Christina Applegate Kicks Cancer, Keeps Smoking


Last year we learned the shocking and very sad news that actress Christina Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer and, because of early detection, was able to become “100% cancer free” after making the difficult decision to undergo a double mastectomy to rid her body completely of the disease. This week, tho, new photos have surfaced of Applegate smoking a cigarette just months after successfully enduring her first cancer scare … which makes absolutely NO SENSE to me at all:

Why IN THE WORLD would anyone who has endured something as life-changing as a double mastectomy in order to rid their body of breast cancer want to tempt fate by smoking cigarettes and risk getting throat cancer? It just seems extremely dangerous and foolhardy to take up a smoking habit in the wake of a successful defeat of cancer. Obvs, it is her life and she is free to do as she pleases but I can’t help but wonder what it may feel like should she ever find out that she is sick again. Why take the chance? I’m really dumbfounded … but I do wish her well and continued health.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Panti Christ

    This is something I’d expect from Kelly Bundy but not Christina. Dumbass!

  • Jadedkitten

    My English professor had cancer 3 times and she still smokes. Fucking idiot

  • What an idiot – never thought I’d think of Christina Applegate and Eddie Van Halen on the same level of idiocy. I no longer have ANY sympathy for her.

  • Margie

    I agree, why would you tempt cancer again?

  • teri

    Why ANYONE smokes baffles my mind…I realize it’s an addiction but with the risk of cancer, let alone how nasty it is (and makes you look) you’d think people would try not to??? My boyfriend lost his mother to smoking and my Mom has been a life-long smoker and it’s just a matter of time before tragedy strikes…argh!

  • wendell

    Ummm….last time I checked she had BREAST cancer, not lung cancer. Are you all so stupid you don’t know that smoking doesn’t cause breast cancer?

  • Excuse me while I retrieve my lower jaw from the floor.

    @Winona – nobody wins if sympathy is abandoned. She, or anyone else in a similar position, might need more compassion than ever since it looks like she’s making poor choices for the health. Maybe added support would help her “see the light” as it were.

  • Hannah

    This is sad and I hope she realizes what a mistake she is making… and wendell, smoking increases chaces of getting all kinds of cancers, including breast cancer.

  • wendell

    It might, I will admit that, but that is not found to be definite and she is a grown woman making her own choices. I don’t smoke, but I refuse to judge those who do. Let those among you without sin cast the first stone.

  • Joanena

    In the words of Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  • ~I n F a m o u s~

    very kelly-like.

  • Jadedkitten

    wendell Do you know smoking cause CANCER??? why would anyone who’s had cancer want to risk getting another kind of cancer.

  • OMG

    WOW She looks pretty stressed out in that picture maybe she was just having a really hard day and gave in and had A cig. I don’t smoke and don’t think anybody should, but after all she has been through she is the only one who knows how she feels and I think it is really unfair for everybody/anybody to judge her! Back off it is her life, her body, and her choice!

  • I wish her the very best!! I just hope there are ppl around her that may point her in the right direction like cigarettes are unhealthy!!

  • Katie

    @wendell- good for you to not judge. Your high and mighty “are you all so stupid” tone on the other hand- very bad taste.

  • Splacer

    Smoking is a digusting habit for anyone, but this really chaps my ass.

    My office is on route to the outdoor smoking area. It just infuriates me when I see people going in and out that door who obviously are undergoing cancer treatment…especially when it is my tax dollars paying for that treatment.

  • MCBetty


  • Ally

    Actually Wendell, you just proved that YOU are the ignorant one. Smoking can increase your risk for pretty much every known cancer, including breast cancer. Any environmental intoxicant can cause cancer. If you are going to be rude, at least know what you are talking about.

  • Nikki

    I think a more appropriate blog right now is the Angels Pitcher who passed on this morning – not this judgemental CRAP!

  • sc

    WOW. Judgmental much, everyone? How about you all cool it. The way you guys are reacting makes me think of the Bible-thumpers that stand across the street from the bar I work at and condemn everyone to Hell. She’s a big girl, and accepts the consequences for her own actions.

