‘Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince’ Releases Yet Another Trailer


Woot! A brand new movie trailer for the latest installment in the Harry Potter saga has made its way to the Internets … here are a few screencaps from the latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

Half-Blood Prince has been given a new release date of July 15, 2009 but considering as long as we’ve been forced to wait for this new film, I’ll take what I can get … having the film open two days earlier is just fine by me. I’m so happy that the film just looks better and better with each new trailer we get. After the jump, check out this new trailer in full …

Dang! It looks pretty spectacular, don’t it? I just love how these films just keep getting more cinematic as the years go by. I’ve been toying with the idea of rereading the entire series of books (on my Kindle, no less or not, turns out the HP books are not available for the Kindle) before Half-Blood Prince gets released this summer. I had forgotten how great the stories are … I just hope I can find the time to read the books again. In any event, this trailer is very exciting … I love it. July 17th can’t get here soon enough for me.


  • Chase

    Okay, Tent, I get it: you love your Kindle (highlighted in bold). Anyways, by this rate these trailers look really good but they’ve released so many that it’s a little ridiculous. I’m still annoyed about the date getting pushed back so many times… if it were any other movie it would have been a bad sign indicating that it would be a tanker but since it’s HP it doesn’t matter. I think I’ll reread the fifth one to the sixth one again. The Order of the Phoenix is my favorite in the whole series.

  • g

    it looks just like I saw in my head

  • Rachel

    Hey trent! The new release date is July 15th, 2009, it got pushed up two days for a Wednesday release!

    • @Rachel — ack! thanks … i knew that … i mentioned the two days earlier part but still used the old date. it’s fixed!!

  • razzle dazzle

    Well hia Trent! I have been a HP fan 4EV!!!! I hav all the movies 2!!! I love it soooooo much and im deff seeing this one!

  • sc

    Is it bad that I started drooling watching this? The cinematography is amaaazing.

  • Meggo

    Looks sooo amazing! And Trent, sorry they’re not available for the Kindle, but I kind of feel that the feel of the books and pages helps add to the magical world of HP. :)

  • Brooke

    If you haven’t done so, listen to the entire series on audiobook read by Jim Dale. He breathes such life into the characters, plus you can put it on your mp3 player and hear it as you work out/travel!!!

  • snies

    It looks very nice! The trailers just sucks you into the story! Let’s wait till 15 july and see if this movie is as good as it looks now :)

  • Krissy

    Chase, the movie was moved up…not back.

    The trailer looked amazing. I like how dark it is…the series really captures for me the feeling of vulnerability that came after the 9/11 attacks, and the fine line between oppression and protection. I like how dangerous the trailer looks. Very powerful. I only wish each movie could be 4 hours long to get all of the details of the books in there!

  • Brit

    I recently re-read the series and it was totally worth it. I had forgotten so much and I didn’t even realize it! I would def suggest doing the same.

  • Chase

    @ Krissy – I know that, but I’m talking about when it was supposed to be released last year in November.

  • Ashley H

    Yeah, I’m re-reading the last now, it’s kinda breaking my heart. If you re-read the whole series, make sure you’re emotionally prepared lol

  • Lola


  • Samantha

    I re-read the whole series every couple of years. Obviously that hasn’t always been the full series but I re-read everything that’s out before a new book release or movie release.

    <3 Harry Potter!! I can’t wait for this movie!!!! Even the trailers are more exciting than Twilight trailers :P I saw one when I went to Watchmen a few weeks ago.. I got way too excited for a trailer.

  • Kendra

    Yup yup! I’m re-reading the series right now..I think it’s almost a necessity! I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!!

  • MelMel


  • Michelle

    OMG… that has to be THE BEST trailer we’ve seen yet! I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I’m not ashamed to admit it lol… I’ve been waiting and waiting for this movie and truth be told I was gasping and on the edge of my seat watching the trailer! I can’t wait the countdown has begun!!!

  • Kristy

    @ Brooke – I second that – Jim Dale is AMAZING. I have 5-7 on audiobook and love them.

