Candy Spelling Reaches Out To Tori Spelling In New Open Letter


It’s been quite some time since we heard from Candy Spelling via one of her famous Open Letters but the time has come, once again, for Mama Spelling to post a new public message to her estranged daughter Tori Spelling:

Yesterday I posted a newslink to a new interview with Tori Spelling wherein she talks about how much she loves her mother and how things are not as bad between them as the public may believe:

Tori Spelling insists that the supposed rift between her and her mother, Candy Spelling, isn’t nearly as bad as it’s been made out to be. “It’s not like we’re not talking, we just haven’t talked,” the actress, whose new book, Mommywood, hits bookstores Tuesday, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “I love my mother. I’ve always loved her [and] no doubt she loves me. There’s no feud. We simply never meshed.”

In response to these new comments from Tori (and to new excerpts from Tori’s new book Mommywood, in stores today), Candy has posted a new open letter to her daughter on refuting the claim that the pair are not estranged and pleads that Tori “step up” and reach out to her … she writes:

“You haven’t responded to my emails, phone calls and text messages. You say you look at my website, so I’m trying to reach you that way. I want to see you and your family – in private, like the ‘normal family’ you say always wanted.”

Oh yes, Candy Spelling has much more to say to her daughter Tori. After the jump, read Candy’s latest open letter in full to find out just what exactly is on Candy’s mind right now …

While it is supremely sad that mother and daughter have to communicate this way, I suppose it’s encouraging that Candy seems willing to extend the olive branch to her daughter. It remains to be seen if Tori will bite and will reach out to her mother in order to reconcile but, like Candy, I am hopeful too. Tori’s children deserve a relationship with their grandmother … hopefully Candy Spelling’s latest public plea to her daughter will finally get the pair to mend fences once and for all.


  • Anna

    These people are so dysfunctional. They should talk to each other instead of posting things on the internet or writing things in books.

  • Jane

    Someone isn’t telling the truth. They are both saying that they want a relationship and have reached out to the other. I’m calling bullshit.

    I’m inclined to think it’s Candy because everyone in the freeworld knows where Tori Spelling lives.

  • Meagan

    Actually I find that I’m more inclined to believe Candy. The inception of all of this drama seemed to be when Tori left her husband. I’m sure that as any mother would, Candy expressed her feelings and I’m sure they weren’t received well. From an outside view it appears to me that Candy wants a normal family relationship without the press involved and Tori is using it as a springboard for more books and interviews. Of course this is all speculation and I just wish them luck and good fortune while trying to put their relationship back together.

  • Joanne

    I remember Tori’s ex husband talking about how before the wedding, Candy and Aaron Spelling sat him down and trashed their daughter saying what a horrible person she was etc. Even the ex husband seemed to take her side (even though he was effectively dumped by Tori). He said he understood Tori so much more after that incident.

  • Michelle

    Dear Lord, while her letter seems like it’s heartfelt and isn’t nearly as bitchy as some of her other open letters I gotta say it still cracks me up that she talks about wanting to be a normal family while sending out this letter over the internet for all the world to see… Yep because when I’m fighting with my mother that’s exactly how I get her to talk to me! Oh those Spellings… you really gotta love them!

  • rossy

    Some relationships are toxic & no amount of therapy will ever fix them. It’s just not healthy to be around them even though you love them, you hate each other too. Be they friends, lovers, family. There’s a saying that’s so true: “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” Decades ago, the marriage of Elizabeth Taylor to Richard Burton was the talk of Hollywood – No one could say they didn’t love each other… But once they married, they just couldn’t live together, so they divorced. That should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t. They remarried, only to divorce again.

    From what I’ve heard, Tori Spelling may have been born into the Spelling family but she was never made to “feel” welcomed, loved & she never “fit in”. But it seems to me that she’s broken that cycle by living her own life & not answering to those who treated her like property & not as a loved one should.

    “If kids need to make their parents’ proud – Parents need to make their kids proud too.”

  • la princesa

    I am inclined to believe Candy more. Tori just seems too bratty…and now she’s holding her kids ransom from her mom because of money. I’m sure Tori would meet…on a new reality show…for a gazillion bucks…BLAH!

  • JJ

    Honestly, I just think they’re both media whores. Not to dog on Tori, b/c I read her book and I always loved her on 90210 but seriously…she constantly talks about wanting her kids to have a “normal” family but then she and Dean do some reality show in which both of her kids’ births were a part! I just don’t see how that’s wanting your kids to have a normal life. I mean, for as much as she talks/complains about the paparazzi following her around, she really seems to enjoy the attention. And how can she talk about how blown out of proportion her relationship with her mother has been when it seems to be her constantly bringing it up, in books, in interviews, on her TV show. I think they’re both just addicted to the attention their little feud brings. I’ve seen relationships like this, where both people just enjoy the drama waaay too much for the fighting to ever end.

  • B

    This family is only saved from appearing on Jerry Springer by their fortune.

  • I sure hope these two can workout their problems!! I feel really bad for all involved with my mom no longer here to share any of my joys I just hope Tori can forgive and forget!!
    The kids need to know their Granny also!! Just my thoughts! Good luck to all!!

  • Kristin

    Who gives a shit?

    Not me.


    Candy you are a saint!! your daughter is so immature and child like. Hope she has a prenup as her husband does not seem like he is in it till the end!!!