  • Katie

    @Nikki & sc:
    This is a celebrity blog! Judgeing celebs and commenting on them is what these sites are about!
    You don’t have to like Trents or these commenters opinions but for you to compare it to crap or bible-thumpers is just silly.
    Don’t like it- don’t read it.

  • nae

    lordy lordy! settle people!
    it’s hard to quit smoking — i’m in the process of quitting myself…

  • kristin

    Well, this is just SAD. I used to smoke, and know just how hard it is to quit, but I really wish she would try. She’s a smart, talented lady who’s making a very poor decision with regard to her health.

  • roger

    what happens to somebody else’s body, whether self-inflicted or not, is none of your business. let people do what they want.

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  • L.

    The woman gave up both of her breasts. I think that would be devastating to just about any woman alive.

    No, cigarettes aren’t the best choice for a comfort item, but I don’t feel it’s right to judge her. I still have my breasts. I don’t have to reevaluate my sense of worth based on a body that might feel foreign to me. If a cig here and there helps to dull that knowledge, well, there you go. While I hope she eventually quits, I’m not going to act that this is one of the biggest travesties I’ve ever seen because it’s definitely not.

  • Renee

    My mom was a smoker for 45 years and now lives on oxygen from emphysema – just as bad as cancer!

  • razzle dazzle

    There is no exuse for people who do this crap. I have no respect for this chica anymore. GET IT UNDER CONTROL LADY!!!!!!

  • Melinda

    smoking causes ANY kind of cancer and if you have a body that has had cancer ANYWHERE you run the risk of it coming back……..lung, liver, etc……..smoking sure as heck isn’t gonna help…..ugh

  • JJ

    LOL, smoking, the only choice we consider socially acceptable to judge other people for.

  • Brad

    Wow…way to be extremley judgemental. It’s interesting that we are so quick to judge someone for smoking while placating obese people who are eating extremley unhealthy food. I think no smoking sections in restaurants should be supplemented with refusing to serve unhealthy food to overweight people.

  • aimie

    @brad… yeah, but my eating a cheesburger isn’t gonna get you fat… but your smoking near me may give me cancer. i am all for banning smoking in public areas.

    for the record if someone smokes that is their choice stupid/dangerous or not… but it isn’t my place to tell anyone they can’t smoke at all, just please not near me or my kids.

  • Krissy

    It is so sad to see her doing this…but give the girl a break. None of us are saints. I hope for her sake that she stops the habit soon!

  • That is so said about the Angels pitcher!! I am so sadden!!!

  • She’s probably still smoking because she is addicted to nicotine.

    I love all of the idiots on the internet that are ready to judge a person, without any sense of self awareness at all.

    Cream of the crop, you all….. Well done.

  • PixieDust

    Ive been 2 days without a smoke. Its harder than hell to quit. If she wants to smoke let her, who are you ppl to judge?
    Christina, will you smoke a few for me?

  • Let her smoke. A very good friend of mine died of lung cancer that spread to his brain. He smoked until the day he died. It’s her choice. I’m a smoker. I’d be lighting up after a stressful situation like making the decision to lose both of my boobs.

  • the violator

    gimme a break! oooooooooooo she’s smoking!!
    oh my goodness!! hey all you holier than thou non smokers guess what? good ol’ alcohol can kill you the first time! if she was getting sauced at some club- no biggie but a cigarette? all hell breaks loose. oh and by the way ladies the science is in- alcohol (even a little causes breast cancer chances to go up exponentialy.
    this just in: everybody dies-( even you non smokers)

  • Jen

    wendell – you are as STUPID as Christina is for making such an ignorant comment.

  • belle

    Studies have shown a tentative link between smoking and an increased risk of breast cancer. But beside that, experts don’t know *exactly* what causes cancer at this point. They’ve narrowed down certain risk factors, but don’t know everything 100%. It is very likely that the genetic component that makes a person susceptible to tumors in their breasts, also makes a person susceptible to tumors elsewhere in their bodies.

    Yes, she’s a grown woman and can do what she wants, but it’s always sad to see someone who has battled cancer at such a young age continue to put toxins in her body.

  • Margie

    No one is trying to judge here. The whole point is trying to understand why someone who beat breast cancer would smoke when smoking can lead to cancer.