  • Maddie J

    I am thinking abour re-reading the books as well. Even though it was only last year I read them, I totally forgot a lot about what is going on in Half-Blood Prince. Movie looks amazing!! Thanks for posting Trent.

  • Rachel

    It sure looked like the Lost monster features pretty heavily in this movie. I wonder if Hogwarts tried to go back to the island?

  • Roxster

    AMAZING!! Can’t freaking wait! I re-read the series last summer but I’ll have to pick up with at least OOTP before this comes out, I may get the Jim Dale versions so I can listen during my commute….Trent I have to say I’m glad they’re not on the Kindle…..though it has certain advantages, it worries me b/c there is def something gained from having an actual book in your hands, and for these types of books that is def pronounced.

  • Cathryn

    I got chills! This is my favourite book of the series and I’m kind of hoping it’s going to be my favourite movie of the series

  • courtney

    I feel for me the trailers are a big help because the 6th novel was very hard to picture when I read it, but I feel now watching the trailers my imagination wasn’t that far off, with that this looks amazing and I say that with all the HP trailers but I really feel this time it will be.

    p.s. Harry Potter will ALWAYS be better then Twilight.

  • Marion

    So terrific ! I love it ! Can’t wait now :(

  • Shazz

    i can’t wait…. i just can’t..

  • B

    BEST TRAILER YET!! It looks like they have remained pretty true to the book. I love this book and, may I say, that my boyfriend Alan Rickman looks seriously hot in this trailer. *dreamy Alan Rickman sigh*

    Thanks for posting this, Trent!!! w00t!

  • G

    I agree with everyone who was raving about Jim Dale – amazing! The new trailer is awesome, I can’t wait to see the movie!

    Trent, I would actually recommend waiting to read the books again until AFTER the new movie comes out – or maybe just read the books up to but not including Half-Blood Prince. I am a HUGE fan of the books, and have reread the entire series countless times. I read them again right before the last movie came out, and actually wish I hadn’t – as I was watching the movie I just kept thinking ‘well, that’s not *really* what happened in the book!’ instead of just enjoying the movie for what it was!

  • Love the new trailer – but how the heck can this be a PG movie?!?!?

  • Tamara

    Any fan who has not listened to the Jim Dale versions, needs to do so! They are awesome!

  • Maggie

    I got goosebumps 5 times in the two minutes of this: the best trailer ever.

  • Julie

    OH MY FRIGING GOD!!! I feel like a pre-teen fan here!!!!! :O:O:O

  • Lys

    Gorgeous looking, and they get the best locations and music for this. Now if only it would /be/ released…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • adrinila

    OMG this is the most WONDERFUL trailer!! I could saw every important detail of the book and I’m GLAD of that :). I can’t wait to be July!!

  • Michelle

    OMG..I got goosebumps..I simply can’t wait to see this. It looks by far the most amazing of the HP movies.

  • Spencer

    AHHHHHHH i cant wait!!!!

  • Karly

    I saw the first harry movie and was so pissed on how sucky it was. i made a rule after that to never watch a book based movie again but DAMN. screw that rule!

  • Michelle

    Even though I said it yesterday I will say it again… I cannot wait for this movie!!! The movies have really gotten very good and come into their own over the last few installments… I LOVED the last one but this one seems to be able to top it without very much effort! 3 more months!!!

  • Keishon

    Awesome trailer. July seems so far away though. Wonder if we’ll get a rousing rendition of “Weasley Is Our King” from the Slytherins…. LOL.

  • Shane

    I’m currently on Year 6 of my re-read. They’re quick, you can do it! :)

  • Can’t wait…rather than read all seven books everytime a new movie comes out, I think I’ll just watch the movies before hand, and then read all the books again after the last one…it does look soooooo amazing though.

  • jaystar

    oh, draco looks lovely [when looking into the mirror, at least]. i can’t wait!

  • Ana S

    OMFG!!! I’m a HUGE fan of the movies but I hadn’t read the books. I just started reading them a month ago. They’re really good. I can’t wait till this movie comes out. We’ve waited forever.

  • Anie

    whoa… I’m actually excited for this one! But so much destruction!