Nadya Suleman Confirms Her TV Show


After famously telling Life & Style magazine that she would “absolutely not” do a reality TV show about her life or the lives of her children, Nadya Octomom Suleman confirms to L&S that she has signed on to do a TV show after all. Suleman makes a point to clarify that her TV show will not be a reality TV show but, instead, a sort of documentary that will follow her children’s lives up until the age of 18. But really, aren’t documentaries (at the heart of it all) really just fancy reality TV shows?

After weeks of speculation, Nadya Suleman confirms to Life & Style exclusively that she will be doing a television show with her 14 children! “Yes, it is official. I’m going to be doing a show, but it’s not a reality show,” Nadya tells Life & Style. “What I’m doing with this TV show is basically creating documentaries about the lives of my children. It’s going to be an ongoing thing, and it will follow them from now until they are 18. It’s being done by Eyeworks; they’re in the UK. It will air in the UK and then we’ll see if the US is interested.” Nadya adds that the documentary style of the show won’t infringe on her family’s privacy: “The producers will come here to film six times a year. They’ll come by and take some footage and then they’ll go. They won’t be invading my life or my children’s lives.” Plus, the filming will help this busy mom remember the important milestones for her children. “It will give me the opportunity to have incredible home movies that, believe me, I don’t have the time to make myself. Having this documentary crew allows me to focus on raising my children and still have great movies of them.”

You gotta hand it to the lady, she does know how to work things out in the manner that best benefits her. By signing on for this TV deal, she can say that she is not doing a reality TV show and still get her reality-like TV show. Additionally, she gets a professional production company to film her crazy life for her … footage that will, no doubt, be sold every place possible so as to maximize her monetary gain. It’s almost as if she’s squeezing her babies for every penny she can get. Now that the 8th baby has been released from the hospital and is in her care, there’s no reason why production of her new show can’t get underway immediately. I weep for those poor babies.

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  • Jstar

    this lady disgusts me, there is no way I would watch this crap! she just wants attention! CPS where are you???

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Um, who is going to watch this shit till the kids are 18?? She is straight nuts!!!

  • Aaron

    I don’t know who I’m more disappointed in…This nut-case and the children that she clearly shouldn’t have or myself for clicking on stories about her. Sad all around!

  • Kimmy

    She’s really pathetic. A documentary is the ORIGINAL reality show, moron. You’re exploiting your bad decision-making and 14 kids (aka 13 too many) to make money.


  • JessicaGiovanna

    I can’t stand this freak.. And I don’t know why she reminds me so much of Tom Hulce, the actor who played Mozart in the movie Amadeus. i think it’s the HUGE forhead

  • Dana

    Someone asked me the other day why we call her Octomom instead of Octopussy. I told him it was because the censors liked the former better, but that the latter was about eleventy-billion times more appropriate. :)

  • kittycatastrophe

    If she thinks the American media and public can be scathing wait until she gets a taste of the good folks in the UK. The media over there will be relentless in destroying every little delusion she holds in her head, trust.

  • lucy

    For the millionth time, she may be crazy and need help and all but the “doctor” is to blame ultimately. And I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much. People on welfare have more babies just to get more money, they just don’t get the attention and didn’t have 8 at once. Also, why weep for the babies? At least she’s going to be making money to support them AND it will shut up anyone who thinks she isn’t taking care of them right because they’ll be seen all the time. She’s making the best of her situation, however nuts she may be and it could be a lot worse.

  • PixieBassline

    She should have totally planned this whole thing better, and just NOT lied about anything. If you’re on welfare, say you are. If you want media attention, SAY you do. Don’t try to act all like “I dunno WHY everyone’s interested in lil ol’ ME…”
    She keeps saying she’s not in it for this or that and then she goes and does whatever she says she wouldn’t do… like people won’t notice….. She disgusts me.

