for a few min but, so has my niece and she is 9yrs old…doesn’t mean she flew the plane!!

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  • real flygirl

    Agree with what other people have said- she’s on the wrong side, flying with two hands on the yoke. Also, if she were getting a lesson, it would not have been a cross country. Additionally, if you pay to take a flying lesson, the still put you in the left seat, so…

  • EP

    :O! No wayyyy! She’s in my hometown!!! Where is she here?

  • EP


  • Murdock

    Based on the panel, she’s in a Pilatus PC-12 (I’ve got about a thousand hours in them). While it is possible to fly most airplanes from the right seat (I’ve been known to do just that), the PC-12 has a stated limitation that the “pilot” must be in the left seat. Thus, either she’s flying illegally (unlikely), she’s a required flight crewmember (which would require that she be employed as a pilot for an FAA Part 121, FAA Part 135, FAA Part 91(k) or equvilent operation or she’s just along for the ride and manipulating the flight controls just for fun.

    Still, she’s taking an interest in aviation, and that is totally cool. I recommend it to everyone.

  • ash

    If that’s true, I think it just made me like her a whole lot more. That’s really cool.