Live From New York, It’s Zac Efron!


Zac Efron played host on Saturday Night Live last night and while I wasn’t particularly impressed with his performance over all, I do feel that the lad held his own for the lion’s share of the program and, IMHO, did his best to bring the laughs. Unfortch, the LULz were far in between:

In Zac’s defense, tho, I have to place part of the blame for all the unfunniness on the writing/skits. There were a couple of skits that I felt had a lot of potential but kinda fell flat for me. In particular, the skit about the science fair and the clip from High School Musical 4. Each of these skits could’ve been really funny but none of the jokes really resonated. In these, I felt that Zac did the best he could with what he was given. While I wasn’t too impressed with his performance, I felt that he did the best that he could. After the jump, check out a few of Zac’s SNL skits in full after the jump in case you missed them the first time or just want to give them another look …

Zac’s opening monologue:

High School Musical 4:

Gilly Science Fair:

And to prove that the whole ep wasn’t totally unentertaining, here is video of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing Zero:

I love Kristen Wiig and she generally kills me everytime she’s on screen … but Gilly? Really? That skit could be very funny but they need to tweak it a bit. In any event, there you have it … what did y’all think? Were you impressed?


  • J

    Trent – never really known, but are you a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
    IMO, they are one of those rarely great bands you come across that continue to surprise you as each album passes.
    I figured you would be the type that is into them.

  • Janice

    Trent! YYYs! They still give me chills, watching them perform. Their new record is amazing, just like all their other ones.

  • Taylor

    Tuned in last night just to see them perform. Loved Zero, they were great with both songs but I was a little disappointed to hear them play Maps (not that I don’t love that song though). I wish they did another song off their new album (which is amazing). I wonder’s whose decision it was to have them sing Maps instead of something new.

  • Roxster

    I thought he held his own, I think maybe a little better then 5 out of 10. The Gilly skit is a reoccurring one for them, and I used to hate it at first but now its sort of grown on me. Nothing made was really hilarious, but it wasn’t bad. I thought the HSM skit was good, though you’re right they could have done a little more with it. The Kathy Lee one usually annoys me but I thought he did a good job as Cody, plus it was funny to see him with that hair and dressed all preppy haha. Overall I would say it def gave me a higher opinion of him (not that I had a much of one before cause he IS the lead ftom hsm) but he was decent and I thought it was cool he made fun of himself with the HSM skit and the opening.

  • Dean

    I thought he did ok…he looked great though! :)

  • procrastination101

    i thought he held his own, and really worked with what he had, but if anything didn’t work, it was because of the writing. snl is just like that these days :-\

  • Mariah

    Last night’s episode was SO boring. I turned it off like 20 minutes in.

  • Tracy

    Yup it was pretty bad. But that’s SNL these days for you. I miss the old days when it was always hilarious. If it were just Andy Samberg all the time, it would be a better show. Looking forward to justin timberlake bein on it again, he should be great.

  • Kate

    I think Zac did a good job and did the best with what he was given. He might not have been a laugh-out-loud funny host but I would attribute that rather to the fact that he was given the role playing the straight man opposite the wacky characters in basically all his skits. With better writing or if you give him some crazy characters he would have been funnier – but that’s SNL’s problem and not Zac’s

  • Elise

    It’s funny, I fell asleep during Zac’s opening monologue but woke up as soon as I heard Karen O start singing. Glad I didn’t miss them!

  • My favorite sketch was the snarky blogger on Weekend Update. You can watch that video here:

  • Vada

    Yeah, he’s adorable and a good singer, but… that’s about it. YYY was amazing as usual – I agree, Trent, a new song would have been nice.

  • Canuck

    I totally agree. I think Zac could have had a really funny show, but the skits were really terrible. The whole “Zac’s fans are 13 years old thing” got old after the intro. I disagree though Trent, I thought the science fair skit was terrible. I’m not sure much would have saved it – except that guy with the broken arms. He was legitimately funny!

    In sum – I was disappointed with the show except for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs who were awesome.

  • la princesa

    The skits weren’t funny. I don’t think that is Zac’s fault, though. HSM4 was funny, as was the one with him & Andy in the bar…that’s all I can recall.

  • meg

    yeah, these weren’t so funny. though i don’t believe it had anything to do with zac; snl just isn’t as funny as it used to be.

  • Anne

    Zac needs a haircut.

  • Michelle

    Those videos were the first I’ve seen of last nights show since I was out celebratin’ Easter Weekend =) but I gotta say the guy at least seemed to try. The open was alright… I’ve seen both way better and way worse opens. I really liked him in the science fair skit… but I agree the skit on a whole needs tweaking… without seeing any other footage I would say he did fairly well all things considered… I do think though that the writing could have been better!

  • Bruce

    My fave was when he did the comercial with Andy Samberg…that was pretty funny.

  • Kim

    @Roxster: I agree with everything you said.

    I think they played to his strengths (young, hot, a part of the Disney franchise) and threw in wacky characters which was nice in a sense to know it wasn’t his comfort zone. They did the Gilly skit with Rosario Dawson. I actually thought the Kathy Lee one was awkwardly funny. I enjoyed Walt Disney making an appearance as well welcoming “Troy” back into the fold.

  • Spice

    In the first Picture – with the sun Glasses – it could have been Rob Lowe like 25 years ago….. freaky.

  • Mad.

    Was I the only one who thought the “Brother-Foot Massage” sketch was hilarous, if not cringe-worthy? That one had me laughing our loud and grossed out at the same time. Zac has nice soft clean soles…