  • Brad

    @Aimie it’s not my place to tell anyone whether or not they can eat a cheeseburger…but please not near me or my loved ones ;)

  • educate yourself


    Be aware that Christina had breast cancer because of a defective GENE. Her mother was tested and found to have the BRCA1 gene, which she passed onto Christina. It was not Christina’s own actions that caused the cancer. You are stoning this poor woman who has suffered a tremendous loss and is surely going through her own hell.


  • a

    its funny trent, of all your personal blogs with your “oy vey.. i am hurting this morning” from the way you describe many of your partying nights out i find it funny for you to judge applegate. you dont even know if she has one occassional cigarette or if shes a chain smoker, and im not defending smoking by any means, but binge drinking also isnt healthy and can cause organ problems…. and i dont know how often you drink heavily, but you sure tend to mention it a lot

  • PixieBassline

    Heh. You can always tell who the non-smokers are, by the way they have ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING or sympathy as to why people smoke. It’s easy: cigarettes have drugs in them. Receptors in your brain get a “pleasure” sensation when the drugs pass over them…. when you’re lacking the drugs, you’re on edge, half insane and completely IRRITATED. There are A LOT of people who were able to quit HEROIN but couldn’t escape the death-grip of their addiction to cigarettes.

    It’s not ENTIRELY the fault of the smokers that they’re hooked on cigs… and just because they’re addicted doesn’t mean they are stupid, filthy, pieces of disgusting trash.
    By the way, as annoying as it is for a non-smoker to have to smell a smoker enjoying thier “death-stick”…. I want u all to know, smokers don’t realize how STRONG and ‘chemical’ their smokes smell. They can’t smell as good as the non-smokers.
    Shit – try to help these addicted people, not tear them apart.
    I was outiside, using my phone at a hospital once, and this guy came out to smoke…. he had just had a FULL LUNG TRANSPLANT!!! The bastards are ADDICTIVE, PEOPLE!!!!
    It shows you how addictive they are, when people who’ve had cancer and lung transplants WILL STILL SMOKE. Believe me, it IS NOT out of sheer stupidity. It’s because of ADDICTION.
    The holier-than thou non-smokers annoy the hell out of me….

  • Margie

    I was a former smoker but gave it up when the cons outweighed the pros so I get it. However, it still is crazy to see people succumb to their addictions knowing full well that risks run high especially having survived cancer before. Disappointment is all I feel for Christina and all others who smoke after beating the odds once already.

  • Hannah

    If she wants to smoke, who are we to judge. I never have and probably never will, but i’m not without my vices, my liver is probably not as happy as it should be. So many things in this world have been linked to cancer (even alcohol, chewing gum and diet sodas) but we don’t let them control our lives. Since she has gone through the mastectomy to rid herself of cancer she has faced a lot more than many of us here and knows more than any of us how she wants to treat her body.

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  • Melinda

    you know what is interesting here? those who are telling everyone not to judge are then turning around and judging us for our own opinions. How about this…….no one should say anything BAD about Ms. Applegate, however, we all have the right to say that we think it is not a prudent thing for her to be doing. I am a former smoker, i smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for 15 years……….one day, my father dropped dead…..coroner put down tobacco abuse as a cause of death (he was a smoker for 45 years) and within days I stopped…….because I realized that, FOR ME, it wasn’t okay. That said, I think that all of us have the right to our opinion…….and certainly, Ms. Applegate will smoke whether any of us gives her permission or not. But for all of us to attack each other and Trent for this posting……..well, that is silly……….I for one say to each his/her own. I personally think she shouldn’t, and that is my opinion…….stated and now she will do as she pleases.

  • SMD

    Does it really matter… Smoking is a part of life… people do it and are unlikely to stop… just let them live their life.
    They know the risks…and choose not to care…
    Just leave her and all other smokers alone!!!!

  • Kris

    IT’S AN ADDICTION, PEOPLE! To those who’ve left really insightful and compassionate comments like “I no longer have any sympathy for her,…” Grow up. Seriously. Cigarette smoking is incredibly addictive and it’s a painfully difficult habit to kick. If you haven’t been in that position, you sound like a narrow-minded idiot for withdrawing “sympathy” for someone who has battled and kicked cancer AND is dealing with an addiction.