  • Blair

    I agree with lucy she hasnt done anything majorly wrong except have children whom she needs help supporting like many other people living in the US and the UK. I pay taxes and accept that people need income suport, and i dont mind. The programme will proberly only put her in a good light. I think its facinating that this lady has given birth to eight babies, despite all the negative media coverage about her being crazy etc. The babies would not have been released from hospital into her care if she was that bad.

  • nicole

    not that im a fan of her’s or anything…but we all know people will watch her…just like they watch Jon & Kate plus 8. the only difference between the two are.. ones a single parent. both moms are nuts.

  • Amy

    I cannot stand this woman. It’s not like she accidently got pregnant with multiples. she paid $100,000 to get pregnant. Now she is asking for handouts. she is calculating and manipulative and I think she belongs in jail.The last thing I want to watch is a bunch of dumbf*ck kids running around. I guess I am very picky about watch.

  • What?

    OMG she FREAKS me out. The giant forehead, hughmongo lips, and just general freakiness. Freaky McFreakertons

    It’s hilarious she thinks people will watch until they are 18 years old. People will be over it long before they are even 18 months old!

  • sushshaf

    she is smart enough to have read the population and has taken an overseas deal. i have read so many comments and every time someone is from outside usa they are not upset about what she did. america is the only industrialised country that doesn’t have nationalised medicine. ivf is covered under nationalised medicine that means that everyone pays for the few that cannot have children by natural means. no one is upset.

    something truely ugly has happened to americans. i think it is the financial meltdown that has created the meanness in people’s hearts. some comments are downright sick and those people need psychiatric care urgently. boards need to alert authorities to the ip addresses of those people.

    the fact that so many people have commented reminds me of the lewinsky lynch mob. people cannot understand a lot of what happens on capital hill any more than they can understand why this meltdown has happened. so they talk about what they can understand. sex or reproduction.

    i am not in usa and i would watch nadya and the kids. since 6 embryos were implanted and she got 8 babies, this means she could have 4 singletons and 2 lots of twins or perhaps 4 took and she got 4 lots of twins. there are other permutations as well. i think it will be interesting to watch.

    if i lived locally i would help nadya out. not all help is financial. you could help with a load of washing and folding (or ironing if you are feeling really generous). i am disappointed that people would drive to her town just to drive past the house but wouldn’t take over a meal for the older kids and introduce themselves. what is wrong here?

  • Franki

    I am truly looking forward to the day that I click on a website concerning her and read that she has passed away – forever.

  • Franki

    To Sushshaf – I don’t think any American network wanted her. The spin that she was talking to 4 different production companies was probably because she and Jeff had to do a lot of fancy steps just to get them interested. Are you still not getting it – she was in it for the money all along.

  • morgenne

    we need to boycott this woman!!! No way should she be allowed to exploit those babies so she can sit on her ass and collect. She doesn’t have enough sense to be ashamed of herself. What a disgrace! We can all send her a message by turning out back on anything she touches. Yes, the kids will not get any money from it, but she also won’t be able to support them and will have to give them up. In the end let them suffer a little now, or make them suffer 18 years of this selfish, disgusting woman.

  • morgenne

    Sushaf- unless you live in america, and have to pay for her to raise those kids, you probably shouldn’t care and go ahead and watch her show… it just shows you as someone that doesn’t live here, but thinks they know what is best for us. You come and live here and be taxed to death so people like her can just sit back and breed. then we’ll see how interested you would be in watching a show of her spending your tax money.

  • morgenne

    to franki, I have to agree with you. If she were gone, the babies would have a chance at a normal life. But unfortunately, I’m sure she’ll be around to milk every penny out of those kids that she can.

  • Franki

    to Morgenne – I don’t know. There are crazier people in the world than that twit. Someone smarter than her is going to come along and milk her out of all her money. She thinks she’s slick, but there’s always someone slicke. Or someone angrier than all of us is just going to be waiting for her some day – no one is invincible. For now, I spit in her direction.

