Whitney Port Hates The ‘Twilight’ Movie


Oh snap! Whitney Port, star of MTV’s reality TV series The City, has gone on the record with MTV News to reveal that she thinks the Twilight movie is “really bad”. Despite the fact that she hasn’t read the books, Whitney says that neither the movie nor the actors impressed her very much. She even went so far as to call actress Kristen Stewart (who plays Twilight protagonist Bella Swan) “one-dimensional”Oh, no she didn’t! Read below to find out what other blasphemies Whitney deigned to utter about the vampire flick:

It seems like these days everyone has caught “Twilight” fever — even celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Ryan Reynolds admit to being fans of the teen vampire saga. But, there’s one celebrity who isn’t buying into it — and she knows a thing or two about drama. Former “The Hills” and now “The City” star Whitney Port admitted to MTV News that, despite seeing the movie, she has yet to figure out just what the big deal is surrounding “Twilight.” “I haven’t read the books, but I saw the movie,” she said. “I thought the movie was really bad. I love whatever his name is … Robert [Pattinson]. I think he’s so good-looking and handsome. I haven’t met him.” Although Whitney has love for Robert, she has more lukewarm feelings for his “Twilight” co-star, Kristen Stewart. “She’s OK. She seems so serious, like she’s so one-dimensional,” she said. “I think [Stewart and Pattinson] have good chemistry … I just didn’t think the acting was so good.” With all that in mind, it seems that everyone in Hollywood — no matter how they feel about “Twilight” — has auditioned for a part in one of the upcoming sequels. It begs the question: Is Whitney looking to audition? “I’m not really so much of an actress. I didn’t do this to do acting,” she said.

LMAO!!!! Clearly, Whitney is not courting the rabid Twilight fanbase with her comments … I mean, even if you really didn’t like the film is it really smart to say so? I suppose the girl deserves credit for her honesty but if I were her, I’d watch my back. Twilighters are a fervently devoted group of folks … she’d be wise to steer clear of any Twilight fan for the foreseeable future. Whitney’s comments are even more telling when you hear them come from her mouth. After the jump, watch video of Whitney’s anti-Twilight comments for yourself …

I’d be curious to hear Whitney’s opinions of the book … if she ever gets around to reading it. Oh who am I kidding, I doubt that would ever happen. In any event, there you have it … Whitney hates Twilight. What do we think of that?


  • Cupcake

    Who is this chic? And why does her opinion matter?

  • Gaby

    Don’t get me wrong I like Whiteney, but she hasn’t even read the books to be talking shit about something she don’t know. YOu can say what you have to say about the movie but don’t fucking diss the books, the books are great. Maybe Whitney should stick to shit she knows about…>Whiteney READ THE BOOKS before you JUDGE DUMBASS!

  • Jesse

    Thank God someone said it! The movie sucked, bad, the acting wasnt there, and scenes that were meant to be “pivitol” were just akward. If this movie speaks for the books count me out.

  • Ashley

    I agree with Whitney. I HAVE read the books but the acting kind of blowed chunks. Hopefully the next one is better.

  • Melissa

    Really? She dare call Kristen Stewart one-dimensional? Considering she’s on a “reality” show….. hmm seems like the pot is calling the kettle black

    Granted (as a Twilighter) I’ll be the first to admit that Kristen Steward isn’t the BEST actress in the world and I’d actually accept that comment from someone of actual credibility like Drew Barrymore or Charlize Theron or someone who is a fanatastic actress but honestly Whitney Port??? Hilarious…

  • christine

    whoa people are upset about this! who cares if she didn’t like the movie? is everyone supposed to?
    @ gaby-she said she didn’t read the books and she only made comments about the movie, which she saw, so what is your issue?

  • Francesca

    To be fair, she has a point. It might be my intense dislike for Kristen Stewart, but I saw the film before I read her interviews and I still didn’t like it. There just didn’t seem to be the same attraction to the film that I felt with the books. I LOVED them.

  • Melissa

    ^^ and by Steward I mean Stewart

  • a.

    That movie sucked so bad! FINALLY someone steps forward to admit it! I didn’t like Whitney before, but I admire her now for her “balls” in stepping up!

  • Sara

    Yeah, I agree. I read all the books and I definitely enjoyed them. I was excited for the movie and I was very disappointed. I hope the following ones are better… but I don’t have much hope.