  • Elle

    @ Pixiebassline-
    Thank you. Unfortunately, I am a smoker and I have tried to quit many many many times. It is a love-hate relationship and an addiction I wish I had never taken up.
    I agree smoking is dirty and horrible, but it is FAR more difficult to quit than non-smokers realize.

  • tiffany

    Smoking doesnt cause cancer anyway, just like global warming is a natural trend…..bullshit media

  • Tink

    I am not going to say that Im a former smoker, I AM A NON-SMOKER!!!! Its all about the mind state, if u say “im quitting” trust me u will go back. But, if u say that “I dont smoke anymore and I quit” it sticks. I think it gives u the out to just go back and fail if u just keep saying ur trying and not DOING!!!!!! I havent smoked for awhile and it wasnt very hard when I just used that tactic. I smoked for like 14 years, starting at a very young age!!!! With both parents not only smoking, but smoking around my siblings and I had a lot to do with the fact that me and 2 of my sibling smoked. 2 of us quit, but my older sister still smokes. It wasnt hard to change when i would smell people after a smoke, its really disgusting…And Im too hot to smell like that or to be hooked up to anyone’s oxygen machine!!!! Its hard but very possible!!! I still reserve my judgement against people who havent been able to make that step, u never know their story or how life has treated them to make them lean on any substance for comfort. HUMANS DONT OPERATE ON BATTERIES!!! We all do things that maybe we shouldnt do, working on yourselves and ur own flaws should be where your attention is directed because we all have em’!!!! God bless!!!!


    @tiffany: are you really THAT stupid?! I do cancer research for a living, and it’s a proven fact now for DECADES that smoking causes lung cancer among other types.
    @SMD: I’ll leave you and other smokers alone when I quit smelling your stank ass smoke in my face. Quit being rude to non-smokers who have to smell your nasty shit.

  • Lindab

    Thank you PixieBassline for having common sense :)

  • you2

    Obama puffs a cig every now and then too, oh wait, that’s not a credible endorsement

  • Talia

    You’re all a bunch of hypocrites. Jesus fuck, it’s just a cigarette. Yes, you CAN die of smoking, that’s been established quite some time ago.

    There’s shitloads of things you can die of. I know people who’ve been chain smoking for over fourty years and died at the age of 80.

    And you can even get cancer from drinking too much milk. So stop being such crybabys.

    Oh and breast cancer =/= lung cancer, ok?

    I wonder when suddenly everyone got so anti-smoking. Go worry about more important stuff.

  • RazberrySwurl01

    That is so disappointing :(

  • Audrey

    Let’s just hope that she will discontinue this awful habit after having such an intense surgery.

  • MissV

    It’s a poor choice. It really is hard to quit smoking….I know I am an ex-smoker. However I am with the commenter that said maybe it was just ‘a’ cigarette. Her choice though!!

  • jazzyjessy

    omg.. it’s a fucking cigarrette…. lay off! wow…. Come on people smoking isnt a good habit we ALL know this but it’s not the worst thing in the world…. and if you have to do it do it outside and not locked in a car with your kids in it.. I mean reallllly…. if you’ve EVER been a smoker grabbing one at a stressful moment can happen… let her be!

  • hahajohnnyb

    Male on Male homosexuality spreads AIDS which kills people and cost society a tremendous amount of money. Should we tax and judge queers the same way we tax and judge smokers?

    Here is a novel idea for all you anti-smoker crusaders, “Go and fuck yourselves.” Or better still, go and fuck a male queer, and catch AIDS and die.

  • Vada

    Ok, stop. Smoking is not illegal, it’s a habit in which many people chose to indulge.

    (Trent, I would not expect you to not post these photos, but the harsh words, really? Maybe, “Wow, this is surprising…” would cover it. This judgemental tone doesn’t sound like you- please don’t become one of those bloggers- you’ll quickly lose your readers who come to this website instead Perez and others.)

