Ian Somerhalder Surfaces In Vancouver


Former Lost hottie Ian Somerhalder has been out of the limelight for the past year or so but has just this week surfaced in Vancouver, Canada to press the flesh and sign a few autographs for fans. Last month we learned that Somerhalder has signed on to appear in the upcoming new series Vampire Diaries which is set to debut on The CW this Fall. Methinks that this surfacing is just the first in a slew of new sightings leading up to the debut of this new CW series:

Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone on ABC’s hit “Lost,” has joined the cast of the CW’s drama pilot “Vampire Diaries.” Variety says that Somerhalder is set to play Damon, a smug vampire who can go from playful to evil in a split second. Also joining the cast are Zach Roerig (“Friday Night Lights”), who will play the jock Matt, and Kayla Ewell (“Entourage”), who will play Matt’s sister. Previously announced cast includes Nina Dobrev and Steven R. McQueen. “Vampire Diaries,” based on a series of books from Alloy Entertainment, centers on a woman who falls for two vampire brothers – one good and one evil.

Thank Jebus, this man deffo needs to be back on the TV airwaves. I’m thinking that The CW is hoping that Vampire Diaries will be the Twilight of TV. They’ve scored a real boon (pardon the pun) by getting Somerhalder on board. I’m sure his return to television will be heralded by all the fangirls/boys out there how have been missing his rosy-cheeked countenance on the small screen. I am very much looking forward to more Ian Somerhalder in the weeks and months to come.

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  • Chase

    These books do seem interesting… my boss is reading them right now and she is going to make me read them I guess we’ll see. It’s an interesting premise.

  • Angela

    Damn he’s gorgeous.

  • kristy

    ahhhh its been sooo long! i have loved ian somerhalder for ages.. and deffo cried when boone was killed off of lost :( being a huge vampire fan as well this news is probably THE best in the world!!

  • Claudia

    I’m reading ‘The Fury” and I love it he should be playing Stefan, But He will also make a great Damon!! I can’t wait!!

  • Mahlia

    I loved him in the Rules of Attraction. I wanna see him back on the big screen.

  • Selina

    ……..That is all. :D

  • Tiffany

    I read these books some 15 years ago, back when I was in middle school and fell in love with them back then. I have heard a lot of people assuming they’re a Twilight rip-off when they’ve been around MUCH longer. I can’t wait to see what they do with this plot!

  • yvr_chickie

    I hope I see him around soon (Vancouver is home for me)!

  • alexggb

    Oh MY GOD! Boone! Where was he hiding?! Such a cutie!!

  • anna

    How is this man so sexy?

  • Juneh

    For some reason I totally forgot about him.
    But it sure is nice to see him back, rawr ;D

  • kara

    Ugh, he is really hot, but I don’t know that I will be watching the series. I’m a diehard fan of the books and they’ve taken a decent story and just completely killed it. At least from what I’m hearing so far. I think this is going to be for me like Gossip Girl was for a lot of others…. I’m so not happy with the CW for that.

  • Hannah

    Good god he is sexy. I was so sad when Boone was killed off on Lost.

  • joe

    you mentioned the fanboys and i noticed that none of them had commented yet, only the fangirls . . . THANK JEBUS is right, he deffo needs to be back on tv and i do miss his somerhalder-ing good looks. he would make a great attaché to this fanboy.

  • megan

    I don’t care what he’s on as long its on tv and I can drool…sorry was that childish?? Oh well.

  • Matt

    So he has been here around seattle for the last year I think…he used to come to my restaurant all the time and get take out. He always called it in for “Greg”

  • Illise

    He will one hot vampire, Rob Pattison has nothing, ian is a houndred times hotter

  • Illise

    Sorry pattinson

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    He looks much better as himself than as Boone. I didn’t really think he was all that hot on LOST. However, these pictures, with that Rocky Balboa look going on, he looks hot. I also think he will be fantastic as the character he will be playing.