  • SS

    HAHAHA I LOVE WHITENEY! i read the books…and sadly watched the movie. and really…the movie is horrible. and i know some people wont give the books a chance after seeing the movie first. im glad she came out and said it. someone needed too. shes nothing saying anything that wasnt right in your face to see. Kristens acting was horrible. good for Whit. lol

  • Roxster

    I don’t get how this even came up in an interview with Whitney, and while I def think she should read the books since they’re the real reason for the hype she talks about, I think I might pay money to sit through a showing of Twilight with her, just to see what amazing facial expressions she has for it.

  • Gaby

    Christine…I don’t have a issue! I have a opinion, plus why are we even worried about what a reality star thinks…THE City sucks anywho

  • Ventura

    No Whitney does not matter, shes just a tv personality, cuz she cant even be called a “celebrity”, but I TOTALLY AGREE, THE MOVIE SUCKS BULLOCKS!
    I fell asleep 20 minutes into it, it is poorly written, horribly acted, and it left nothing to be desired from future sequels. Robert P. looks like if he’s cross eyed, Kristen S. acting is super lame, I could go on and on, but in all, Whitney is no movie critic, but ANYONE older than 13 with a little bit of common sense can tell you, IT IS A BAD FILM!

  • joey joe


    i thought the movie was absolutely horrendous.
    kristen stewart was awful. pattinson only looks good i nthe movie, in real life he looks like a homeless man begging for change.

    why make a movie that only people that have time to read a 700 page book can understand?? isn’t the point of the movie to broaden the spectrum of people that become fans? the movie did the exact opposite, it confused and above all was not entertaining in the least. there was about as much dialogue as the rambo movies…

    kidos to miss port for speaking up, and making it clear that not everyone is gaga for the twilioght series. i’d rather watch paint dry.

  • christine

    Gaby, what you need is a grammar lesson, when a word starts with a vowel, it needs to have “an” in front of it, not “a.” also, i don’t care what whitney thinks. but, judging by your first post, it seems you do.

  • Bri

    I have never read the books either. The movie was not great. It was decent, I watched it free on a flight…

  • Rose

    This makes me love this chic even more.

  • JoZee

    Not a fan of MTV reality shows in general, let alone Whitney…not even a fan of Twilight (books OR movie) but kudos to her for spouting her opinion. Girl’s got balls to go up against Twihards.

  • Gaby

    Sorry Christine but I didn’t know this was a lesson in grammar, sorry if your so offended by what I write or how i write it. All I’m saying is that I agree with SS. People who haven’t read the books judge the books by the movie and how bad it was.

  • Brittany

    Finally someone said it! I DID read the books and that movie was awful! The acting sucked, the visuals sucked, the whole movie was terrible. Thanks Whitney. I won’t be seeing the sequel. And while I’m at it the books weren’t all that great either.

  • Lola

    I AGREE with her!! This movie is REALLY REALLY BAD!! They have the WORST CAST POSSIBLE! NONE of them really know how to act…. I mean, it looks like they are trying TOO HARD to be a big thing, but they really arent… WORST CAST, WORST MOVIE…

  • Ella

    LMAO. People in glass houses…

  • christine

    but gaby, i don’t think whitney was judging the books by the movie, she said she didn’t read the books.
    (your should have been you’re)
    anyways, i don’t care either way. everyone has their opinions

  • Anna

    Im sure half the people on here that said the movie SUCKED and was REALLY REALLY BAD probably went to see it a couple of times. Im sure that little comment Whitney said will probably hurt one way or the other. P.S. I saw the first episode of The City and it sucked, doesn’t even look like reality to me…just another Hills with fake drama and fake people

  • cherrr

    i’m amazed that people actually CARE what whitney port thinks?
    explain that one to me.

  • nicole

    hahah love whitney!

  • Gaby

    Thank you Christine! That was my point…everyone having opinions…BTW I need help with my grammar..email me! LOL

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I have read the first book and IT SUCKED!! I won’t read another one. I haven’t seen the movie but that is because the book sucked so bad I am waiting for it to be on HBO or something. I don’t want to waste any more money on that crap other than what I spent on the first book!

