Tori Spelling Releases Her 2nd Book, ‘Mommywood’


When Tori Spelling isn’t feuding in public with her estranged mother Candy Spelling, she is bizzy throwing book release parties … like she did in LA last night in celebration of the release of her second book Mommywood. As you may recall, we got our first look at the cover artwork for Mommywood back in February but today is the day that the book is available for purchase. Here are a few photos from Tori’s book release party last night:

Tori Spelling revealed a dramatically thinner look at the launch of her new book in Hollywood last night. But the actress who has lost even more weight since the birth of her baby last year appeared to be having trouble holding up the weighty tome. Tori arrived with husband Dean McDermott, son Liam, 2, and baby daughter Stella, 10 months. Dressed in an emerald green babydoll dress, the 35-year-old cut a rather sinewy figure compared to the healthier look she unveiled back in January when she unveiled her post-baby body. The mother of two, who gave birth to Stella in June, has returned to the programme that made her name, Beverly Hills 90210 playing Donna Martin, the same character she played on late father Aaron Spelling’s original TV show.

YES! In addition to the release of Tori’s second book, today is also the day that Tori returns as Donna Martin on tonight’s new episode of 90210. After many months of hemming and hawing (and unsuccessful attempts to work out a financial deal that satisfied everyone), Tori reprises the role that made her famous in tonight’s new ep. While I’m sure that many folks are excited to have a new book to read from Tori Spelling (like my friend Mike, who I’m sure has already ran out to buy his copy), I’m more excited about seeing Tori on 90210 tonight. Because David and I will be flying back to LA on JetBlue, we will be able to watch the show when it airs on The CW tonight. Woot!! Are any of y’all excited for this book or are you more amped about Donna Martin’s return to 90210?

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  • Jstar

    Cannot wait for the show!!!

  • K

    She has got to have one of the ugliest, horse-faces I’ve ever seen.

  • Joanne

    K – What was the point of that comment? I think Tori’s great … and the more I hear about her family situation – the more interesting she gets. Her real life with her parent’s was obviously nothing like it was portrayed as (in the media) back in the 80’s-90’s. All the money in the world clearly can’t buy you the most important things.

  • K

    No point really, just felt like saying it. I do hope she gets her family together and reconciles with her mom. No ill-will towards the woman, I just find her unattractive =) All the best to her and hers.

  • mish.

    Wow. Her head really looks like someone cropped it out of another picture to place here cause it’s so unproportional to her body. She is WAY too skinny.

  • A

    @K – you’re right though.

  • David

    ok y’all need to stop selling out and hating!!!! y’all are bad!!! anywayz im sooo stoked for donna’s return to the hills up in beverley!!!!!! yes!!!!! mark it on your calendars….cuz donna is back y’all!!!!

  • Katie

    Yes- shes not the most attractive woman.
    BUT- her first book was great. I was suprised! I’ll be buying the second for sure. :)

  • nae

    @ K – i was just about to say the same….

  • Julie

    she is so disgustingly skinny… its kinda gross. i dunno why she would do that to herself… tell me how does that possibly look healthy

  • Michelle

    I have yet to read her first book although one of my friends finally read it and said it was the craziest, most hilarious thing she’s read in a long time… apparently celeb tell all’s like Tori’s really do tell all… even when it’s a little crazy! So I may be schlepping out to my local B&N to pick up both books!

  • KJE

    she looks anorexic. but i am NOT bashing tori, i loved her show and i hope her health is okay.

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  • techkim

    Its her makeup too much to heavy. She isn’t ugly just needs to go more earth tones and leave the eye popping to the clothes.

  • PixieBassline

    Sorry, but she IS very unfortunately UGLY. Damn near HIDEOUS. Her face doesn’t even look like a real face…. She looks like a MAN who had a sex change. She’s nauseating to look at. Poor thing.. I know she can’t help her ugliness (unless she tries to buy a new face, but after what happened to her breasts, she’s probably scared of surgeons)….Besides, I think it’s respectable if someone has money to be prettier but stays who they are any way….
    Her kids sure got lucky though! They’re cute – and they look human.

  • mike

    softer tones and bigger hair to hide such a defining jaw…:D

  • la princesa

    Neither. Don’t like Tori Spelling. She’s like Jessica Simpson for me…just another live dumb blonde stereotype. Blah!

  • JJ

    I’m pretty stoked for both. I think I’m a little more excited for the book. I’m not going to lie, I went to Target this afternoon and bought it! I remember when sTori telling came out I wasn’t expecting much but it was actually really funny and entertaining! Plus being a mommy to a 10 month old baby girl myself I’m excited to hear all her baby stories! :) But being a longtime 90210 fan I can’t wait to see her on tonight’s episode!

  • Lis

    Aww! Those kids are cute! Tori may not be the most beautiful person but she is far from ugly, people toss that word around way too liberally. I think she’s really funny. I’m happy for her she seems to have found true happiness with Dean and being a mom.

  • Chris

    Let’s just say I’m glad to see the dad’s genes expressing in the kids.

  • Malia

    Tori spelling is the ugliest loser in the world
    she has no life whatsoever, and her dad thinks she is a loser, thats why there was no money left for her
    donna sucked when she came back because she was old and ugly
    not her fault
    but shannen doherty rocked it while Tori was ugly and loser

  • momerath

    It is very rare that someone strikes me as so ugly it offends me to look at them, but Tori Spelling is one of those people. You can look at that face at any angle, in any kind of light, with various shades of make-up or no make-up at all, and it’s always just relentlessly ugly. No matter how much weight she gains or loses, no matter what facial expression she makes. No matter how her hair is styled or colored.
    She was an ugly kid who matured into an equally ugly woman– there wasn’t even ever any grace period where she was cute for a year or two.
    She never suffered a disfiguring disease or accident, didn’t have a birth defect– nevertheless she is mind-bogglingly UGLY.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if she weren’t always posing for cameras like Marilyn Monroe. Yuck!!!

  • Christine

    Just wanted to say to the people who think that Tori is “ugly” “digusting” and a loser? Geez guys get a clue!! Shame on you!!
    And by the way, she does work for a living!

  • Lisa Scoviac

    Your a very beautiful person,one of the fun & funest people in hollywood.Keep the faith tori some people in this world are complet morons.Ya you people know who you are,and gess what,your A–H—s.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!