Madonna Steps Out With BFF Stella McCartney


After arriving in the UK Sunday after a very disappointing trip to Malawi where her attempt to adopt Chifundo Mercy James was denied, Madonna brushed off her shoulders as best she could and stepped out on the town last night to dine with her good friend and fashion designer Stella McCartney. Putting on her best brave face, Madonna met up with Stella for dinner at Cecconi’s in order to try and move on a bit from her failed adoption bid. Here are a few photos of the BFFs making their way out of the restaurant together last night:

Madonna sought comfort from friend Stella McCartney last night after jetting back to the UK from Malawi. The singer was said to be ‘devastated and shaking’ at having to leave four-year-old Mercy in the African country after a judge rejected her adoption bid. The 50-year-old, who touched down in Luton airport on Sunday afternoon, went to London restaurant Cecconi’s with the fashion designer. Dressed in a black and white print dress, the singer was ushered into the venue by minders who put a protective arm around her. A cut was visible on her arm, but it was not clear how she sustained the injury. Despite the strain of recent days, the singer managed a smile as she made her way through the scrum of photographers. She put out a welcoming arm to greet Stella, who was dressed head to to win black. Madonna was met by ex-husband Guy Ritchie as she landed on Sunday. Ritchie leapt up the stairs to sweep their adopted son David into his arms for a hug, and whisk him and son Rocco, eight, off to his Wiltshire estate. He and Madonna did not appear to speak to each other, but Ritchie has publicly supported the adoption of Mercy … Madonna also reportedly told aides: “I can’t believe I’m leaving my beautiful baby behind. It’s not right. I love that baby girl… She’s my little girl – she needs to be with me.” Officials have already returned Mercy to an orphanage, despite the appearance of a man claiming to be her biological father. Security guard James Kambewa, 24, said he was willing to take a DNA test to prove he was Mercy’s father and wants to raise the child. If the court in Malawi accepts his paternity claim it is likely to be the final blow to Madonna’s hopes of adopting the child.

I imagine that it is very difficult for someone as solitary as Madonna to rely on a pool of friends for support at times like these but, then again, even someone like Madonna needs support every once in a while. It’s great to see that when the going gets tough, Maddy does have a small network of friends that will offer help or just a shoulder to lean on at difficult times like these. While I think it’s great to see her looking relatively happy again, I’m sure she is still very upset on the inside. I suspect that Madonna may be planning to spend more time with friends as she awaits the results of the paternal DNA test as well as her appeal before the Malawian Supreme Court … after all, even Madonna is human.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • cookie

    wow, vadge got over losing her “daughter” pretty fast.

    • @cookie — Why do you assume she “got over” anything? I think it makes sense that she would want to be with friends after such a disappointment. No matter how upset she is, she isn’t going to wail and gnash her teeth in front of the cameras.

  • amanda

    lol girl needs her roots done.

  • Aaron

    I agree with Ricardo…She just can’t win no matter what she does. She flys to Malawi and suddenly she’s “stealing babies.” She goes to a restaurant, and suddenly she’s “over it and careless.” She turns 50 and suddenly she’s “over the hill and pathetic.” She works with Justin Timberlake and suddenly she’s “following trends and not making them.” She dates a 22 year old and suddenly she’s “desperate to be young” Give the woman a break!

  • Chase

    I would like her more if she did something with her hair.

  • daisy clover

    god forbid she just stay home for ONCE.

  • @Ricardo – I presume nothing, I only offer my perspective and opinions.