  • Kendra

    I didn’t mind the movie so much..I think if I was 13, I would be OBSESSED with it and I think that’s what it was aimed towards anyways..There was a LOT of slow-motion walking/staring and the white face paint/red lipstick combo was seriously distracting..But I thought it was cute enough..Now, the next movie has a different director so it might be a billion times better than the first, eh?

  • nicole

    i gave in and read the books after the movie came out…and i can admit..i loved the books. but the movie was horrrrrrrible. from the acting to the writing the thing was a mess. the only reason i gave the movie a chance was cause im a fan of robert, but even this was far from his best work.

  • Blair

    I sort of agree ive never read the books and the film didnt blow me away. By the way what does LMAO mean?

  • Kendra

    P.S. – I rented the movie from a Redbox so it only cost $1..I think I didn’t mind the movie so much because I spent so little on it.. :)

  • Dina

    As a Twilighter I can’t go as far as to so the movie sucked, but, as far as I’m concerned, it was the biggest dissapointment in cinematic history!! Much love for the first book and the hotness that is RPattz, but the movie should be sent to the corner to think about what it done. I admire Whitney for putting it out there, but as someone famous for being in a reality show it’s treading on thin ice!

  • christine

    i guess i missed your point, gaby, my bad. you just seemed super mad that she didn’t like the movie.
    as for your grammar, haha. i just always notice when people are incorrect in grammar. i don’t usually point it out, maybe i was just annoyed with you

  • Kendra

    @Blair – LMAO = Laugh My Ass Off.. :)

  • Mars

    I have read the book (awful) and have seen the movie (awfuler).

    So congrats Whitney Port you go up a notch in my book!

    Twilight is so lame.

  • Presley

    The movie was like a giant bottle of Nyquil.

  • Vivian

    I watched the movie with two other friends once it came out on dvd. we wanted to see what was the big deal, and all three of us thought it was just a waste of time. Kristen Stewart’s acting is really lame, i can definitely see where Whitney says that it’s one-dimensional. All the movie offered were some good looking people, that’s about it!

    The book probably is better, that’s usually the case.

  • Gaby

    Yea I know what you mean Christine…usually tho when I’m at work I write everything really fast so my bosses won’t catch me on the internet….cause I know there were times I pick out people with bad grammar. I think we annoyed each other, but cool now….my bad and sorry Christine for blowing on you!

  • Gaby

    It was a LOW BUDGET movie thats why it sucked. Whatever is up K.Stew ass should be removed quickly

  • nat

    I hated the movie, and I didn’t even watch it! And good for her for speaking her mind. Can we please move on-or is all theTwilight drama going to be regurgitated with each and every sequel? I’ll hate those to-I’m prepared!

  • PITNBer

    People in glass reality houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

  • I just gained a new found respect for Whitney Port. I hate Twilight…the books, the movie, the media hype…everything. It’s a poorly written series of books and watching the movie was like getting a filling. She’s my new favorite person.

  • nae

    i haven’t read the book…but have heard it is good.
    i have seen the movie & while i wasn’t all that impressed with it….man did i have sweet edward dreams for the next few nights! yes indeeed! =]

  • Sharon

    It’s about time there is some truth about Twilight. I attempted to read the book, and fell asleep. I actually did watch the movie, which I thought was better than the book; now that’s bad when the movie is better than the book. As already mentioned, the Twilight series is poorly written and the characters are all dull. Not only is Bella one dimensional, but a brat. I also don’t get why people love Edward so much. Sure he is easy on the eyes, but he’s also a major jerk. Thank you Whitney…

  • christine

    it’s cool gaby, back ‘atcha!

  • Christie

    LOLOLOL… Whitney says she’s not much of an actress!!!

  • ash

    I thought the movie was just okay not great, but seriously watching “The City” is like watching paint dry…

  • CB

    I haven’t seen the movie, but the books were horrible. And sense the general consensus with any book cum movie is a deafening wretch heard around the world, I am not surprised by Whitney’s comments. Not that anyone should really give a rat’s ass what she thinks.

    P.S. I find it hilarious that people are so up their own asses about these books/movies.

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  • bostonscrap

    i agree with her too!! i’ve read all four books and i loved them all (twilight and eclipse are the best two) but the movie could have been soooo much better. kristen stewart is so annoying – she can barely string a sentence together! and some of the scenes were cringe-inducing/full of secondary embarresment (eg. the vampire baseball game??) idk – i will definitely see new moon but i pray it’s better than twilight.

