The Lohan Ladies Denied Entry Into Villa Nightclub


Dina Lohan is smarting today as news spreads of her embarrassing denied entry into one of Hollywood’s hotspots. Apparently, Dina showed up and tried to roll into Villa nightclub recently with her daughters Lindsay and Ali (who is only 15 years old, mind you) and was refused entry into the club. An angry Dina was shocked that the doorperson apparently didn’t know who she was and Lindsay chided them for making “a HUGH mistake” by refusing them entry. But did it ever occur to the Lohans that mebbe the doorperson turned them away because, Oh I dunno, mebbe it is illegal to let 15 year old children into nightclubs?

When a 46-year-old mom wants to take her daughters out for a special night, a Hollywood nightclub might seem a curious choice. Not so for Dina Lohan, who took Lindsay, 22, and Ali, 15, to Villa on March 25, Us Weekly reports. “Do you know who I am?” Dina protested when they were turned away at the door because of Ali’s age. “You’re making a huge mistake. Huge!” Lindsay added.

It’s pretty shameful, IMHO, that a nightclub doorperson has to do the parenting for a woman who thinks it is fine to bring a 15 year old child into a nightclub. I don’t know who Dina Lohan thinks she is but I totally commend the nightclub for turning Dina and her daughters away. One would think that a mother might not want to expose her impressionable child to an adult nightclub but, then again, this is Dina Lohan we’re talking about here. I’m sure there are other bars and nightclubs out there who would be more than willing to let Dina bring her underage children into their establishments but kudos to Villa for having the guts to do the right thing and turn them away.


  • Mariah

    Oh my god. Call Child Protective Services on this crazy woman. She seriously needs a reality check.

  • Kendra

    All I can say is..Wow..Wowie wow wow!! I’m surprised she didn’t try to get Cody in there, too..He’s like, what? 12 or 13? He’s old enough!

  • K

    Sad excuse for a mother…

  • aimie

    you burned too many bridges lindsay… and your mom needs to get a grip and mother you both not be your bff!!!

  • Sweet_Lady

    All i can think of is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. “You’re making a big mistake – HUGE” Come on – they actually think they are above everyone else when it comes to the law? Oh wait, didn’t Lindsey get busted for a DUI and nothing happened to her?

  • alisaj29

    This is not a movie theatre were you can bring your underage kid into a rated R movie. Some people just should not be allowed to leave their homes.

  • OMG

    She wants Ali to get a head start so she can be in rehab by 18 maybe??


  • Gaby

    Someone really needs to slap all three of them. Dina for being the most irreponsible parent to all her kids. Ali for following in her sisters footsteps, and Lindsay for being just stupid!

  • dots

    Her first kid is in poor shape and she wants her second on to be just as depressingly f*cked up??

  • Katie

    Ugh. Disgusting.

  • Amy

    yay Villa. Guess the Lohan name doesn’t pull the same weight it once did. With a mother like dina, was there ever any hope for her kids?

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    So disgusting. This family is so trashy. I can’t even believe it. No wonder LLO grew up and ended up going to rehad three times by the time she was 22. Ali is next at this rate!

  • nicole

    good im glad they didnt get in. i feel bad for ali.

  • Claire

    The scariest thing of all is that Dina and Michael procreated. Talk about the shallow end of the gene pool!

  • trish

    Someone please send her a copy of Knocked Up. She should watch that scene about why old a**es don’t need to be up in the club- much less with their underage daughters! As far as Lindsay’s “threat”- who the hell IS Lindsay anymore? Other than the queen of straight to DVD?

  • MeGs

    I can only assume that Ali is going to be more screwed up than Lindsay because WOW! I can’t imagine any mother willingly allowing, let alone taking their 15 year old daughter to a nightclub.Brutal.

  • Jadedkitten

    She sees nothing wrong with her 15 year old going to a nightclub O_O wtf no wonder lilo went to rehab 3 times before her 21st birthday.

