Britney Spears Brings Her ‘Circus’ To Anaheim, CA


Last night David and I made the trek down to Anaheim, CA for our second of three Britney Spears concerts which she performed at the Honda Center. I was very happy to see that Britney’s energy level was just as high last night as it was in LA when we first saw her on Thursday:

Again, so as not to spoil any of the show for those of you who have yet to see the tour and want to remain unspoiled, I put the photos that I snapped last night behind the cut. After the jump, check ‘em out …

I really enjoyed the show for the second time mainly because since we already saw the show, we weren’t really worried about missing anything. This time around, we ate and drank at our leisure because we knew when we needed to be in position for the show. I managed to get a lot more close-up photos this time around … I knew where Britney would be at different parts of the show so … yeah, twas fun. Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray (and Extra! TV) was brought on stage as for the audience participation part of the show … yeah, it wasn’t that exciting. I think it would’ve been cooler if they brought up a regular fan. I got to meet Pink reader Elmer at the show last night and we go to take a pic, it was my pleasure to meet him. David and I will be making our way to Chicago, IL next weekend to meet up with my friends Sarah and Mark and to see our third and final Britney Spears show. Woot!!

It’s hot here, y’all … not sure what’s on tap for the day … mebbe staying in with the air conditioning?

  • g

    Is she smiling right at you? In the last picture?! Trent! I am so excited you got to see her again. I saw her in Tacoma. Amazing!

  • Good pics! In the top two photos, it looks like Brit is giving Madge a run for her money in the “kick-ass thighs” department.

  • jaanu

    she looks hawt!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    It’s all about the beach on warm days!! She does look good!

  • Devin

    I loooove how she’s looking at you and giving you the crazy face in that last picture lol. Oh and which Chicago show are you going to be at? I’ll be at the one on the 28th :)

  • melina

    i saw you guys! now i wish i stopped to say hi but we were rushing to our seats (which now i know we didn’t have to!) was the screen not coming up a mistake? it seemed like it but not sure.

  • Judy

    Boo! I’ll be at the show on the 27th, section 103, Row EE! IAre you staying downtown or near O’Hare? There’s an Outback Steakhouse not too far from the Allstate Arena! I know you’ve said you love your Aussie Cheese Fries!

  • Chase

    Her body looks really, really good! It’s weird how at her Los Angeles show her body looked a little, well, not great and now it’s back in shape… huh. @ Melina – yes, I believe it was some kind of error.

  • C

    Awesome Trent!
    Did u see Jonathan Knight at the show? He tweeted that he was there! Lucky u!

  • Mer Mer

    Her body actually looks more fit here compare to when I saw her in Tampa

  • Brianna

    I was there. It was amazing.
    I was in the Club section, but I still got really great up close pictures. Really glad I bought that camera with the 10X zoom =]

  • LEW

    Gosh- she looks *so good*!

  • aldo

    i dont like the costumes, theyre cheesy and too obvious, i dont think the guys of dsquared did a good job at all.

  • Amanda

    I was there last night in section 211 and I thought it was a great show, she looked amazing!

  • Devin

    Ahhh Trent we’ll be at the same show! :) What section are you in for that show? I’ll be in one of the ringside seats, and I’m totally going to be on the outlook for you lol.

  • Devin

    Oh and Judy, you will be at the same show as Trent… and myself lol. There is no show on the 27th.

  • Judy

    Devin, thanks! I’m so busy, my days are all confused!!!! LOL! I can’t wait, I’m walking distance to the AA! Where are your seats?

  • max

    I love Britney! She’s a hottest bitch

  • Devin

    Judy, I got a ringside seat :) I’m seriously soooo excited for this show. Oh and that Outback you were talking about, I work a few blocks away from there, and now I’m craving a steak lol.

  • @G I was at that show too! she was freaking incredible. in freaking credible…. :)

  • Jennyfish

    She is so gross, Trent, I know in your heart you must know this but you continue to parade her as if she’s some kind of real life princess. She’s a ho-bag loser who really shouldn’t have that much money or power. ugh, sick.

  • Chi Town C

    If you guys are staying downtown Chicago you should check out a new restaurant called Sunda.

  • Tricia

    I saw the show in DC – she was great here too! Your pictures remind me of what a fun show it was. So jealous that you get to see it three times. Have fun in Chicago – get some deep dish pizza and go to Oak Street Beach to watch the hotties play volleyball!

  • KJCREW82

    Hey Trent, I too will be going to the show on the 28th in Chicago… Hope to see you there!

  • Vishaal

    I was horridly disappointed with her performance. She barely danced…she was…thick. I hate to say that, but if you DON”T sing, DON’T dance, you can NOT be thick! She lost her star power and presence in my opinion. What a shame. She didn’t even want to be there. All she did was walk around.

  • EC

    Im so excited – Im going to see her show in Manchester on June 17th!!

  • Amy

    I was at the Anaheim concert and I thought she was awsome. and I wasn’t even a Britney fan.

  • julie d

    correction…i have no idea what you’re talking about but i had floor seats and was there the whole time and there was no such thing as an audience participation part. at no time was mark mcgrath taken up to the stage nor was he acknowledged. no celebrity was taken up. the kardashian sisters were there too but they didn’t go up either cos no one did

    • @julie d — you may have no idea what i’m talking about but I am still correct. before breathe on me the dancers bring a guy on stage and handcuff him to a chair and britney dances in front of him before they uncuff him and take him off stage. usually, they pick a random guy from the vip area but at the first Anaheim show they selected Mark McGrath, and i only knew it was him because i saw him getting his tickets from the ticket booth and i noticed his bright blue Reebok shoes … which is how i recognized him on the stage.