Jared Leto Blogs About His Collabo With Kanye West


On Wednesday we got to check out a very strange photo of Kanye West, Jared Leto of (among other things) 30 Seconds to Mars and Brandon Flowers of The Killers together in the studio where they were working on a “DOPE ASS SONG” (Kanye’s words, not mine) together. Today, Jared Leto published a new blogpost on his official My Space profile enlightening us on the experience. Here is the full text of Jared’s latest blogpost and a photo he shares of Kanye “working his MPC“:


So, as you may have heard, I, along with a small contigency of studio tanned soldiers took a short expedition to Hawaii and spent a not so tropical but nontheless fun filled weekend locked down in the studio working with Mr. West.

Kanye sang on a song I wrote called HURRICANE for our new 30 SECONDS TO MARS record and we experimented and explored on some other ideas as well. It was great. And he sounds amazing on the song. We may not have brought back any island tans but we did bring back the final track and it was an unforgettable trip.

P.S. Brandon Flowers is the nicest guy on the planet and has a great sense of direction. We may not have found our way home that night without him. Thanks Brandon.

P.P.S. We hope to see you all on Sunday, April 26th in Hollywood, CA for “The Summit” at… THE AVALON More details coming.

We have many more secrets and surprises that we can’t wait to share with you…..sooooooon


Here’s a pic I took of Kanye working his MPC.

Thirty Seconds to Mars is also doing a MySpace video chat on MONDAY, APRIL 27th at 6PM PST. See you then.

So, I guess we will prolly get to hear this song after all. I have to admit, I never would’ve pictured Kanye West and Jared Leto as the kind of musicians who would fancy working together (throwing in Brandon Flowers just makes the whole notion even that more unbelievable) but here we have it. I, for one, love that these guys do like working together. If anything, it’s bound to be an interesting if not DOPE ASS SONG to check out. Who knows, if this collabo turns out to be a huge success, mebbe we’ll get to see other odd parings in the future. Marilyn Manson and Ashlee Simpson? Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift? Chris Cornell and Timbaland? Nah, all of those pairings would be TOO incapable of making any sort of interesting music ;)


  • lambman

    the combined giant egos of those three together is more likely to cause a black hole than the large hardron collider

  • Huge egos galore but that doesn’t mean it won’t be hot!!!

  • Not too surprising, 30 Seconds to Mars did a pretty cool cover of ‘Stronger’ for the ‘Live Lounge’ BBC Radio 1 Show here in the UK, which Kanye reportedly loved. Look it up, it’s a really cool cover of the song, completely slowed down and very 30 Seconds to Mars. Brandon Flowers in the odd one out for me, I mean, eh???

  • I’m scared to see where this is going…don’t know if I’m too into it..

  • Molly

    I have to admit, I might be interested to see what a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift might sound like…

  • Collabotage

    Jonas Brothers and Metallica.

  • Roxster

    ooh this could be good…i like 30 seconds to mars.

  • kittkatt

    (He song is called Hurricane? I wonder if it’s about New Orleans. That way we can wonder if Kanye’s part is about how George Bush hates black people.