Who Is That Girl That Ryan Gosling Is Kissing?


Now that we know that Rachel McAdams has moved on romantically from ex Ryan Gosling (and onto, as it were, Josh Lucas), it would make sense that Ryan Gosling is ready to move on as well. Here are a few new pics of Ryan sharing a tender kiss with a mystery girl here in SoCal yesterday afternoon … could this young lady be friend, family or a new love interest?

HMMMM … it’s not very clear what is going on here. The chaste kiss that Ryan places on this young lady’s cheek could be an indication that she is just a friend or family member … or it could mean that Ryan is a gentleman who believes in taking things slow at the start of a new relationship. Whatever the case may be, this lady is lucky as hell!!! Let’s not try to hate her and, instead, live vicariously thru her.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Ashley

    Looks to chaste to be a love interest. If he came that close to my face I’d lay one him good, so she’s either a friend or a master of self control.

  • Kendra

    Yeah..It looks like a friend or something..Besides, I think we really connected at the Detroit Bar show a month back..He even glanced my way once! He’s totes saving himself for me..

  • Pam

    just a friend. dont sweat it hahaha

  • Stacy

    I don’t know who she is, but I don’t like her at all

  • Oscar

    Ryan is anything but going slow.Since he was in the Mousekepeers he was fast with all girls.Even when he was just a boy he was scr**ing with every girl he could get his hand on.So,she must be a relative.

  • Elaine

    holy hell, ryan gosling is buff!!!!

  • Kendra

    He looks amazing in the new Dead Man’s Bones video..*sigh*

  • Love him!!!

  • CoCo

    That is NOT a romantic kiss… Thank goodness! :) That was close! haha! I prefer him single… it ups my chances! ;)

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  • Nadine

    what is up with her hair..grosss…..

  • I would have to agree its totally friendly!! No sweat loves ;) looks like he is still avail for now but I don’t think this hottie will stay single long!!
    He just too damn hot!!

  • good for him for moving on

  • dentalgrrl

    OMG! I love him! How can I get my guy to wear shirts like that!?! Dang!