  • kmanv

    not to say that this is what’s going on but could it be that it’s not Tobaco in that cig but rather another substance with pain aleviating qualities?

  • At first I was wondering why you questioned her smoking but after you wrote about all her health problems, I had to laugh. You’re right – smoking after you’ve had serious health problems is definitely a bad idea. But hey, everyone has their vices.

  • jimminy cricket

    kmanv…that’s not weed. No real toker would pack weed in a cigarette, the filter removes most of the thc.

    Probably not a good idea on her part, but who really cares? Obviously many of you do, so I guess just read the last part of hahajohnnyb’s post.

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  • BHcolin

    Is the cigarette even lit? From the photo it doesn’t appear to be — maybe, just maybe she had a crave and just needed to go through the motions.
    I’m in the process of quitting – it’s hard, believe me it’s harder than you can imagine. I was a meth addict and am 6 years sober, but quitting smoking is harder than that.

    Yes, people who smoke know it’s bad. It’s not the smartest choice, It’s not the healthiest either. Most smokers I’d gather want to live and be healthy but being addicted to something isn’t always about making rational choices.

    I’m glad people here appear to be perfect and have no faults – that’s cool. Some people do make mistakes and have faults.

    In my state (Minnesota) they just raised the tax on cigarettes. Hopefully that will help keep people from starting — that’s the key, not starting.
    Here’s the thing i wish they’d raise the tax on alcohol. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry and see the impact drinking has on people. People who drink too much – but no they aren’t a alcoholic, nah just social. drinking kills people too, but that seems to be fine.

    no one was there with Christina, no one knows if it was a one time slip or not. Hell, we don’t even know if it was lit.

    No ones perfect

  • jason

    the people who think smoking can cause her breast cancer to flare up are the idiots.
    smoking has nothing to do with breast cancer. you have more of a chance getting cancer from eating McDonalds than smoking for a few years of your life.

  • Jesus

    Tell you what how about mind your own business. Maybe the smoking is how she is coping with having a life altering surgery like the double mastectomy. Maybe people should live there own lives and stay out of other people’s business.

  • Tyler

    First of all, she had breast cancer, not lung cancer, and second of all, not being a cancer survivor yourself, I don’t think you can really judge how a person chooses to deal with the things going on in their lives. I doubt you can even comprehend how difficult it must be to cope with having cancer and enduring a double mastectomy at such a young age.

  • Gaz

    wendell Says:

    April 9th, 2009 at 11:29 am
    Ummm….last time I checked she had BREAST cancer, not lung cancer. Are you all so stupid you don’t know that smoking doesn’t cause breast cancer?

    Smoking is a risk factor for most forms of cancer including breast cancer. So no; we are not all as stupid as you seem to think.


    she had an inherited form of breast cancer….genetic….in the DNA….has nothing to do with smoking….& smoking affects those smokers with the genes to acquire lung cancer….millions of people have smoked their entire lives & not gotten lung cancer……

    maybe next if she eats a chocolate bar you can judge her for causing her own cancer for eating processed sugar…….

    people with good health should keep their stupid mouths shut. seriously they don’t know what they are talking about.

  • spazzecu

    I’m loving all the comments that point out the obvious, she had breast cancer, not lung cancer. One has nothing to do with the other!

  • educate yourself

    Thank you to the people defending Christina.

    She has been through a horrible horrible ordeal and to judge her at this time is DISGUSTING.

    Seriously..let her be.

    Trent, I am sure you lost several readers with this post.. Cancer victims should be left alone.

    • @educate yourself — if you seriously think that i am attacking cancer victims you are sorely mistaken, on the contrary … i was merely voicing my concern. i’m as equally dumbfounded by your contentions.

  • nae

    i don’t understand how trent would lose any readers. if he did, they are apparently not as open-minded as they would put on. trent has a right to post whatever he wants – that’s why i love this blog. i would like an update on the baseball player & others that were killed in the car accident tho.

  • educate yourself


    Before you “voice your concern”, you should understand the back story to Christina’s cancer. She has the breast cancer GENE from her mother, which is proven and detected by genetic testing. This was the cause of her cancer…not smoking. Educate yourself before you post.

