Robert Pattinson Does ‘Dossier’ Magazine


Twilight star Robert Pattinson is featured in the new issue of Dossier magazine (their third issue ever) this month in a photoshoot shot by Theo Wenner that shows Rob’s sexier side. For those of you who may not be aware, Dossier is a biannual magazine that is published around Spring and Fall Fashion Weeks and highlights a fusion of fashion, photography, art and literature in various artistic disciplines. Here are a few photos of R.Pattz from this latest issue of Dossier magazine:

Oh yeah, Dossier really knows how to get one’s attention, no? These photos are really great. I kinda hate that Rob appears unable to get thru one photoshoot without posing with a cigarette but, over all, this shoot is pretty hot. Wenner did an amazing job capturing the cool James Deanness of Robert Pattinson in these photos. I really like these photos. I’m gonna have to make a point to pick up this particular copy of Dossier on my next visit to the newsstand. If they keep featuring photoshoots like this one, methinks Dossier is going to become a more well-known publication. What do y’all think … do y’all like these photos as much as I do?


  • Kylee

    totally agree on the smoking comment trent!
    but the pics are awesome! especially the last two
    le sigh!!

  • Liana

    Apparently, tons of fans are petitioning SNL to get Robert Pattinson to host and the producers said no. They said the schedule was already set for this season. Does this mean we’ll see him hosting next season? Gosh, I hope so. :]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Finally saw Twillight the movie. I liked it better than the book. The acting is pretty weak but the story moves much faster than the book. I was pleasantly suprised!

  • RazberrySwurl01


  • Annie

    Damn, homeboy looks sexy as hell!

  • robin

    am i looking at different pictures? i think he looks drunk or “specially abled” in these…he has weird expressions..

  • Jeanette

    Rob Pattinson is just TOO sexy!

  • di

    Gorgeous shots. He’s edible

  • hol

    Sexy as hell

  • helen

    He turns me on big time. No other actor does it for me like Rob. I;d liek to see more of that leather jacket shot

  • Amy

    O M F G! I also agree with the cigarette comment, but he is completely dreamy and drool-inducing.

  • erica

    leather jacket one is HOT. The one in the vest was taken for Rolling Stone magazine.

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  • yuck

    ick..he looks syndromic in all of his pix…very weird and extra-chromosomal looking…you all need to get out and see some really good looking men – come to NYC sometime and just walk down the street!

  • babybunny

    Sexy indeed, minus the cig.

  • Vic

    Come off it! NOT EVEN CLOSE TO JAMES DEAN! As a rabid fan of Dean… I’m highly offended and pretty sure I don’t want to come to your site anymore. Pattinson is skeezy. Dean was sexy.

  • B

    In any interivew I have seen with RP, he has attempted to do the “awkward Englishman thing” done best by Hugh Grant. If you see interviews of him in the UK, he is a different person- totally an act he is putting on for us Yanks. And I could not agree MORE about the cig shot. Yuck.

  • Heather

    LOVE them.

  • Carmen

    I don’t smoke, I hate smoking, but for some reason I seem to like shots of people smoking. Strange.

  • Sandra

    Wow i love these pics of Rob

  • geana

    i have to agree with you on the smoking pic! he looked totally cute and then blah…big turn off. sorry!

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  • kes

    I think I have viewed just about every interview I can get find and I haven’t noticed much difference between the different countries he’s been speaking to.
    Certainly he’s sometimes more serious, sometimes more fun, sometimes more like a big kid. But it is more about who is doing to the interviewing.
    He does at times seem more relaxed in his home, well duh – he knows those people. He’s often really funny with the Brits, and just goes off on a funny tangent.
    Americans tend to either gush at him or scream at him, so he freaks a bit, and it ‘aint no act you can see his incredibly uncomfortable body language at some interviews.
    Hugh Grant looks totally plastic besides this charmer, Pattinson has real comic genius at times.
    He just says whatever comes into his head and it’s adorable. He’s complex and fascinating.
    Hot, hot, hot jeans shot – where do we get more of that.