  • Chase

    OH HAIL NAW! First of all, she hasn’t read the books, so that’s a strike against her there. Second of all, if you watch a movie that’s based on a book or series you will automatically know that the books are always better. Strike two. And third of all, last time I checked you were on a reality show that is somewhat fake, and your acting sucks as well. kthanksss

  • amanda

    sure, the movies had its awkward pauses and acting but for those that looked forward to it, they appreciated the effort to bring it to life. i’d rather watch twilight a hundred times rather than the “show” she’s on.

  • Aly

    GOOD. Twilight sucks. I read the books and watched the movie, and the whole thing is just one shitfest of bad writing and crap acting.

  • jadedsweetie

    omg read a book…like no way!

  • CB

    *since* LOL!

  • Ashley

    Yeah Whitney!!! The movie did suck. The books are horrible, and I’m still reading them! They’re so poorly written, but I sheepishly still check them out at the library. The movie was lame.

  • Kristi

    Yeah, I love Twilight, I even like the film, but to my surprise I find myself agreeing with Whitney about Kristen’s acting in this movie. She made almost all of her scenes out to be very serious, and some of them really aren’t supposed to be. Plus half of the time I felt like she looked at Edward like she was really irritated with him, ahahaha XD.

    That being said, I thought her performance in the ballet studio was actually really good. She really did look like she was in pain, and I may be speaking for myself, but I think having to act like you feel as though you’re burning from vampire venom, being in pain from your broken and bleeding leg, and practically having convulsions would be difficult….

    I’m also pretty much excited for New Moon, I have a feeling it’s going to be better than the Twilight film. ^_^

  • Shelly

    Please and I guess that is why they made millions. You wouldn’t know bad-ass even if it hit you on the head! No sweetie your show sucks!

  • Greg

    @ Cupcake– She was on ‘the Hills’ and now she is on ‘the City’. have you ever read this blog before????

    @ Presley– i agree! it was also a little bit like pepto bismal covering up the diarrhea stains of the overly melodramatic acting

  • Tiffani

    I loved the twilight books but I have to agree with Whitney I hated the movie. I did not think that Robert Pattinson was good for the role of Edward but ended up liking him more than Kristen Stewart. She was a one trick pony again I agree with Whitney she was one dimensional, and did not do the character of Bella justice. To bad they couldn’t recast that role.

  • PennyGadget

    This is really funny. I somehow convinced my clueless boyfriend to watch Twilight with me, saying it was a vampire movie or some nonsense. The whole time he was so confused and kept going, “Why does that girl always look like someone is about to hit her?” and “WTF is she so nervous about, why are they staring at each other like that?” and “They just MET how are they so in love?”
    Now, having read the books, I knew exactly what all the longing stares and inexplicable voice-shaking was about, but I guess it doesn’t translate to the screen. Orrrr…the actors and director collectively weren’t able to do so.

    Here’s hoping Chris Weitz does a better job and doesn’t leave my poor man feeling so stumped when I make him watch the next one!

  • mila

    the movie SUCKED! Kristen stewart can not act even if her life depended on it. I was very disappointed with the movie cause in the book Bella seems more outgoing but kristen stewart was awful! I felt so embarrassed for her! And whitney! Sorry but The City is so boring i stopped watching after 2 eps cause you can tell everyone is trying so hard to stir up drama. So both girls are failures, sorry =P

  • anne

    Gaby and Christine- why don’t you just email one another?

  • Anna

    UGH! Whitney needs to stick to what she knows….(fake)reality TV! You have to have a imagination when it comes to reading these books…its FANTASY people! I think all the characters they picked for this movie fit the bill, plus there not all known actors so lets give them a chance. I don’t like KStewart only cause of the attitude and comments she makes when they interview her, she acts like her shit don’t stink. She needs to stop smoking POT when she goes on interviews. GOSH she seems so bored with the whole thing. I think the next movie should be better just cause they had such a low budget for the first one and this time around im sure they have a little more to work with. I enjoy the books and I enjoy the movie, but unlike most people I watched the movie online for free and then waited for it to come out and paid $1 to watch it…so I guess I shouldn’t be too sour about it

  • RJ

    Come people the movie sucked(no pun intended). The acting was bad and so were the not so special effects. The novel were well done but not the movie. Hopefully with a new director the next one won’t bite.