    She is obviously very stressed, and I don’t think she should be crucified for having a cigarette. (By the way, I do NOT smoke and am never one to defend smoking).

    • @educate yourself — if that is what you believe, then you are free to do so. nothing that i say is going to change your mind. so why argue? smoking increases the changes of anyone getting cancer. i never said she got breast cancer from smoking. i am crucifying no one. that is all.

  • educate yourself

    If you were really concerned for her health (as opposed to selling gossip) you would know that alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer more than smoking. Somehow, I doubt you would criticize her for having a drink.
    The point is, we all live our lives how we see fit and I don’t think she should be judged for “risky behavior” when in fact, we all take risks everyday.
    Obviously I am not the only one who thought this post was out of line. Just a suggestion that you should not mess with a person’s health. Some things should not be about gossip.

  • Matt

    Jesus, the woman had cancer, she can do with her body what she wants. After having gone through what she went through, I can imagine she wants to light up^.

  • Allyson

    “Heh. You can always tell who the non-smokers are, by the way they have ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING or sympathy as to why people smoke.”

    Actually that’s not true. I am a non-smoker, I don’t like smoking at all and I find it very upsetting when smokers smoker around other people and children with no thought of common courtesy. But I have been addicted to substances before- pills, in my case, and an addiction is an addiction. It doesn’t matter if it’s sex, food, pills, or cigarettes. And like many people who smoke for fun or to relax, I popped pills for fun and really didn’t care about the consequences of my actions.

    I kicked my addition and it’s really ridiculous when smokers whine about how hard it is to give up their habit. It IS difficult, but it’s not impossible. Quit making excuses. If you want to smoke, fine, but stop acting like you’re in a minority. You’re not. Almost everyone has some sort of vice.

    As for Christina, she’s in the public eye and she has been toted a “survivor” who takes her healh seriously and is an inspiration to other women. But when she is seen smoking, it doesn’t look like she takes her health seriously after all. If she wants to smoke, it IS her choice. But you cannot expect people to not comment on this and maybe feel a little disappointed that someone they look up to isn’t who they thought they were.

  • J

    We are all going to die of something, one day or another.
    So shut up and just let the girl live, how she wants to live.

  • JP

    Drinking alcohol is linked to stomach, intestinal and colon cancer. Remember your hangover last week? Why take the chance???

  • AMC

    I am a breast cancer survivor, who NEVER smoked.
    I was HAPPY for her when I read her breast cancer was in it’s early stages. Ask those of us who went through CHEMO and RADIATION if we would ever want to go through any of it again. Had she looked into a mirror and not even recognize herself and her beauty, she might have a different attitude now. I adore her, I am happy for her, but this not a message she wants to put out there. PLEASE stop smoking!

  • why

    I would rather see her suck on something else!

  • candygirl

    Addiction sucks man! Even if she beat out breast cancer, the carcinogens she is taking in could possible bring it back. Doesn’t just cause throat cancer. Any harmful carcinogen can cause any type of cancer. Let’s hope she doesn’t get lung cancer (or any kind of canver for that matter) now!

  • Dieter

    After hearing that her breast got removed she was totally unattractive for me. I did not look at her as a woman anymore !!! But now with her having a hot little smoke she totally got me again. It is totally beyond me how woman not having a smoke once in a while ever have sex. A woman needs 2 to 4 cigarettes a day (it depends a bit on the hair colour: black women more to four und blondes two).

  • B

    The trolls are out.

  • seriously

    smoking doesn’t cause cancer. anything can cause cancer – genetics, the air you breathe, the genetically modified/preserved/colored/medicated food you eat, the chlorinated water you drink, the radiation your computer produces, the aluminum in the anti-perspirant you use, etc. smoking should be the least of anyone’s worries. in fact, pure tobacco has health benefits. smoking in moderation, just like drinking alcohol in moderation, is beneficial. if you are a non-smoker, don’t start. but if you smoke, do it in moderation. educate yourself.

  • Jessica

    Oh so smug of you to tell someone with cancer how to live her life. Trent, you sound like an idiot who has no compassion. I’d like to see how you would decide to live your life after battleing cancer. Christina probably likes to smoke, and since she already has cancer doesn’t really give a fuck.

