Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Do Coachella


Musicians aren’t the only famous folk appearing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA this weekend … no sir, celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are also gettin’ their kicks in the desert this weekend with the regular folk who paid to attend. Here are a couple pics of Gyllenspoon lookin’ all couple at the fest yesterday afternoon:

But the couple saved all their lurvin’ up on one another for Jenny Lewis’ performance which the couple watched from backstage together:

Awwww so sweet! Yeah, it looks like Gyllenspoon are still very much together … in love or whatever. I’m tryin’ really hard not to hate … so I will say that they look really cute together. Even still … BLAH!!!

[Photo credit: Splash News, Source]

  • Kelley

    Is that Busy Phillips behind them?

  • JG

    I’m sure it’s just the dress, but Resse looks like she has a bit of a belly in the 2nd pic.

  • Steffanie

    Baby Bump!!!

  • alexggb

    I hope it is just the dress but I also saw some bump there. BTW, what is she wearing?? A sack of potatoes?? It does look like Busy Phillips Kelley but I’m not sure.
    Trent, I’m not hating cause it is too harsh but I am detesting for sure hahahaha. Oh please Jackey Poo, reconsider this relationship, it is going NOwhere! hahaha.

  • i thought Jenny and Jake made a cuter couple back in the day.

  • Lisa

    I totally think it’s Busy Phillips – tmz has a clearer pic of Jake flipping the bird & it looks just like Busy next to them. Plus I doubt they’d stand next to ‘normal’ people anyway the way they both hate the public – LOL

  • Sassy K

    I agree – definitely looks like a baby bump in the second pic.

  • Noelle

    That’s really cute that they’re cuddling! Especially because Jake and Jenny used to date! Here’s a pic of them at his premiere of Donnie Darko:

    Glad that wasn’t an awkward show!

  • Blair

    What on earth is Reese wearing!?

  • Elise

    I think Jenny Lewis is the cutest.

  • alexggb

    Now that I’m giving it a second look, Jake has some sort of melancholic look in that last pic, missing jenny much? hahhaha. And I’m hoping that pic 3 is just reese being cold and Jake being cute and keeping her warm… damn, that still pisses me off!!

  • KT

    She’s totally preggers.

  • Meg

    yeah, my 1st thought was that she totally looks pregs. hmmmm….

  • LIV

    She is totally sporting a baby bump… is it jut me or does anyone else miss kirsten dunst and jake gyllenhaal :(


    Cute? Those fakers are pathetic!

  • Andy

    Jake doesn’t f*ck his bloated beard.

  • i do not miss him with Dunst at all. also, it’s interesting to think that Kirsten dated Alex Greenwald (lead singer of Phantom Planet) for awhile. he was the bully in Donnie Darko, starring Jake. and there were rumors that Alex and Jenny had something going back when both their bands were trying to make it. and Jenny also was also in Pleasantville, playing one of Reese’s bff’s. it all seems so Melrose Place and incestual!

  • Jake fan

    Jake Gyllenhaal is gay as a goose, and Reese Witherspoon is a PR ho desperate for good publicity after Ryan dumped her for younger woman.

    Take a look at ALL paparazzi picutres, not just “good” ones used by tabloids and gossip sites, and you’ll see that Jake and Reese never look like a real couple.

  • B

    She is either preggers or has that starvation stomach swell thing going on.

  • troyS

    Well, I guess you can take the “Reeke” out of Brentwood, but you can’t take Brentwood out of the Reeke–could they be any less rock n roll? I bet Jake was glad that Momm..I mean Reese made him pack a hoodie in case he got chilly. And Reese was glad Jake comforted her through the awful racket. And Sir Paul was pleased to find he wasn’t the oldest person at Coachella.

    (yeah, they bug me)

  • Yes Yes Yes she does look extremely pregg OMG what the hell why would she want another baby and why now!!! Maybe Jake wants a baby!! O I am soo confused can’t wait to get the details :)

  • Jess

    That is defs Busy Phillips!

  • Aww they’re cute!

  • Katie

    I think they are so cute together<3

  • Anna

    Jake Gyllenhaal is gay.

    Reese Witherspoon is fugly and bloated.

    This “relationship” is defined by the fauxmance contract.

  • IHJ1

    Even if Jake is straight he should find a young girl who will put him first and wants to start a family. Reese never put Ryan first she had a huge career that was her priority. And she has done the kids thing and doesn’t seem to have any thoughts on more babies. I really doubt she is pregnant or wants to be.

  • Vicky

    I saw pictures of Reese last week wearing workout clothes after/before Yoga and it definitely looked like she had a bump, because she is really thin usually. Could it be?????

  • Katie

    @IHJ1- Wow, you know Reese? You two must have had some pretty intense talks for her to open up and tell you that she put her career before her husband and that she’s done having children.

  • mona

    she has a bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skeptical

    Seems slightly weird considering Jenny and Jake used to be an item. Either they are 3 very mature adults or 2 very immature kiddies trying to rub love in the face of an ex. Not that Jenny would really get bothered by such things. She appears to have made the choice to be endlessly single in life. More power to her.

  • yvr_chickie

    they look so cute!

  • Ria

    Her outfit is just awful.

  • I was there!!!! & I totally saw them walking off the stage.