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  • Deanna

    OK yes, Twilight wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but Whitney’s comments were out of line. Who is she to judge good or bad acting? She should just stick to her “reality” TV, and stop acting (no pun intended) like she’s better than everyone else.

  • YOU GO GIRL. Twilight = the downfall of our youth. I love her for this.

  • KIRA


  • ems412

    says the girl from the hills…what does she know about good?

  • Aurelia

    I don’t get the Twilight craze. The movie was aweful and the book -or what I could stand to read of it- was worse.

    Bella Swan is an obnoxious snobby Mary-Sue. We are told she is plain and yet all the boys lust after her -including her teacher and step father(before the editor made SMeyer change it). She constantly complains about Washington -I’m a Washingtonian and it annoys me to no end- She complains about being a loner and yet she has kids tripping over themselves to be pals with her. Her “friends” annoy her and she only bothers to be occasionally nice to the pretty ones.

    She looks down on her classes because apparently Arizona schools are sooooo far ahead of Washington schools. Poor girl having to suffer through Washingtons inferior school system. And she is obsessed with beauty. She can’t imagine that blonde “sister” of Edward being jealous of her because the blonde is beautiful and Bella “I’m plain but all the guys are hot for me” Swan isn’t.

    Bella has no dreams, interests or asperations outside of Edward. I see nothing wrong with having a crush or falling in love -even though falling in love in a matter of days or weeks is idiotic- but….it’s pathetic to let a boy become your whole life and reason for existance.

    Edward is irritating. He watches her sleep and that isn’t sweet or romantic just creepy -as is the fact that Bella’s only thought upon finding he did that was “Oh God, I talk in my sleep. Soooo embarassing”- Edward does not respect Bella -not that I can blame him- he laughs at her frail humaness, smiles indulgently at her, carrys her. Honestly he shifts between condisending and controlling to passive agressive and creepy.

    If you were to play a drinking game where you had to take a drink every time Edwards beauty is described you’d be brain dead before the third chapter he’s in.

    Edward and Bella’s relationship just wasn’t healthy. Edward’s emotions changed at the drop of a hat, he watched her sleep, didn’t respect her, and she became obsessed with him to the point where nothing mattered to her outside of him, and she saw him as supirior to her. I lost track of all the times she described him as prettier, smarter, stronger, more agile, more tallented, etc than her.

  • Emm

    @Kristi- I agree.

  • Nikki

    At least someone is saying that Twilight sucks, besides me and a few other people. For starters, I have read the books and seen the movie, and it’s all pretty lame. The movie is really boring, Stewart’s acting is flatline but then she pretty much admitted that it is because the character, Bella Swan, is one-dimensional and doesn’t have a lot of personality. So really it’s not Stewart’s fault, but more Stephenie Meyer’s fault for creating such a self-insertion character.

    Also there is the other points that Twitards don’t seem to get, is that not only is Bella Swan a self-insertion of Stephenie Meyer herself, but Edward is an abusive and self-controlling…vampire (because man would not be a correct term here). He tells Bella what to do, who she can or cannot see, all the while contradicting himself because he does not know if he wants to be with her or leave her but in the end is with her and just…wow.

    Furthermore can we not forget that Edward SPARKLES! Seriously, a sparkling vampire? If that doesn’t scream flamming homosexual then I don’t know what does! A vampire, that sparkles and glitter. Of course any pre-teen/teen/adult that has no life would squeal and fawn over such hotness, come on, who couldn’t? Wouldn’t you want your boyfriend to sparkle and glitter in the sunlight like a magical fairy unicorn prince? It’s every little girl’s dream!

    To wrap this up, keep in mind that Twilight promotes women to be dependent on men (because Bella cannot do anything on her own unless Edward is there to rescue her) and has nothing to do with women being strong and independent as Meyers has claimed it to be. Inspiration for girls? I think not. Inspiration for mad-raving psycho teens to go on a war path and run down those who hate the book or even say anything against sparkling vampires? Absolutely.