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  • Libby

    I completely agree about the cigarettes. It really is a shame, because he can take some pretty amazing photos. I like these pictures though, they ooze “cool” (aside from the cigarette one, of course).

  • Crystalthatsall

    ha ha ha amazing. Also the cig bit is hot. I don’t think smoking should be promoted, hes still hot doing it though.atleast him, most men just look silly. I just man hes hot!

  • tOnnY

    i can’t believe people think he’s hot, he’s FUGLY, like for real, seriously his eyes and horrible hair, omg he’s so not hot….

  • belle

    The first picture definitely isn’t the most flattering.

  • Stephanie

    I agree 100% with Kes, I think he’s just more comfortable with Europeans, plus American press will either eat him alive and crucify him OR bore him with the same damn questions in every interview, thus making him want to change his answers to entertain himself and keep things fresh and new for himself.

    Trent, this is the first time you’ve posted something about him that I hadn’t already seen on one of his fan sites…so kudos to you for that!

  • K

    I don’t smoke and think most people look silly doing it. But cig in hand or not, he is gorgeous! And I agree with Kes. He seems a bit awkward in some interviews, which I don’t blame him. But once he loosens up, he’s hilarious and terribly cute!
    Le swoon!

  • Stephanie

    Oh god, he is so freaking hot. Why do you keep doing this to me Trent? Its unfair :(

  • Chase

    SWOOOOOOOOOOON. These must be old, right? His hair isn’t that long but I ain’t complaining. I heard he isn’t shooting New Moon scenes until his hair grows out more.

  • Justine

    Yum. Mmm…I am now loaded with enough images to have a great dream tonight.

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  • bianx

    every adult smokes. what i like about him is that he doesn’t give a damn what people says. he’s not an attention whore like most of the celebrities nowadays.

  • Aly

    love them.
    goodness. =)

  • piper

    One hot brit!
    He can do hobo and prince in style, no doubt camers loves this man.

  • Victoria

    These photos are by the same photograher( Theo Wenner) who shot the pics for the Dec 08 issue of Rolling Stone. The one laying down looks very similar to shots in that mag. I wonder if these are extras from that photoshoot

  • Lisa

    bianx Says:

    April 6th, 2009 at 6:31 pm
    every adult smokes

    Not every adult smokes!! I can’t stand smoking-but have to admit Rob is mega sexy even with the cig

  • ashley!

    gahh.robert issuch a camera whore. [: but i like them! and the cig really workds fer him…

  • Carly

    He needs to stop smoking…pronto

  • Maye

    He’s ridiculously hot. Love him.

  • Felisa

    I enjoy these pics…I also love the james dean-ness about him. There is just something about him that screams calm and cool. i love the scruffy beard

  • noranne ruslan

    he’s super HOT!

  • The pics are great! I know smoking is bad and gross, but rob makes it look so SEXY!!

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  • Lynne

    Dayum Trent! How am I to focus on anything else now? PURE HAWTNESS. He does it for me. Indeed.

  • Julia

    My eyes hurt of his sexyness!

  • julie

    I love these pics…or well any picture that Rob is in!! Thank you Trent for posting!! I flip for any Rob related news lol.

  • Kelly

    I don’t dig the top left picture. If his eyes were completely closed, it would be different, but they are half closed and he looks high. That being said, I dig the rest. Love the hair, undecided on the 80’s inspired clothes…

  • He is so hott! Robert Doesn’t really smoke, it just for the picture. :)

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  • Jess

    I think the cigarette adds to his super sexiness. Like you said he has a james dean-ness about him in these photos and the cig adds to that. He’s so hot, he’d be hot doing anything

  • undrthetwistedblktree

    I think its great that he is modeling for not a very popular magizine. It’s not all about the name or whats in. Great job ROb dont let hollywooD change your amazing souL.

