Taylor Lautner Makes Dreams Come True


Taylor Lautner, in semi-full Jacob Black costuming (ie. the wig), came out to meet and greet briefly with a gaggle of young admirers in Vancouver, Canada (where The Twilight Saga: New Moon is currently being filmed) recently and made a few lives complete by posting for photos with his female fans:

OK, so mebbe the ladies were not swooning and fainting at the mere sight of Mr. Lautner but I still think it’s really cool that Taylor took the time to come out and chill with the ladies. While I’m pretty sure that Team Jacob isn’t as massive as Team Edward is, it’s nice to know that Taylor is aware of his fanbase and is willing to spend as much time with his fans as he can. It’s a shame that Robert Pattinson cannot do the same … altho, if R.Pattz did come out to meet even a small group of Twilight fans, he’d prolly not be allowed to escape with his life.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Illise

    he looks so cute with long hair, is great to see him hanging with the fans

  • Gaby

    I’m glad to see Taylor visit with a few fans, I doubt Ms.Sourpuss (k>strew) would she’d probably let fire ants crawl on her before she chill with any fans(if she has any). Taylor seems to know that if it wasnt for his fans he probably wouldn’t be much of anything

  • Melanie

    Good to see him take time with the fans.

  • lo

    Although, you always hear about Pattinson taking pics with and signing autographs for girls while out at bars… it seems like he’s pretty good to his fans, too.

  • K

    It’s nice to see him spending some time with them. Can you imagine if Rob came out to visit like that. He’d be mauled….and if I were there, I’d be included in the mob.

  • Presley

    I just watched Cheaper by the dozen 2 and I had no idea he was one of the kids in that movie!! He was so little and awkward!

  • Sarah

    It’s so nice to see at least one of the members from the cast appreciates the fans. Well I shouldn’t be too hard on Rob because he seems to understand that the fans have given him what he has today, but yeah I totally agree with Gaby about Kristen. Seriously, the girl needs to learn how to smile.

  • A

    @Gaby – Haha, you are so right! I think Rob is good with his fans, but we all know they’d never let him go if he came out just to chat, so it’s kind of impossible for him to do something like this, but Taylor is just proving what a nice guy he is. Respect.

  • Christine

    Team Jacob. Totally. Exxcept now I’m working on Breaking Dawn and i wonder if that will change anything.

  • Michelle

    That’s really sweet of him to take the time to do that! And I agree while his fan base is totally hardcore Jacob (I’m not joking my friend is on his side and she’ll argue him til the sun comes up) it’s not anything near as nuts as Team Edward… dear lord that guy doesn’t stand a chance in those situations… I hope Taylor enjoys being able to do this stuff while he can, he’s pretty young and if his career takes off because of this, it may be the last time he gets to deal with a calm fan base!

  • n1cole

    haha he’s sucha cutiepatootie. he just seems like a guy who adoresssss his fans and would do anything for them. =) go taylor!

  • Steph

    Okay, WHERE ARE THEY!? Anyone from Vancouver know where they are filming??

  • ashley

    Team Jacob…there a lot of those groupies out there and he is representing well!

  • Jaz

    Hi Trent, your photo source stole these pictures from my husband’s friend, Allie. You can see these photos and more on her blog. http://www.vancityallie.com/2009/04/06/twilight-new-moons-taylor-lautner-jacob-on-set-filming-at-the-ridge/

  • Can’t wait for the movie :-)