First Look: Hilary Duff, ‘Law & Order: SVU’


It was previously reported that Hilary Duff would be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU (as well as the Ghost Whisperer) but at the time of that reporting, no information about what Hilary’s role would be or when the ep would air on TV was available. Today, we finally have that information as well as our first look at Hilary on the set of L&O: SVU:

Hilary’s ep of SVU will air on April 28 and she will play a “young and irresponsible mother” named Ashlee Walker who comes under the watchful investigation of the SVU heroes when Ashlee’s young daughter Sierra goes missing (cue the dramatic music). There has yet to be any info regarding Duff’s appearance on Ghost Whisperer but her role has been described as “mysterious” (I’m guessing, a ghost?). Additionally, Hilary Duff has signed on to appear in a new TV series called Barely Legal where she will play a young woman who passes the California Bar exam at the age of 18 to become the youngest practicing lawyer in the State … I presume it’s a comedy. It’s nice to see that Hilary will be going back to her acting roots in the coming weeks and months. As you prolly know, Hilary has been keeping herself bizzy with her music career but how many Greatest Hits albums can one person release before they move on to something more interesting? I, for one, am really looking forward to Hilary’s return to the small screen. It’s been ages since I’ve had a Lizzie Maguire fix so … bring it on, Hil D!


  • Splacer

    She was on Ghost Whisperer last Friday.

    She played a “Black Widow” who seeks out and marries men who are terminally ill.

  • I like how she looks in the pics. It looks like she gained some weight back, and her face isnt so skinny. I like this Hil D!!

  • Janelle

    Trent, I love your images. They speak the truth!
    And Meloni’s lookin hawt as always.

  • those captions are hilarious! very fitting.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This looks like a joke!!

  • Roxster

    haha yeah great captions…not only is she making these appearances, but everyone of them (so far) have been as some sort of troubled character…didn’t she agree to do 5 appearances on other shows before her own starts?

  • Hilary Duff is in a new movie called “What Goes Up.” Looks pretty good, her jump to serious acting may be a surprise for some, but she seems like a good actress.

  • Rachel

    I get the whole “hilary duff is a good girl so lets like her” thing but she is not a very good actress. Her “screaming’ in ghost whisper was pathetic!! It was like this whimpy moan. Wouldn’t u be more terrified if you started to levitate? ya’d think. Her career is gonna be over in a year or so. I GUARENTEE IT!

  • nae

    she does look good in the screen caps
    i love your additions to the pics trent! =]

  • SuziLee

    @Janelle – I 2nd that Meloni is one FINE lookin man!!! & Trent – love the captions!! Dead on!!!

  • EmCee

    I love Hil D! I think she’s fantastic. Her music…ugh, not so much. But I (not-so) secretly love her movies and acting. She seems like a cool person to. Who knows

  • babybunny

    God, her acting is horrible. I hope I can stomach this episode. :o

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  • Chase

    Isn’t it “dammit” not “damnit”? Anyway, that comedy Barely Legal is based on a real woman who did become the youngest girl to become a lawyer or something. It happened a few years ago… let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be Legally Blonde or something.

  • Jessica

    @ splacer

    yep, I caught a glimpse of it Friday night too.

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  • Grace

    Christopher Meloni is delicious. YUM.

  • Phenomenal cheekbones.
    She’s gonna wind up looking like Ashley Abbott Newman Carlton Abbott Carlton Newman Abbott Abbott Abbott Newman
    in a few years.

  • MJ

    I liked Hilary Duff in her Lizzie Maguire series but I also concur with everyone that she is a horrible actress!

    And whats up with her hair? It looks frazzled! She needs to cut off those dead ends and dye her hair back to brown!

  • But what I like about Hilary is she knows her limits and sticks to cutesy movies and nothing over the top dramatic.

  • Katie

    The captions actually made me laugh out loud here at work!! sooo funny

  • Katkout

    She’s so precious. I cant wait <3.

  • diggy

    sborro sul faccino….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!