    P.S. Twilight fans can never really give a good disputing response back except “fuk u!” or “u suxx0rz!111″ So seriously, if you are going to respond to the people here who dislike Twilight, try to be a little bit LOGICAL is that too much to ask for? Nevermind, it probably is.

  • Marietta

    I can’t blame her for that, I mean, I love love love the books, and I have a crush on Robert but the movie did suck in many ways, not to mention Bella’s horrible acting!Come on she had this disgust-face every time she was looking at Edward..She s supposed to be madly in love with him!
    A good point from my bf who havent read the books was that in the movie, they had no reason to fall in love, it didnt show that, the attraction.
    So yeah she was pretty right about everything, she should read the books though.

  • pensfan

    I don’t get why some people are so offended by what she has to say. She’s simply stating her opinion. Everyone is entitled to what they think, and Whitney doesn’t have to like Kristen Stewart or the movies. So what she didn’t read the book? It has nothing to do with her interpretation of the film. The movie and the book should be judged in different categories anyway. Just because Whitney doesn’t like the Twilight movie doesn’t mean anyone should be personally offended.

  • yevgeniy

    Very Funny

  • BT3

    The books suck. She should not read them. I saw the movie, liked it for what it was (a simple teen vampire flick with a hot male lead and lots of hot, hot eye contact), and then I read the book. It blows. Stephanie Meyer is a TERRIBLE writer and everyone knows it. I get what Whitney’s saying, but I don’t understand how fans of the book can hate the movie so much.

  • Meagan

    LOL hey, at least someone is admitting it! Seems like the general consensus is that, if you weren’t blinded by the beauty of Robert Pattinson (or Jasper in my case), then you realized that movie was HORRIBLE. I watched it a second time with substantially lower expectations and didn’t mind it as much. However, as a direct comparison to the movie, it was not good. There was no love between Rob and Kristin!

  • Anna

    DAMN Nikki who shited in your Cherrios this morning! Fiction books are meant for the reader to use their imagination to create their own world or their own characters base on they descriptions they get from the books.

  • n1cole

    hahaha honestly.. shes kinda right. the movie is really bad…. but i love it simply becoz its a visualization of the wonderfulness that is the novels. ahh. she should read the books then she’ll realize what the big deal is.

  • aimie

    what kind of a moron is the person interviewing her… she says she hasn’t read the books but you ask her what part she’d audition for?!?!?! hello…. SHE HASN’T READ THE BOOKS, MORON!

    someone needs to go back to jounalism 101. i could believe falling over yourself or getting tounge tied if you were interviewing a STAR like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Oprah… but Whitney Port. PLEASE!

  • Amanda

    Seriously though… I think that they could have cast Bella better, she is definately not the best acress they could have cast!

  • Susan

    Thank God I’m not the only one who hasn’t drank the Twilight kool-aid! I’m sure the books are great (I haven’t read them), but I HATED the movie. I really almost fell asleep 4 times. Boring actors all around, and a mediocre story. I’m with you, Whitney!

    Plus, True Blood (the books and the series) is WAY better.

  • aimie


    i watched true blood from all the hype and think it is terrible!!! talk about a melodramatic performances it is ridiculous. haven’t read the books, though. but i watched the entire first season on demand thinking it HAD to get better and when i was done thought….”wow that is like 13 hrs of my life i can NEVER get back?!”

  • Gaby

    I agree with Susan about True Blood! The Sookie Stackhouse novels are really really good.

  • joe

    I agree, why was this non-actor being asked about wanting a role in the new movie?
    The books are great! I’m not gonna jump on the hater band wagon because it’s “cool”. I have my own thoughts and opinions and am not swayed by group conformity.
    The movie could of been better, but the actors are not to blame for that. I blame some of the directors background music, bad sparkle effect and direction. (should of left the meadow scene like the book and redone the first biology meet)
    The actors did an outstanding job. Especially Kristen.
    Dude, I enjoy the Twilight series. It makes me happy! I’ll be first in line for New Moon.
    The rest of you stop hating so much and go meditate or use all your anger and put it to some good use. Go build a house for Habitat for Humanity or volunteer at a soup kitchen.

  • lambman

    She isn’t wrong, and no one is not required to read a book to see a film adaptation.

    The movie was awefuk it had great cinemetography but it has acting and special effects you would expect from a Sci Fi channel movie.