    • @Jessica — please show me where I am telling anyone how to live their life. for the record, she reportedly no longer has cancer since her double mastectomy. wait, who sounds like an idiot?

  • ZaZ

    We smoke because we want to.
    Leave the girl alone.

  • josh

    Fucking idiot… she will die soon… she´s autodestroying herself…

  • PixieBassline

    See, it’s comments like the one above this one that prove my earlier comment correct. JOSH – you could die from thousands of things before she ever dies from that cig. You don’t know.
    I know people who NEVER smoked but died before their 20th or 30th birthdays.. to absolutely no fault of their own. Why does anyone give that big of a shit anyway? None of u had to smell HER cig. And she wasn’t smoking with a kid who was trapped in the fumes. (something I DEFINITELY find to be WRONG)
    Some of you are so very Holier-Than-Thou… It sickens me more than a recovering cancer patient smoking a cig. At least THAT is more understandable… when you’re an understanding kind of person……….

  • Malboro Man

    Smoking is like being gay, it’s a combo of nature and nuture. Plus, it’s delicious, and highly addictive! Like sex, smoking can be deadly. But I don’t see people giving up on sex, which kills more people than cigarettes. The point is there are worse things: stealing, backstabbing, cheating, lying, spreading gossip to feel more popular, interesting or to increase ad revenue. Bottom line, blogs are a cancer–ya’ll need to lay off the hate and smoke up mate!

  • Vishaal

    I’m surprised no one has said that SMOKING KEEPS YOUR SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!! (for the most part)…that’s why all of Hollywood smokes! Appetite suppressor. What a shame.

  • Amy

    I simply can not IMAGINE having any kind of cancer regardless of where (a double mastectomy? That means she has lost BOTH breasts) and continuing to partake in something that is proven to cause cancer. It seems asif she is committing suicide in my opinion.

  • Anna

    I agree with Trent on this one and I don’t understand why what he is saying is so hard to understand for some.

    Even if her breast cancer had nothing to do with smoking than I still cannot understand someone who has gone through having cancer lighting up and with that increasing their risk of getting cancer again. It’s just not smart!

    For people saying it’s an addiction they are looking for excuses not to stop. Yes it’s an addiction but as with all addiction if you want to stop, you can! I know plenty of people that stopped smoking.

  • plip

    smokers, non-smokers are not “judging” but wishing you SURVIVE being USED by tobacco manufacturers for their profit and your likely wrecked quality of life and horrible accellerated death. I smoked for 20 years, quit and watched my dad die an awful death. I only wish you can see the true value of life, versus feeding an addiction pure and simple. Cigarettes kill millions annually — from all kinds of causes of death. Regular smokers live an average ten years shorter, that’s documented. And you know their years are less healthy. You are making judgments about Christina’s reasons for things, but denying others the same privilege.

  • Talia

    Anna, who says she even WANTS to stop? I smoke as well, and don’t feel any need to quit, not yet. If she’s content with smoking, let her be. Yes it’s harmful, yes it’s pretty foolish. But everyone has their own vices, vices that cause cancer or other diseases. Heck even drinking too much milk can get you cancer.

    I think, in this case, Trent, you’re being kind of harsh. She’s only human, having had cancer doesn’t make one more conscious per sé. Judging on your personal blogs, you like to have a few drinks when out and about. That’s not that good either, is it? I’m not judging you for this, we all like to drink. But for that reason, don’t be harsh on others when you’re guilty of your own vices yourself.

    • @Talia — how, exactly, am I judging? I’m merely pointing out that I don’t understand what she is doing especially after enduring a painful surgery to rid her body of cancer the first time around. I see the point you’re trying to make but for your point to be the same as mine, I would have had to endure liver failure or some other malady AND THEN continue drinking. Of course, everyone has their vices but — again — I’m sure where you feel I’m being “harsh”.

  • hal

    She didn’t “take up” smoking after getting rid of her cancer. She was ALWAYS a smoker, and just continued smoking afterwards. Either way it is incredibly stupid of her. I don’t feel sorry for her anymore.

