Robert Pattinson’s First Photoshoot


Star magazine scrounged up a photo from Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s first known photoshoot from way back in 2001 (even before his appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) … and it’s a dooze. Baby-faced R.Pattz (who looked vampire-pale even back then) posed with a female model in The South China Morning Post and he wasn’t wearing very much … check it out:

He’s the planet’s hottest heartthrob now, but Robert Pattinson was a shy, nervous beginner during his first sexy modeling shoot with (gulp!) a girl. The Twilight star posed with British model Lucy Flower in 2001 in retro-style Miu Miu swimwear during a London shoot for the South China Morning Post newspaper’s weekend magazine. “Robert was such a shy, reserved little boy back then, I never would have thought he had that kind of superstardom ahead of him,” Lucy tells Star in an exclusive interview. “Also, I don’t believe he was very comfortable with the outfit he had to wear and the fact that he was shirtless. So it’s not surprising that he was so quiet and seemed so nervous that day.”

Ha! I’m convinced that every big name celeb has got photos like this in their past somewhere. When actors and actresses are just starting out, they tend to take every gig that comes their way and rarely turn down a photoshoot. I’m sure when he posed for these pics that he never thought anyone would see them in The South China Morning Post. But, unfortch, these cheesy sorts of things have a funny way of surfacing once the celeb hits it big. In his defense, tho, the pic isn’t all that bad. I suppose there may be one or two of you out there who always wondered if Robert Pattinson wears boxers or briefs … and now we know :)

UPDATE: A couple more photos of R.Pattz from this shoot have come to light — and they’re even better than this first one. After the jump, check them out …

And look at that … even back then he was rockin’ the unruly hair. Love.These.Pics!!!


  • meme


  • K

    lol i love it! Think of how young he was then! So cute…

  • Kendra

    I think Tyra would be proud that his nervousness didn’t come through in the photo! I wouldn’t quit call it fierce, but at least he’s smiling with his eyes!

  • KP Love

    This is not sexy at all.

  • Ally

    That outfit is all kinds of ridiculous.

  • Meagan

    It says in the write up that it’s a swimwear campaign for Miu Miu… so are you sure he is wearing boxers in this picture or is that some kind of swimsuit?

    • @Meagan — ah true, I just assumed the model was wearing the bathing suit but i suppose they both could be … i think i’d like to just assume boxers ;)

  • Gaby

    Yea I can say I really don’t like this picture, the girl looks kinda of creepy. I still think RPatz is HOT HOT HOT but not in this picture.

  • Roxster

    hahaha nice…it looks like she is wearing socks and heels too….this is the type of thing I hope his co-stars find and tease him about, I know i would lol.

  • BevyBeloved

    Wow I thought the chick was a mannequin haha guessssss not oops

  • G33K

    Is that a “Dickie” (faux turtleneck) he is wearing??? LOL-Yes I always wear a dickie with my boxers or swim trunks. It’s ALL the rage in Dadwear circa 1960!

  • dots

    That girl is so white she blends into the backround

  • Buckley

    is it me..or are his thighs HUGE?

  • ilkeeze

    He is, what?, around 13-14 years old? How cool did we all think we were at that age?! I feel for him when I see pictures like this surface. I’m sure if he could have predicted that his career would have ended up where it is now, he would have thought twice. If it were myself, I would just die from embarrassment.

  • Naomi

    Look at his tummy in the second one lol.

    Boy has he grown up. I love his hair here better though.

    Is it just me or is this so photoshopped that he looks kinda like a ken doll

  • indiesr

    Man! He has huge feet! I’m loving it :)

  • christianne

    lmao aww he has a little tummy pooch in the first cute :)

  • Chase


  • Michelle

    He was what 14/15 in those pics? His face hasn’t changed even though the rest of him surely has! Truth be told he doesn’t look that horrible in those pics although he does look completely terrified in the first one… then again if I were a 15 year old guy posing with a hot girl almost naked like that… yeah I can see where his problems might be… guy came a long way!

  • megan

    The second pic with the girl looks like a young Johnny Depp. Poor Johnny

  • Erick

    NIce legs (shame on me I know it)

  • Keishon

    Looks photoshopped, the last one looks more like a painting than a picture. I don’t think it’s really him.

  • m_luvpattinson

    he’s definitely turned out a lot better in his 20’s… who cares, these were in the past…. he’s HOT & FAMOUS now.

  • m_luvpattinson

    i think he will look even better with age… i look forward to seeing his movies in the next 10-20-30 yrs…. look at brad pitt, he was so ugly in his early days toO!

  • yuli

    I wish I could have snagged him back then when he was young and awkward and didnt know his raw sexual potential.

    Then I would never let him go..

  • Syrina

    If he looks vampire-pale, what do you want to call the girl?!?

  • jennie

    Sweet Jebus i dont know what to say about these pics, socks shoes underwear and a scarf ? WTH is that!

  • annettemarie

    actually the south china morning post is the most widely read and acclaimed newspaper in hong kong and is where i’d like to do work experience – just because hong kong is smaller than the usa doesn’t mean our newspapers aren’t read by anyone.

    • @annettemarie — I didn’t mean to imply that no one reads that paper, what I meant is that no one here has read the paper — just like folks in hong kong prolly don’t read papers like the Detroit News, the LA Times, etc.

  • Jade

    ummm…what can i say? ahah. well, when i first saw these pics i thought the girl was a mannequin because she’s so pale lol. and rob is sooo cute!!! he has no muscles in these pics though…ahah. it’s so ironic how he has like the same hairstyle here, as in twilight. overall, so hot!

  • Jane

    Keishon, they are pictures NOT paintings, and YES it is Rob.

    Man, that girl is porcelain!!!

    Rob is an awkward kid here, cut him some slack for not being buff people!

  • alize

    AWWWW HE IS SOOOO CUTE HERE!!!!!! BUT its awkward bc he looks like my cuz…..O.o

  • yuli

    I would love to know what the direction coming for the photographer was.. especially in the second picture..

  • ciera

    These pictures are so funny and embarrasing LOL
    they are ridiculos OMG!
    He was a cute boy, you can see his pure innocent look, he doesn’t have the hot smoldering and sensual look that he has today.

  • alice


    not so handsome

  • avery

    ahahaha these r hilarious omg haha!!! he is still so hot!

  • karlie

    he was acutie back then but when i saw these photos i couldnt stop laughing!

  • Melissa

    1. He’s gay.
    2. His outfit is gay.
    3. He isn’t really gay.

  • Crystalthatsall

    yeah! I feel very wrong even seeing those pics, since I’m 22. He was a kid. Why would you take picture of a boy like that or a young girl. Could you imagine like seeing that later in life. Hes a handsome adult, but dang hes a child here. Whoevers idea this was to put these teens in this strange position is beyond me. Sex sales doesn’t work on teens. Its gross. They should have not ever taken or used these photos let alone let the public see them even now. Please remove these. Why even look at them. I did, now I wished I hadn’t. Dang ! Not right.

  • aaae

    He looks gay here and you can tell he does not exercise with his belly kind of flabby. Sigh…I so wish I did not see this, I can’t look at Rob in the same manly way again. Thanks alot.

  • Hazel

    oh my god!!!!! i’m a fan and he looks totally ridiculos i feel embaressed for him and he looks very GAY he looks so much better as Edward

  • Becca

    im embarrsed for him yew YEW! He is much hotter now

  • Patricia

    LMAO! wow he was soo young then OMG! These pictures are halarious :P

  • OMG! he was soooo young then. And he and the barbie girl next to him I dont think go together. shes too…perfect.

  • anonymous

    he looks sooo GAY!!!