    Also Kristen Stewarts acting to me seems like Joey’s smell the fart acting approach from Friends, or maybe that is jus her face

  • joe

    lambman: why do you have to be rude and insult the actresses looks?
    Not liking ones acting is one thing but be mature and don’t insult them personally.

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  • Apples v 2

    Who knew she was so smart! Although I didn’t see the movie, I read the books, it was complete shit. Books are always better than movies, so…

  • Erika

    Kudos to Whitney! I’m sure the “smart” (read: strategic) thing for a girl who’s built a career in Hollywood being fake and vapid would be to laud the crap out of the movie (and there certainly is plenty of crap in the movie to laud). But she’s actually done the smart (read: indicative that she may have read a book or 2 in her life, perhaps better written than the “Twilight” saga, although it doesn’t take much; and properly uses “there,” “their,” and “they’re” when writing) thing, which is to actually assess the movie for it’s cinematic merits. The movie was a joke. The books are like anti-feminist crack. I appreciate Whitney for being honest for once. When keepin’ it real goes right!

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  • Good for her! The movie DID suck terribly, and I mean I like the books and Rob Pattinson has been on of my favorite actors FOREVER. Since Vanity Fair, I mean…seriously..the movie just was not good. Not a little, not at all..and Kristen Stewart sounds like a dude.

  • Jennifer

    I am not ashamed to say it I read all the books and Twilight was my favorite and I was utterly disapointed with the movie. The bad acting goes without saying. I am hoping New Moon is better but most of the same actors are back so I am not holding out much hope. As hot as Robert Pattinson is his acting in that movie left little to be desired. Thats just my opinion!

  • roxster

    Auriela- you bring up a lot of good points…I read an interview with Stephenie where she said its not supposed to be typical high school puppy love, but thats really how it comes across once you break it down…not to mention the things their relationship is based on seem flimsy to me . They’re not quality literature in anyway whatsoever, I don’t think I could use the word “good” and keep a straight face either, and yet they’re somehow entertaining and you can get sucked into the relationships there. I do disagree on some of your assessments of Bella. I never interpreted it as her complaining about being a loner, and reading the books pictured her more as just independent and not the type that needed a huge group of friends…I always took issue with all the movie descriptions that described her as a loner. There’s a different between being an individual and not falling into the IT girl group and their trends, and being a loner. I also felt that she was just polite to Jessica and the other pretty girls, but was aware they were fake whereas she likes Angela who is actually really sweet (and we see that friendship more later in the series). I can see why you’d take it personally that she dislikes Washington and her comments about school (though that WAS limited to only the bio class..didn’t hear about others)…but keep in mind when you first move and all you want is to be where you were beforehand, you’re going to find a reason to dislike whatever is around you..the negativity drops off once she started liking Forks, Edward, her father, and friends. And I’m sure if you suddenly moved somewhere else and started at a different school you’d find stuff in classes that you’d covered before, as well as stuff that was new…I don’t recall the teacher lusting after her? I’d agree that disturbing if thats the case though. Thats also weird about her step-father…where did you read that?

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  • joe

    The thing with the step father and the teacher aren’t in the books. The stepfather thing wasn’t like that at all and was something the book company was throwing out to Steph, but seemed weird to her so she took it out and never really wanted it in the first place. The teacher thing is just something that Edward knows and that Steph eluded to in an interview.

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  • joe

    Bella is a strong female character. Kristen did a great job.
    nough said

  • Tina

    LMAO, Whitney’s funny… but that’s kind of why no one watches her frickin’ reality TV show. I watched it to the fourth episode and got bored. Why in the world did Whitney need a reality show? She was always boring even though she’s sweet, and has absolutely no drama in her life. Everything else was obviously/probably scripted. And it’s ‘reality’ yet still the most damn boring thing.

    Back off Whit, too bad these people are making loads of money and they’re actually ACTORS/ACTRESSES. And they’re good at it. Look in the mirror before you judge, thanks.

    I still love Whitney, though.

  • JK

    I don’t see why she should keep her opinions to herself just because a bunch of fangirls can’t handle someone not liking what they like. And because she’s on a reality show she can’t be a critic of something else? I call shenanigans.

