‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Leaks To The Internets


Happy April Fool’s, y’all!!! Today might be a good day to be wary of any promises of the “too good to be true” … like, say, if you get a URL emailed to you that says CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW WOLVERINE MOVIE ONLINE. Except, I’m here to tell you that if you do get a message like that … it’s prolly no joke. A full-length workprint version of the entire X-Men Origins: Wolverine film somehow made its way to the Internets yesterday and began showing up on torrent download sites and on streaming webpages. At first, I too thought it was some sort of April Fool’s Joke mainly because these sorts of leaks never happen A.) this early and B.) almost in their entirety. But, it turns out that this is no joke … the movie is out there for anyone to watch if they know the right places to look:

Early Tuesday US time a near DVD-quality workprint of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” found its way onto the peer-to-peer torrenting networks – a full month before the film’s release. A film leaking online is nothing new, poor quality camcorded versions and/or only marginally better Telecine/Telesync transfers of most films usually hit the torrent networks within days of their US general release. Proper DVD rips and screeners for festival titles and/or Oscar contenders have also been leaking with more and more vigor of late. Yet outright workprint leaks are rare as they take place before public release of a film and so are often much easier to trace the source. Ang Lee’s 2003 effort “Hulk”, Eli Roth’s “Hostel Part II” and Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” reboot notably saw working prints of their films leaked a week or two before their theatrical releases. The leak of “Wolverine” though, a full month before its cinematic release, has understandably sent shockwaves around Hollywood and the online community. Even worse for the studio is the good quality of the transfer – what’s shown is essentially complete and in near-DVD quality with only a few unfinished effects shots pointing to its ‘work copy’ status according to comments left by those who’ve seen it. This print also has a 106 minute runtime, making it apparently about fifteen minutes shorter than the final cut which means it likely lacks some or all of the reshoot footage shot in January in Canada. The film is still not finished and receiving final post-production touches according to anonymous sources here in Sydney. Fox legal is understandably scrambling to shut copies down, a practice that studios have become surprisingly adept at. Yet while the studio may be able to stem much of the flow, once something like this is out there it never entirely goes away. With no real time codes or identifying traits, the big questions have arisen – who is responsible and how can something like this happen? The hunt has begun and with something this large there won’t just be lawsuits and prosecutions, but major changes and security crackdowns on the post-production process where the source of the leak seems to have come from … BTW, as of the time of this story’s publication, it’s certain that most leaks will be have been shut down by now while others will be under surveillance by various legal authorities. So if you’ve been reading this and getting an idea about looking for it, I’d advise against it.

What is hugely unfortunate about this is that not only does the film suffer from a leak like this but so does the fan. I understand that the version leaked yesterday is not the final product and is missing essential portions of the director’s final vision. Truth be told, I cannot fault anyone’s curiosity for wanting to see the movie as soon as possible but I think a true fan of the X-Men films would want to still see the film in theaters to see the final product whether or not they watch the leaked workprint. I’d be very curious to hear what those of you who couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to watch the film think about the film. Please, do not post links to sites that are hosting the movie but if you did see the film, you gotta let us know what you think. In any event, I know that I will have my butt in a theater seat come May 1 to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine when it opens officially. Leak or no leak, I gotta see the mostly nekkid Hugh Jackman on the big screen.

[Source, thanks Lauren & Justin]

  • I will wait, and see it in theaters…
    Hugh Jackman on a huge screen will look better then on my laptop

  • Lula

    Why did you have to put the “D” over Taylor’s face? :(

  • Buckly

    I don’t care to watch it myself, but I am curious as to what people think of it. I have a feeling it will be crap.

  • Ally

    I really hate when things like this happen. I get that movie tickets are expensive and actors make an insane amount to do a job that others would kill for, but a lot of people work really hard to get to a movie to its end product. It should be seen by the general public until it is in that form. Ok, rant over :).

  • nicole

    i’ll wait. i dont mind spending my 7.50 to see mr jackman.

  • JoZee

    I know the fangirl side of me will most likely hate the movie, but I’m holding out. If I’m going to see it flop I’m going to see it flop on the big screen

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am going to wait either way. I want to see this on the big screen and not my computer screen!

  • I will wait, too – and I assumed that it was an April Fool’s joke…

  • Neptune

    Now, I wouldn’t dream of not seeing this at the theater xD And I don’t fully believe anything until its confirmed April second..

    …but if its true, and anyone’s seen it, at least tell me Gambit has the accent.

  • Lindsay

    Just finished watching it…I WILL go see it again in the theater! Totally worth it!

    Ryan Reynolds is slightly annoying – he’s basically playing the exact same character he played in Blade: Trinity (the comic relief)

    Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber were amazing. Taylor Kitsch, super hot. People will start to know who he is after this one.

    Can’t wait to see the final cut in theaters!

  • Neptune

    What about the accent!? xD Is it there??

  • Lindsay

    Gambit has the New Orleans accent, that’s for sure!

  • Jokerfish

    I’ve just finished watching it. The movie that was released was obviously not complete. The still need to do a lot of CGI work, and they have some shots to clean up, some lines to dub in, stuff like that.

    It was a good movie. And I’ll probably see it three times in theatre… Because that’s how me and my friends roll.

    As for Gambits accent… He has it. Not thick but there.

    I’m curious about what’s going happen because of this leak, and whose going get fired…

  • Hawk

    Lindsay – Ryan’s character is Deadpool, have you read the comics when he first came out… very Ryanish… Cable has calmed him down a bit, but not much… so Ryan was perfect choice for that role, and yes, now that you mention it, the Blade character is nearly like Deadpool.

    But, I will wait to see big ol Daddy Liev/Sabertooth up on the big screen… thanks.

  • Trish

    Taylor Kitsch on the BIG screen? Damn skippy I’ll wait!

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  • James

    Well i saw it i WILL see it in the cinemas it was a great movie but it did not have enough deadpool end…spoiler ALERT……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..they ruined the character of deadpool it was more ultimate marvel and then some…:(

  • Katherine

    I relly loved the movie… I can’t wait to see the final cut because I felt like it needed a little more. The action is amazing though. The one thing I was upset about is Taylor Kitsch (who I love) and Ryan Reynolds were only in the movie for maybe ten minutes.

  • Sarah

    It was really good, actually. But I will still see it in the theatres just to see all the fight scenes at their best. (The only one that really suffers from not having any special effects yet is the final one) Gambit was astounding, Taylor Kitsch (who I didn’t know before this) did a good job but they should have put him in it more. Although he’s a main character, he doesn’t show up till an hr and ten minutes in, and then he’s only in like every third scene for a minute or so. Gambit’s accent is there but not overly done, which I liked. Sabre is a badass in this one.

  • It was ok. Overall I think I enjoyed the not yet finished special effects (harness cables, lines pointing to Sabretooth’s hand with the written promise of “claws grow”, matte, gray landscape). As someone who has not read the comics I was very confused at the beginning, and had to Wiki a few things during it. However, my main reason for watching it (one of my fave actors, I won’t give it away) is in it for the TEENIEST amount of time; barely there at all!

  • Ana

    Would you like to see some screencaps from the unedited scenes? (not a spoiler at all):

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