Kevin Federline Is Livin’ High On The Hog


Life must be treatin’ Kevin Federline very well cuz in these new photos of The Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince roaming the streets of SoCal, it seems painfully obvious that he has not been missing any meals despite the hard economic times affecting many folks these days … behold:

Yikes! While Britney Spears is lookin’ better by the moment, poor K-Fed is lookin’ … well … worse. See, I don’t have a problem with anyone livin’ large (as it were) but it seems to me that K-Fed is packin’ on the bulk by leaps and bounds — which can’t be very healthy. These photos make it hard to remember a time when he was a lithe and semi-muscular professional dancer. Now he just looks like a divorcee who is surviving on alimony checks and who spends all of his time at the bowling alley. Oh wait.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Melinda

    OMG!! he looks horrible……..i am not one to judge as outward appearance isn’t WHO a person is, however, holy smokes he has packed on the pounds pretty darn hard……..eek!

  • PixieBassline

    Wow…. did his head shrink too?

  • A.

    WOW!!!!! I don’t know what else to say LOL. Its almost as if Karma has hit him in a very odd way. :-\

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Karma sucks. What he needs to do is stop living off his ex-wife get out there and find a job. That alone will make him happier and therefore help him get motivated to take of himself. Until then, I am loving every minute of his robust fugly ass waddling around town for his next meal:)!!

  • robin

    you’d think with all that smoking he could keep his weight down…i guess now that he doesn’t dance he doesn’t do anything!

  • nicole

    whats the big deal about his weight? i honestly dont get it. are brit fans really that bitter? or am i missing something?

  • I could barely even recognize him!

  • melissa

    holy shit! he’s huge!! wtf???

  • CB

    DAY-UM! I heard he’s in talks with Flying J for his upcoming tour…

  • Froggie2004

    He doesn’t have to dance for money anymore….just saying!

  • Katie

    LOL @ Froggie’s comment. :)

  • chipletta

    YIKES!!! He & his lady love STILL look like they just left the trailer park for a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some Mountain Dew and some smokes….. What did Brit ever see in him, anyway?????

  • Ibby

    I really didn’t recognize him AT all….yikes.

  • Tracy

    EWWWW. He looks like a beluga whale.

  • Shanna Should Hook up With Keven

    Shanna Moakler should hook up with Kevin Federline now that Travis Barker dumped her!

    And Gerard Butler? Yuck!

  • jen

    He needs to lay off the weed!!!

    At least his girlfriend looks good standing next to him ;-)

  • Elle

    DAAAAAMMMNNNNN!!!! How did he gain so much weight so fast?! He looks like he has a pillow wrapped around his waist.

  • Irma

    Before, when he was fitter, I could somewhat see what Brit might have seen (in the physical anyways). But this is so sad to see KFed this way. Yeah he “corrupted” Britney (but hell she’s an adult, she makes her decisions) but you don’t wish morbid obesity like what’s consuming Kfed upon people.

  • lisa

    Wow guys lay off the guy, if it wasnt for him brits kids would prolly be dead or hurt, he took good care of them while she “cleaned up” so what if he put on some extra weight. Depression can lead to over eating so maybe there is an underlying cause of his weight gain. Dont get me wrong i never much cared for the guy but he really seemed to be there for his kids while mommy was out being crazy.

  • that’s kfed now? wow he got big!

  • Leah

    He is HUGE, I was surprised to see him so large in these pics….perhaps he should stop living off Brit and get back to dancing and burn some of those pounds off!

  • Annie

    Maybe if Kfed had been there for “Mommy and the kids” when they were married, she might now have gone crazy! Not saying all her breakdown was his fault, but he was no Father/Husband of the Year! He still isn’t. It amazes me how much credit people give this fool for just stepping up and FINALLY doing what he should have done all along!

  • Sue.

    Thank you, Annie! Finally someone who didn’t forget what happend before Brit filed for divorce.

    Someone else getting a strange Jessica Biel vibe from her?

  • Ally

    This is so strange. I feel like we just saw pictures of him a few weeks ago and he looked the same size he always has. Are we sure that these pictures aren’t photoshopped or that this is someone that just happens to look like K-Fed?

  • Presley

    She looks like stephanie tanner.

  • tanisha

    he used to be so cute

  • FatFed

    What a fat loser , just like his ex . 2 pigs in a pen .

  • weffie

    his head is melting from the inside, deflating and trickling down into his moob glands. this is obviously the only explanation.

  • Ronnie

    I dont think he’s getting bigger…it seems his head is getting smaller!!!

  • whatever man

    He looks like a tick about to pop, with that teeny head on top of that massive body. White trash extravaganza! He and Brit were 2 peas in a trailer park!

  • Presley

    Carbs found him.

  • SuziLee

    Poor K-Well-Fed. But hey – he’s got a chick, he’s got $…. he can himself outta trailer & home if he wants to I guess!! : )
    Maybe dude needs to pick up another sport besides bowling!

  • Sloppy Sexonds

    He has gotten big, but oh well. He takes care of his kids and thats all that matters. His GF is cute too!

  • JN

    You got it right except for the part where you said Britney Spears is looking better everyday. Uh, no. She’s just past it, peeps. Accept it.

  • Green Is Good

    Maybe he quit smoking? Don’t people who quit initially blow up because they can actually taste the flavors in food?

  • Green Is Good

    Oops, I see a ciggie in his right hand. Never mind….

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  • Loves Bulk

    I love the cig he has in his hand. Fat guys who smoke never lose the weight. They just get fatter and closer to lung cancer. It’s the cancer that does them in.

  • Gaby

    Ugly breeder alert.

  • wildcat

    Hmmm- he’s very bearish.

  • Delonjo

    **Speculation Alert** It looks like he kicked a drug habit. This is what happens when one rehabs a bad crack/meth addiction.

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