Lindsay Lohan Shares Her Eggs With The Paparazzi


Lindsay Lohan, who is currently “searching for love” on eHarmony in the wake of her break-up with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, was in no laughing mood Monday night when she and her family (mom Dina and sister Ali Lohan) returned home to find a swarm of paparazzi waiting for them. To show her displeasure (or perhaps to share her left-overs), L. L pelted some of the waiting paps with a few (Easter?) eggs:

She usually invites attention at every opportunity, but last night Lindsay Lohan was in no mood to be photographed. The wild-eyed Mean Girls actress hurled eggs at a paparazzo’s car after she spent the evening at Bardot nightclub in Hollywood. It is the latest in a string of erratic behaviour from the star whose relationship with Samantha Ronson came to a dramatic end two weeks ago. It seems Lindsay’s moods are swinging from one extreme to the other – just hours after this incident she posted a good-humoured spoof singles ad on the Funny Or Die website that mocked her break-up. Friends are said to be concerned about her mental state, but while admitting she is devastated by the split from Ronson, she has denied claims she is suicidal. Last week, Lindsay marked the tumultuous time by getting a new tattoo inspired by tragic Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. She had a quote by the screen siren inked on her inner wrist in West Hollywood last week, according to American magazine People. It reads: ‘Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle,’ and the words are surrounded by yellow, blue and green stars. The actress’ admiration of the late Hollywood legend is well known. Last year, she recreated Marilyn’s famous 1962 nude photo shoot for New York magazine and cites the actress’ life and death as a cautionary tale. She has said Monroe is a ‘prime example of what this industry can do to someone.’

See … yeah … mood swings. These photos were taken right around the time she was posting tweets (messages) on her official Twitter profile encouraging fans to check out her new video on On the one hand she wants the attention and on the other, she doesn’t. In her defense, tho, sometimes it is difficult to know what to do with leftover Easter eggs. Perhaps she was trying to share the Easter fun with the photogs? HMMM.

[Photo credit: Big! Pictures; Source]

  • Well home is usually your comfort zone, your place to hang with family and have down time, it’s hard to do that with swarms of paparazzi.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She loves the attention. She is a little crazy. If she doesn’t want them waiting for her then go get a real job. Since you can’t get hired in LA anyways.

  • Kendra

    She does love it..I’m sure it gets tiresome, but you know she’d die without the attention! I never really liked her acting or singing or her in general, but I always thought she was such a beauty..Even after all of the hard partying, smoking, and weight loss, she’s still such a beautiful girl..

  • kristen

    thats like the stare of death. hahah

  • Lisa

    She really needs help. She really isn’t even worth talking about.

  • Jadedkitten

    Britney threw milkshakes @ the paps……..I’m just saying.

  • CB


  • Panti Christ

    Maybe she’s just upset that putting all of her eggs in one basket hasn’t relly worked out for her!

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  • troyS

    In fairness, the paps are prone to their own “mood swings”. They can be courteous and they can be cruel. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay’s mood turned because some were yelling insensitive, provocative things about Sam, her sobriety, etc. LLo’s probably not all that crazy or unpredictable all things considered.

  • MT

    The actual quote (if you’re curious) is: “All we demanded was the right to twinkle.” It’s no wonder Marilyn was a goddess.

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  • Keep it clean lady

  • Fay

    Oh course, we all act totally rationally when a relationship breaks up and all your friend have ‘ucked’ you, don;’t we?

  • Frank Pirro

    Jadedkitten Said:
    “Britney threw milkshakes @ the paps……..I’m just saying.”

    Well that justifies it! Way to go comparing one raving lunatic to another!

  • Joanne

    I’d like to see the video … no doubt the paps were being their usual verbally obnoxious selves and then adding “We love you Lindsay” (Like that makes it OK?) … I don’t see how doing a video for FunnyorDie gives these creeps the right to be living permanently on peoples front lawns? … That’s like saying because you are known for this site Trent, I can sit at your front door all day!

  • Jazz

    If you take out the hose in that last picture, it kind of looks like something else, tee hee!!!