  • morgenne

    I think the networks need to stop making shows like jon and kate plus 8, the duggers, and table for 12. It obviously is sending a message to these people like nadya that if she did that she could make some money at it. She is counting on the anger “blowing over” eventually and then she can cash in. These shows are encouraging these dumbasses to have these multiple kids.

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  • Megs

    to sushaf – “america is the only industrialised country”
    what a load of bullshit

  • Franki

    Somewhere the name “Eyeworks TV” was mentioned. They do shows all over the world, so even tho this twit’s show is being done in the UK – you can still make your voice heard. Of course, there’s always the chance that “Eyeworks” is just another fantasy of hers.

    To Sushshaf – and all Octo-idiot supporters – there are nearly 7 billion people living on this planet – statistics say there will nearly 10 billion by the year 2020. We owe future generations better than being beseiged by generation after generation of spawns of Octomoron…probably 50% or more with disabilities.

  • Franki

    Sushshaf – one more thing. You seem like a big-hearted generous person. Anyone in your neck of the woods who needs help that you would be willing to do a load of laundry for? Or are you simply all about Octotwit?

  • Jadedkitten

    Some ppl should be fixed

  • I think this woman is dishonest she had these kids for her own selfish gain period,there’s no doubt in my mind!! All we can do is sit back and wait and see what happens and pray for these precious kids!!

  • Anna

    Eyeworks is a Dutch company and they have confirmed they are in talks about this show.

    I do not agree that people outside America all think it is normal for her to have IVF and 14 kids while no job. I don’t know anyone that thinks she’s normal.

  • Adam

    I sent them an email letting them know my disgust that they are actually going film her and her kids. It is awful!

    68 Salusbury Road
    Queens Park
    London NW6 6NU
    United Kingdom

  • dori

    I love watching John and Kate plus 8 but this woman is…. I mean obviously something is wrong with her… and I think it’s a shame to promote such a crazy woman in TV
    and sushshaf – believe me, people in other countries also think that something is just WROOOONG with her

  • Sweet_Lady

    i refuse to give Jon and Kate any airtime and i am certainly not going to be giving any to this nutbag.

  • Kristin

    I will not watch this show. I refuse to give this woman a minute of my time. I feel bad for her children, and I can only hope that when they leave home and are out on their own that they are able to be normal, sensible individuals.

  • Jane

    god, until their 18? that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. i feel so awful for the children.

  • sushshaf

    franki: i regularly helped my sister with her laundry for a family of 4 kids and 2 adults. she was washing every day and going to work. by the end of the week she was spent.
    megs: america is the only industrialised country without nationalised medicine. it was one of the obama promises to rectify this and bring america into line with what other industrialised countries give their citizens. it shouldn’t be that people are bankrupted due to medical costs as often happens in usa.
    morgenne: for the record i am an american citizen (dual australian). the taxes that you say you pay are negligent. australian taxes are much higher. as a dual citizen i am liable to pay double taxes. the issue however is that the australian taxes are so high that the american taxes don’t kick in. for paying higher taxes the citizens get nationalised medicine. i am not sure but i think in most instances the countries are set up the same with regard to most social benefits. oh, except unemployment and sickness benefits. you do not have to pay in to get out. it is more like welfare from the start. when you retire you do not get a payment until you die related to how much you pay in. they have introduced manditory superannuation which is through private companies. what you get back depends on what you put in. if you were so unlucky/dumb not to save any thing via superannuation then you would get a pension from the government. it isn’t a grand amount and it is means tested.
    there are families in australia that have large families and get “help” from the government. people complain here too. the government tweaks the system. the point is to help these families so that they do not become desperate. from desperation comes crime. i personally know of some turkish families that came and had 14 kids and then their kids go to school and marry and have maybe 3-4 kids. the kids from these large families are no different to the kids from smaller families. i do not think it is a forgone conclusion that nadya’s are doomed cause she is their mother.

  • Nadya is a whore

    What a dumb, penny weaseling, money grabbing, kid exploiting whore.