Miley Cyrus Steps Out With Ex-Boyfriend Nick Jonas


Well, well now … what have we here? Miley Cyrus stepping out for a lunch date with her famous ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas (of The Jonas Brothers)? Now, you’ll have to forgive me but I’m not very well versed in the epic love story between Miley and Nick but I understand that the couple “broke up” a couple of years ago (which is tantamount to “they stopped holding hands and txting one another”) and that there was some animosity in the aftermath. Once Miley started dating her 20 year old manfriend Justin Gaston (who, she claims, gets her closer to God), all of that animosity went away and everyone was cool again (well, as cool as one can be when they are 15/16 years old and amped up on hormones). With JG nowhere in sight yesterday, Miley and Nick met up for a lunch date — unchaperoned! Here are a couple of pics:

Could this mean a reconciliation for the pair? Will Niley live again? I must admit, Nick is a more age appropriate boyfriend for the young Miss Miley … were they to team up again, they’d set the Disney fanbase en fuego! Now that they are both mega tween stars in their own rights, their union would be equal to the pairing of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake back in the day. None of this is good news for Justin Gaston who is just starting to get some name recognition for being Miley’s older manfriend. HMMMM. I bet he’s praying for his life right about now.

But, it wasn’t all innocent fun for Niley on their lunch date yesterday. Nick, clearly flustered by all of the paparazzi attention, got himself into a little fender bender/hit and run accident yesterday as he tried to drive away in his classic Ford Mustang:

OUCH! Such a beautiful car … you don’t want to see what he did to it — or do you? After the jump, check out video of Nick’s vehicular accident …

LMAO! The guy at the end of this clip is awesome … Detroit, What?! While all of this Miley/Nick nonsense is interesting for like a millisecond … I doubt it’ll turn out to be anything. I mean, hello, have you seen Justin Gaston? I doubt Miley will be giving that hunk of man up for this little pipsqueak … but a tween can dream. What do y’all think … will this lunchdate turn into something more or do y’all think Miley will stick with her older man?

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • Daryl

    I think they’re friends.

  • D.

    Gawd, i’m so embarrassed i knw this. but yeah, i bet there’s a little something going on still with Miley and Nick based on her radio interview last month.

  • Tess

    Rich teenager still equals dumb teenager.

  • nicole

    good. she needs to hang out with a boy her age.

  • Roxster

    was it really a couple of years ago that they broke up? I never really paid much attention to this, but I thought it wasn’t that long ago…maybe one year?

  • Jenn

    I think they are working on a project together. That’s what I read somewhere else…

  • troyS

    I’m thinking Miley wants to hang out with a boy her age and one who isn’t telling her “we can’t touch, Jesus wouldn’t like it.” She and Nick look good together.

  • sarah

    awww i feel so bad for nick

  • Catherine

    @troyS – except that Mr Purity Ring probably tells her that too ;)

  • Chrissy

    LOL i dont like miley and i dont like the jo bros either BUT i think they look cute together hehe .

  • Hmm wonder where Justines at?? The girl is too young to get serious for real!!! Play the field have some fun Miley!!

  • rachel

    ommmmggg haha i feel so embarrassed for nick….

  • Ligaya

    LONG LIVE NILEY!!!! I really hope they’ll get back together again. It was so adorable to see how they acted around each other at the best of both world’s tour. & I feel bad for Nick! But everyone’s had something like that happen to them before… practice makes perfect! :P

  • mere

    way to…you know…stop and take responsibility. he just drove away…?

  • Kayla

    Long live Niley? Really? you have got to be kidding me!!! Miley is a horrible role model and singer. she can act i’ll give her that but she has a sick voice. gives me head aches sometimes. i love jb and i think Nick can do better. Considering all the bad stuff that keeps happening with miley (the vanity fair, the law suit against the picture she took “making fun” of asians, the inappropriate pictures) i think nick shouldn’t get involved. but hey thats just my opinion.

  • zohra

    i luv them together i never wanted them to break up looks like it happened they r sooooooooooooooo cute and adorable togther i wan them back together yea it looked like they kissed in gorgia when miley leanded and so did nick i think there back together but does not want to tell the world they want there privacy i love niley niley 4eva

  • They looki so cute together!!I love them both sooo much!!They’re 1st on my list of cutest celebrity couples!!!AWWW poor nicky getting mad!I would be mad too.I bet the dude that took the pics was asking if Niley was back on!!Nick wants it to be!

  • kris

    when i saw him damage the car i almost screameddd! but i love him:) but if he does something to the car again…oh boyyyy.

  • rose

    i think they look cute together well i like miley and nick soooooooooooooooooo much there are like wallpaper at home so i think no one should care about what there going to do like being a couple or not