  • megan

    omg robert pattinson is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • tatiana

    Hmm Insanely hairy arm pits and smokers breath….I’ll pass….

  • Viky

    my mouth is still open…
    I love all of them but the one in the left top corner is… wow

    Let me say this please. I think he looks damn sexy when he smokes. (I’m gonna get killed by some of you for saying this, but I love it)

  • Viky

    oops, i ment top right… XD

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  • cansu

    oooowwwww..he is veryyy verryyy veryy sweett,handsome,,……………etc..:D ı love hım too much..

  • Melanie

    I don’t know what it is about him but he is hot! Nice to see another photo shoot.

  • Amelie

    aah – he makes smoking sexy (:

  • yasmin713

    These pics are totally georgeus…I love you Rob!

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  • Kim

    I love that he poses with a cigarette! I smoke and that’s just one more thing we have in common, so kudos to him for that!

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  • Squee

    No, He is not hot. He looks like he needs a bath, and a shampoo.

  • danni

    I think that Rob looks incredibly gorgeous in these shots. I don’t even smoke, and I still think its sexy, although I think he might want to consider curbing the habit so he’ll be around longer for us to learn more about him. And I’m sure that this absolutly down to earth charmer wants to hang around for awhile. He has lots of wonderous talents to offer the world. :)

  • Gaby

    OMG HOT!!!!!!!

  • nae

  • Shelly


  • Jessita

    God is incredibly handsome

  • Sarah

    I think the Wenner photos are just outtakes from his shoot for Rolling Stone. It’s the same setup (clothes, cig, lighting) as the Wenner images from Stone.


  • Natnat

    Thought it looked like the same shoot too. Regardless, he still knows how to take a picture… sigh.

  • Taylor

    yes. i am kind of dissapointed that Robert posed with a cigarette because, his photo is saying smoking is okay. because some girls that are obesessed with Robert with get the message if he smokes it’s okay for them to smoke. and i think that will just send bad messages to his fans. These photos are still very gorgeous. and the motorcycle jacket is different. but it is always okay to do things a little different(:

  • Deidre

    robin Says:

    April 6th, 2009 at 3:44 pm
    am i looking at different pictures? i think he looks drunk or “specially abled” in these…he has weird expressions..

    I AGREE!!! He sometimes can have a weird look about him, perhaps too British? And the hair…c’mon…haven’t we outgrown bedhair yet?
    I’ve seen him look better…
    I think he should stick to acting, and perhaps singing if he choses, but ix-nay on the modeling…getting too old for that anyway! Hahahahahahahaha………..

  • Marta

    he’s so hot !

  • La Bruja

    Shut up about the smoking already.geez. yes it’s gross..moving on…
    All I have to say about these pictures is MMMMMMMM mmmmmm MMMMMMM Yum.

  • As always Rob makes every girl’s heart throb!!

  • Enamorada


  • Presley

    He has the profile of a caveman.

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  • bella82

    omg ROBERT
    è troppo bello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joey joe

    i really don’t understand the obsession with this dude.

    hes got the worst body, nasty hair, he smokes like a chimney, and has terrible style.

    send him back across the pond!!!

    why can’t they all look like becks?!?

  • Tammy L.

    OMG! Robert can’t please the whole world. He is so beautiful in any picture. I hope he never doubts for one second how beautiful and talented he is. I think all actors should be running scared because this young man has got it all!

  • Tammy L.

    To the photographer- GREAT JOB. Although I’m not sure you can take a bad pic of Robert.I haven’t seen any. He is very SEXY in all of his pics I’v seen.

  • Irishgirl

    I love the guy, but damn he looks so bored in these shots.

  • Mia

    I am just as obsessed as everyone else but I think it probably has to do with his character, Edward, more than the actual person. I am in love with Edward and therefore in love with Rob.

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  • Jessica

    I think the fact that he is a proud smoker is even hotter than ever!

  • Agus

    Love this photoshoot! n_n

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  • Rob Pattinson is just too sexy!