  • Jadedkitten

    Parenting your doing it wrong.

  • CeeCee


  • zachary

    @ jadedkitten – LOL

  • kittycatastrophe


    Cosign and cosign.

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  • Melinda

    I am the mother of 15 year old twin girls……..and GOOD for the doorperson who said NO……..Dina needs to quit acting like their BFF and be a mother…….bad role model indeed……

  • Jackelynn

    Props to Villa for actually standing by THE LAW and not letting a 15 year old in. It amazes me that a crusty 46 year old woman thinks that highly of herself that they would put themselves at risk just so she could have a night out with her daughters, which might I add could be just as easily done at a restaurant.

  • zoe

    that’s what baffled me the most – why not just go out to some swanky restaurant instead? why even try for a club? but, this is the lohans we’re talking about. shallow end of the gene pool indeed…

  • Jackelynn

    @zoe – I know, my mother would never have even thought to attempt to take me to a night club when I was 15, we would have just gone to dinner or something. Get over it Dina, your daughter is 15, you CAN’T take her to a club.

  • Krissy

    I really can’t stand this family. They make me feel gross just reading about them. I noticed in a photo the other day that apparently Dina has already bought Ali her breast implants. It is really sad how these girls were raised. That being said, as an adult, Lindsey still hasn’t learned to take responsibility for her actions (like blaming others for her lack of career opportunities at the moment). They just make me ill. All of them.

  • Michelle

    OMG and that woman wonders why the press and critics say the things they do… hmm maybe it’s because you decided it would be a good idea to take your 15 year old out clubbing with you. I’m glad the bouncers at the door didn’t let them inside. Really how dumb can you be? I understand that some clubs do double as restaurants before a certain time but this clearly does not seem like the case. I remember in past interviews where she was questioned for going clubbing with her then underage daughter Lindsay and she would comment that she thought it was good because it enabled her to watch her daughter and to make sure she didn’t do anything she shouldn’t… riiight… and then Lindsay went to rehab. Someone take Ali away from her parents before she ends up being the Lindsay v. 2.0

  • Angie

    Dina, Dina, Dina. By trying to be a “cool mom” or “my daughter’s best friend” or whatever you’re trying to be, all you’re doing is being a bad influence for you children and a disgrace to parents everywhere. There are so many ways to bond with your children and earn their respect besides buying them implants and trying to get them into nightclubs. Life is about more than that! I think Lindsay, Ali, AND Dina all need some sort of responsible female figure in their lives… is anyone in their extended family sane? Can they sign up to get Big Sisters or something? Seriously…

  • Green Is Good

    Dina, Linds: next time try Chucky Cheese. 15 year-old’s are allowed in there.

  • GirlieGirl

    I’m suprised they even carded the little hag.

    Aren’t there “We card if you look under 35″ signs?

  • Elle

    I applaud Villa for not letting them in. SO many clubs in LA let famous people in even though they are underage, so I’m glad this place put their foot down.

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  • Fatbastard

    This psychotic hosebeast needs to be sterilized. Dina and Lindsay. Aw hell, sterilize all 3 of them. That family tree needs to be cut right the hell down.

  • The Nefarious D

    Geez. And I wonder why her daughter is so a psychological mess? Why stop at taking the 15 year-old into the club? Why not buy her a gram of coke, implant her with some fake ta-ta’s, and waltz her down to the free clinic for a handful of condoms? That way, she’s at least prepared for all the chickenhawks she’ll meet at the clubs.

  • Sandra

    TOTALLY agree with fatbastard lol

    also..did anyone else notice Lilo looks near death? eww

  • Marki

    She probably uses the little kid as bait.

  • Screw the Blohans!!!

    This whole family should be denied life! Hell, if I lived in California I’d shoot them myself!!! Bunch of pissy kunts one and all.

  • Tommy

    all i have to say is sham… wow!

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