More Photos Of Zac Efron In ‘GQ’ Magazine Have Surfaced


Earlier this week we got to check out Zac Efron’s new coverphoto and accompanying photospread for GQ magazine but it turns out that there is much more where those photos came from:

As is usually the case, there are a bunch of outtake photos from the GQ shoot … and today we get to check them out. After the jump, check out another batch of photos of Zac Efron in various states of dress and undress — some of which I feel are even superior to the photos that were chosen for publication …

I kinda love that magazines hold off on releasing the outtake photos from photoshoots like these because they usually tend to be a nice treat in their own respect. As I said, I like some of these pics better than the ones that were chosen for publication in the mag. The tank top photo is prolly the best of the bunch. Great shoot! What do y’all think … do you prefer this batch to the first batch?


  • Mela

    I love the blue shirt one.

  • He’s so hot.

  • Faith

    i hafta say, im liking the topless one, he reminds me of a Bboy holding a pose in that shot!

  • tatiana

    The picture of him in the blue still looks kind of freaky. It looks like his head was photoshoped in from another photoshoot. The other pictures…kind of hott….

  • K

    I don’t care a whole lot for him, but the 2 on the right side are soooo much better than the original batch. Why wouldn’t they put those in the mag???

  • Elle

    I wish you didn’t do the whole ‘after the jump’ thing. I feel like it’s a copy cat of Perez’s thing..

  • schmee

    I feel like a dirty old man for noticing, but in the blue shirt picture theres not much going on in those jeans.

  • me

    @Elle — jump cuts are an internet thing. I sincerely doubt anyone would want to be like that person at all

  • Apples v 2

    @Elle: I’ve seen them all the time on LJ… so not really copying, haha. It just saves space on the home page, really.

  • EmCee

    His head looks CRAZYODD in the blue shirt one. it looks like someone taped it onto someone elses body and hung it up in their locker.

  • Michelle

    So hot, so hot, want to touch the heiney…
    That is all. =)

  • Rhonda

    @Michelle- I totally “heard” your comment in Adam Sandler’s voice and LOL’d. Good job!

  • la princesa


  • Edna Mode

    He has a gigantic lollipop head on a pixie body. But somehow it works for me.

  • Shazz

    i love him more and more every day lol

  • Anie

    tank top.
    and leap frogging…
    but he still looks like a ten-year-old.

  • Anie

    @schmee- i thought the same thing… *gets mind out of gutter…*

  • Roxster

    the rob pattinson hair doesn’t really worth well on him with this shoot…I keep expecting him to bust out into Grease Lightening…

  • Chloe

    i honestly think he looks worst everytime i see him in pictures.i dont know but i think he looks kinda off

  • I think the pics are pretty nice!!

  • liz

    hmmm looks like the robert patterson hair is getting a little out of hand

  • mike

    so sexy love the shirtless one…and the blue shirt pic is so hot…i love zac…i need him taking a nude pic….love his smile too….

  • omg i kinda like thos pictuers im not saying there bad or anything but u sould do much better ur a hotttie