    I am in love with Edward and therefore in love with Rob.

    He is very SEXY in all of his pics I’v seen.

    As always Rob makes every girl’s heart throb!!

  • PixieBassline

    He looks BORED and disinterested.

  • Selene

    what country does the Dossier magazine belongs to? Is it a French, or Italian magazine?

  • Qe se raSuree noo?

    jjjajjajajaj peRo azii Se vee Lindoo eL*

  • EmilyOh

    Smoking or not, that top pic with the leather jacket makes him look like such a bad boy :) and I love ittt

  • Essie B

    wow.. i kinda agree. Pattz need 2 give the smokes a rest. But i do luv da pics. He really poses great

  • *andrea*

    I think he can look better. The cigarette thing is awful… i mean… he looks like an adict. In the first pic he looks like hell, but not sexy at all. I definately think the outfit has too much color…


    hey i heard that robb patz ISN’T playing edward cullin in the 2nd movie because he isn’t the LEAD actor……….

    IS THIS TRUE??????????????

  • Leah

    Uh no. + Learn to spell.

    Pretty stunning pictures if i do say so myself. the 3rd one i’ve seen before? or one remotley the same,

  • Leah


    No.. he actually does smoke.

  • Naomi

    @Mr. Gyllenhaal- totally agree! I thought I was the only one
    Almost the whole of the twilight cast smokes. seems like it’s very common among actors. could it be stress?
    his legs look a tad skinny in the second one though.
    The cig pic is the hottest one

  • Michelle

    Ok these pics are great and super sexy. Ok, I am not a smoker but he is old enough to make his own decisions and he chooses to smoke. He is over 21 years old. He can drink and smoke if he likes. I get so mad when fans think they have the right to dictate what someone can do. So get over it it is none of your dang business if he smokes. Geesh!!!!

  • Janet

    I know I’m coming in late to this party, but I have to say that smoking+white wife beater+ plus general unkemptness = amazingly dirty hot! I am not a smoker, and I’m usually disappointed in real life when I find out someone I like smokes, but I cannot deny how his smoking plus the other above mentioned factors make for a totally hot and sexy picture!

  • amy

    i really love the one with the leather jacket, i wish they had shown more pictures of him in the jacket.
    he looks truely great,
    but when doesn’t he look truely great?

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  • I am sorry folks but I just don’t find this fellow that attractive at all !!!
    Iam just saying!! :@)

  • Cryssie boo


    i usally say he is real ugly!

    but he looks pretty fine in da cigaret pic!!!


  • seda

    -___- i cant trust my eyes. man why is robert looking so ugly. i mean in this pictures. he looks so damned like a homeless person >XP

  • when does this come out?!?! i needs it now!!

  • Candela!

    Hola Robert soy de Argentinaa queria decirte que cuando bengas a la premier voy a ir a verte te AMO yo Candeeeee

  • hes so cute

  • me encanta robert… el es tan lindo… me mato de bello en esas fotos… me encanta su cabello, su estilo… todo el… el es unico en lo que hace… te amo robert… XD

  • Jen

    Trent…while I agree that these photos are nicely done and make Robert appear quite attractive, I do have one minor request:

    Please, of please, do not compare him to the godly creature that was James Dean, at least not yet. While he seems to be the truest modern reinterpretation of Jimmy, he is nowhere near the angelic wickedness, complex attraction, perpetual sex appeal, inevitable fascination, perfect imperfection, arresting demeanor, and disturbing darkness that was Mr. Dean.

    So far, Pattinson is still too fresh, too tweeny, too one-dimensional, and way too friendly.

  • omg he looks gooooooood! lol
    ihateujenuisdissindapattinsoniwillfinduandkillu……jokes! ily
    has anyone seen any of his intervews i love his lagh tee hee

  • robert ryan

    These photos make him look like a pasty-faced crack whore fresh from one of the stalls in Port Authority! Next time how about asking him to get closer to the shower ,yuke!