Joel Madden’s Got A New Hair’do


Yesterday we saw that Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia is rockin’ a new hair’do — one that he debuted at the Heroes for Autism event here in Hollywood, CA over the weekend — and today we learn that Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden has also got himself a new ‘do. Joel posted a tweet (message) on his official Twitter profile that he changed his look saying, “Ok so i changed my hair. I’ll twitpic you all tomorrow for an opinion. You can put your twitter critc hats on”. A few hours later, this is what he sent out:

I changed my hair. Yep. that’s it. Thanks to byron&tracy for hooking me up. Ok. thats it. Ok do your worst. tell me what you think……

Having done the blonde thing myself last Summer, I can’t say a bad thing about Joel’s new look. I can totally identify with wanting to change up your look. It should be noted, tho, that Nicole Richie is currently in Canada on business so she has yet to see this new look of Joel’s in person … I wonder what she thinks about it. Better yet, what do YOU think about it? Do you like? Is it better than Milo’s new look?

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  • lyndyloo


  • nicole

    everythings better then Milos look.
    but i swear hes done the blonde thing before. meh it suits him.

  • lyndyloo

    @nicole, you need to stop drinking the bong water. hee hee ;-)
    Milo is HOT!!!!!!!!!!! love his new hair.

  • Steferny

    haha Joel looks like Josh now.

  • Ama

    it looks nice on him, though I wonder if Harlow recognized him right away XD

  • ~M~

    It’s hideous… he looks like a crack addict.

  • Jadedkitten

    Billy idol that you?

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • nisha

    wow cool he looks great its suits him alot.he looks like josh.i love it when people experiment with their hair.wonder how nicole and harlow feel and what i really want to see is him next to niceol with this hair.milo loked good in his new hair do i like it.thanks for posting

  • Harper

    I like it! It’s fun and different and I am allllll about changing up the looks! I wonder what Nicole thinks, haha

  • Theresa

    ugh! that’s awful…no no NO!

  • jo

    I think it works well on him since his skin is so fair anyway…I just wish he’d follow suit with those brows! :)

  • detroit

    He looks like Keifer Sutherland from “The Lost Boys”!

  • meme

    nicole is in canada on business????? what business? that hideous jewelry she “designs”.

  • Kayla

    ew! he looks old with blond hair! and gross… idk its just creepy.

  • pierced

    I think it looks great on him..hasn’t he done this before? as for Milo..get with the times folks..his hair looks awesome with his new cut.

  • Carolina

    he reminds me a bit of robert de niro here

  • alejandro

    he looks great! a nice change. i’ve wanted to change my hair colour many times, mostly unsucessful XD
    oh but iunno, i realy liked milo’s too :P

  • steff

    hes done this before, i like it.

    i like it dark too. i just like the style. shorter… blech. longer and… spikier. thumbs up.

  • Lulu

    I actually love it :)

  • mk

    and I never thought I’d see this day….
    But i have to admit that it actually looks good on him… Although I still think that dark hair suits him better or that “skunk hair-do” he had few years ago…
    He’s still hot in my opinion… Can’t deny that :)

  • Megan

    Yes yes yes. He looks good with any hair color.

  • Kammie

    no Joel, no no no no no

  • Eve

    I’m a HUGE FAN of Joel but i cant choose, i dont know if i like it OR if i was right the 1st time ive seen this picture and i said : “omg he looks like a jailer” … But im still a fan :D I love his personality so i guess : this hair is cool, but im waiting (and scared) for the upcoming critics from perezhilton and other gossip sites!

  • anna


  • Deb

    Looks cool. It’s not particularly controversial – the style’s still the same, it’s just bleached. But Milo is way hotter, no question. Joel always looks a little on the skanky side. Which he should (he’s a musician, after all), but it just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Amanda

    Am I the only one who sees a similarity to Robert de Niro?

  • Shazz

    I went OH MY GOD when i first saw this haha.
    but it looks great. he’s still a hottie lol

  • It looks ok I think he should have done something alittle more daring!! As for Milo it suits him.

  • jenny

    i think he looks fabulous–

  • DJWhoop

    Looks like free time at the Meth Clinic

  • Chris

    His hair now looks like dandelion fluff.

  • s.d.

    Short hair, long hair, it doesn’t matter, he’s ugly as sin any way you slice it! Hair color won’t change that, just catching a look at his fugly mug is enough to repel. Then again, look at his brother. Obviously genetics aren’t working in their favor. Now Josh Hartnet, on the other hand, is quite handsome!