  • Stacey

    Yes, I no longer feel sorry for her as well. She is clearly an idiot. Same with Patrick Swayze. Moron still smokes and he’s dying of cancer!

    To the jackass who said we should have sympathy for smokers…GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK. Have sympathy for the people who have to put up with your ridiculous habit, you weak fools!

  • Amber

    I’m sorry and you’ll pardon my language, but that is the most fucking stupidest she could be doing right now (anybody actually!). I really felt sympathy and pity for her when I first found out about her battle with cancer. However, like many people on her, I don’t feel sorry or have sympathy for her anymore. I don’t respect her or this stupid action. I don’t wish death on her certainly, but I don’t justify this at all.

  • Jacques Torsonier

    For the record: If I had lost a pair of glorious breasts, at a young age, like Ms. Applegate … it’d make me want to freakin’ smoke as well.

    All kidding aside, you geniuses whose reaction to those pics is to call names (“idiot”) and say “she should just quit” have absolutely no idea what kind of psychological and physiological problems arise when someone is a heavy smoker and attempts to quit. Most smokers “quit” a half dozen times before they actually quit. Perhaps one of these days Ms. Applegate will quit for good. Until that time, give her — and those of us who have to read your ridiculous, petty quips — a f***in’ break.

  • PSS

    As the recent widow of a lung cancer casualty, I am fully aware of the dangers of smoking and cancer. I also know that cigarette smoking is an addiction. It is a harder habit to kick than heroin. My husband tried dozens of times to quit. Cold turkey, nicotine patch, hypnosis, pharmaceuticals (i.e. Wellbutrin, Chantix), tapering off etc.,and the help of a loving and supportive wife. I showed him reports & stats, begged, cried, argued, cajoled, anything I could do to help him quit.

    People who label Christina Applegate a hypocrite are not only condescending and judgmental, but ignorant of addictions and the stranglehold they have on people. Good people, not so good people, anybody. I’m sure Ms. Applegate is aware of the dangers of smoking so who are we to judge her. Things aren’t always as they seem. Why not focus on her involvement in fundraising for the cancer society and educating women on breast cancer.

    Stress is also a contributor to cancer. If anybody thinks that “news flashes” like these don’t affect people, think again. Best wishes Christina, in all of you endeavors.

  • Davis

    I’ve never understood why someone would try smoking in the first place. In my early 60s now, it’s even harder to comprehend. The major reason I never tried marijuana is because one generally had to smoke it. I tried alcohol though, when younger, only several times, but I did even get drunk a handful of times, once in the Army, a few times in college. After that, though, I couldn’t seen the attraction and never drank.
    But smoking has always seemed disgusting to me, and it’s hard for me not to feel that anyone who would even try smoking is equally disgusting.
    But it’s all subjective, we’re all, each of us, who we are, and pretty much can’t help feeling as we each do, though over time we change, evolve, hopefully for the better.

    Maybe someone can tell me why a beautiful young woman–usually still a teenager–would even try it, even once, when it’s now, for years, been pretty common knowledge how it harms ones health, irritates non-smokers, is messy, makes one smell bad, causes facial wrinkles sooner with age, etc.
    ‘Peer pressure’ and ‘wanting to be cool’, sure. But where’s the independent thought that might have overridden any such urges when it counted?

  • tylerfan

    I had cancer and quit smoking. I had surgery and radiation and beat it. As ridiculous as it may seem, I really didn’t think I would ever get cancer again since I no longer even had those body parts! So, I started smoking again. In some wierd way, it was like taking back control or turning back time to when this nasty disease wasn’t a part of my life. I know it makes no sense, but this is my truth.

    It’s 13 years later and I just found out that lightening strikes more than once. I quit again. I’ve beaten it again. I feel no need to smoke.

    It was my lesson to learn and I did. I can tell you that all the criticism in the world didn’t make me change, not even the doctors “educating” me made a difference. Getting sick again made me change a lot of things including ceasing to smoke.

    I pray that Christina will not have to endure another bout with cancer before she chooses to quit smoking, but in the meantime, I will not call her names or judge her negatively. I will however wish her wellness and continued growth in a long and happy life!