  • Michelle

    He’s hot… maybe I’ll have to catch a few episodes… although I think the whole vampire mania is getting a little bit out of hand. I mean there’s already True Blood and a couple more Twilight Saga movies to go. Besides we all know the best vampire show EVER was Buffy… you just can’t get any better than that!

  • meh

    He looks a bit like Chace Crawford

  • Toasty

    Wow. That guy has some really nice eyebrows. Just sayin’.

  • CoCo

    YUM YUM YUM!!!! Anyone remember that little Coca-Cola sponsored Summer series called Young Americans that had him and Kate Bosworth in it back in the day? I have loved him since then! SO SO HOT!!!

  • Ria


  • Joanne

    I’m surprised he isn’t more visible in his career … maybe he works alot, but we just never hear about it. He should be more famous.

  • Liv

    that guy and chace crawford could easily be brothers

  • alynncougar

    He is PERFECT for Damon! I’ve read all the books and they are great. He is so HOT!!!

  • Blair

    I always thought that Chace Crawford was in the first season of lost i didnt realise they were different people.

  • Dina

    He ain’t got nothing on RPattz!! But I wouldn’t kick him out of bed either ;)

  • Leisha

    he’s not bad looking but he has a really dim expression on his face, i think…

  • lost fan

    yay! I’m re-watching the first season of Lost and didn’t realize how much I liked/miss him on there. I know nothing about these vampire stories but I liked him as Boone!

    Trent, do you still watch Lost? I never see episode recaps on here anymore. just curious!

    • @lost fan — I do still watch but … I’m over it. They lost me (pardon the pun) for good once all that time travel bullshizz started up :(

  • Shannon

    I loved those books, I read them way back in middle school and thought they were pretty well written, its funny that when the news broke that they were going to turn them into a series then people started bashing the idea and saying it was a Twilight rip-off. Funny that they were out YEARS before Twilight was even written, even though they are suspiciously similar. Robert has nothing on Ian tho.

  • dannnni

    buffy was the best vampire series of it all!! no one can ever come close,

  • Ashley

    Um, why have I never heard or seen of this man before? He is amazingly attractive!
    Ugh, the Vampire Diaries. I had to force myself to finish that series, it was so stupid. I hated the girl and I wanted the bad brother to win.
    But I will so watch it if that dude’s on it.

  • LEW

    Hell. Yes.

  • Stacy

    I always loved this actor. Ever since I saw him on Young Americans as Hamilton Fleming. Im glad to see his hotness return to TV.

  • Tony the Tiger

    Ian Sommerhalder (spelling) is NOTORIOUS in Hollywood for totally destroying his own career by acting like a prima donna from day one.

    He was a spoiled brat on the set of Lost which led to writers to eliminate him for the show long before they originally intended to (which could have been a launch pad for bigger things for him).

    then he quickly developed a reputation as a complete monster on movie sets so no more movie roles were forthcoming

    now he’s delegated to some second rate show on the CW of all places. how the mighty have fallen. he’ll be barbacking and barebacking in west hollywood by next year

  • So excitied for the Vampire Diaries!!!!

    Tony the Tiger > Hope he can beat his problems to make the T.V Show a hit

  • ld

    I just spotted Ian at my gym this afternoon. OMG, so hot!!! Worked out next to him and then shared the steam room. Good Lord that man looks amazing in a towel. :P

  • ld

    Forgot to mention, this was in Seattle. ;)

  • Chelle

    Yup he was in Seattle. He came into the restaurant I work at on Bainbridge. Ate with his dad in the afternoon and came back later that night into the bar. Had a shot with him and briefly chatted. He was soo sweet.

  • DanaElrashed

    he’s sosososososooo hot .any one know where is he now i mean his home ;p

  • DanaElrashed

    check his channel on youtube


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  • Dawn

    I still want to know… Is Ian “GAY” ???

  • Ashley

    oh i love the books i love damon!! ian is perfect for damon hes got this way about him thats cocky but sweet and god hes GORGEOUS!!!! i would so so totally f*ck him :D hes perfect and i love vampire diaries he is the perfect damon !!!