  • joe

    Granted, everyones a critic. I just don’t understand why they were asking what role she would want in the new Movie. No bad on her MTV asked her the question, but bad on MTV.

  • Monique

    LOL, speak on it, Whitney! I’ve read the books and seen the movie…THUMBS DOWN to both. They’re so bad, it boggles the mind! Read The Vampire Chronicles or watch True Blood. Now that’s some good vampire *shit!

  • mariquette

    I read the first book and thought my synopsis was terribly bored. And kind of stereotypical. The verdict–pre teen porn. Their parents won’t let them buy out of the adult section so they go to feel good romance. I won’t try the movie even though from the commercials, it looks very good with very artistic camera shots. Maybe I should watch the movie, but every time I see a girl with Twilight paraphernalia I want to take to shove Sunshine by Robin McKinley, Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson novels, and Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series. Better written supernatural, feel-good romances with a higher addiction rate.

  • nY

    i COMPLETELY AGREE with whitney!!! twilight is so OVERRATED!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    I agree with Whit! I am a huge Twilight fan, I am soooo in love with Edward! But I hated the movie. It was so low budget and cheesy. I am def hoping New Moon is better. With that said, I really think she needs to read the book, then she will get it!

  • Kelly

    The movie was hokey and not true to the book, which I loved. Catherine made Edward awkward and nervous…”I had an adreniline rush…you can google it.” Come on. He was 100 years old, intelligent, articulate and suave. And every eating scene in the movie was in the diner. Bella always cooked for her dad in the book. It was very clear that she was the one taking care of him. A better director could have made that movie great. (And better actors, there I said it.) Charlie stole that movie, IMHO.

  • RR

    I have to agree and I’m so glad someone finally said it! I LOVED the books and read them in five days. Then I got all my girlfriends hooked also. We were looking so forward to the movie and well to say we were disappointed would be an understatement. It was just really, really bad. It could have been so good it just fell flat.. What she says about Kristen is spot on. He acting is so bad and even laughable at times. Hope the next one is better.

  • Michelle

    I really liked the books and while there were some parts of the movie I love I gotta say it’s not one of my favorite movies out there… At least the girl was honest about her opinions…

  • Charlie

    I love this girl. She is completely right the movie was atrocious. I read the book and then saw the film and was surprised that the actors made the characters less appealing than they appear in the book.

    Well Whitney, you have one new fan.

  • Dominique

    Thank you, someone has the balls to say that they didn’t like the Twilight movie instead of praising it even if they didn’t like it. I’ve read the books and loved them, but the movie was a disappointment for me. The acting was not all that great, 15 mins in I was wondering if this was seriously the movie.
    @ Kelly: Charlie definitely stole the show!

  • Asia

    I actually thought the OPPOSITE. The books sucked , but the movie was NOT that bad…it wasn’t that great either. But watchable.

    The music REALLY made the movie for me.

  • lauren

    i agree K Stewart really turned me off. She almost seems mean in the movie. I was wondering what Edward saw in her. And then I read the books and I was like “Oh it was just bad casting”

  • nc

    I completely agree with her.

  • Kiara

    umm…Whitney, there is about two people left in the whole world that watch your crappy show (also including The Hills) so you can’t really talk…

    She shouldn’t judge Twilight by the movie. Yes the movie was crap, but it was a book for years before it was ever considered being made into a movie. If you’ve seen the movie and hated it, then read the books before you judge, coz you might just be surprised…

  • sykosoo

    its her opinion… [shrug]…let the girl be…there are even SOME twilight fans who will agree with her. and she didn’t say it in an attacking tone.
    and if you don’t watch her show, don’t care what she says or disagree, then stop getting into a frenzy over it.

  • Mindy

    I think she’s entitled to her opinion. I can see why some people think of the movie that way. Mostly because they haven’t read the books. I was rather impressed by the actors in Twilight, they evoked a lot of the emotion from the books.

    I too don’t understand what the fuss is about Twilight. I’ve read the books and seen the movie, and neither is really exceptional. Meyer’s writing is merely standard and her tale is one that could be told in one book, not four. I was bored through most of the reading, although there were some parts that I loved and that were well done. I think I’m the only person who likes the movie better than the books – the soundtrack, cinematography and special effects were all excellent.

  • Sia


  • Sia

    oh the Sookie Stackhouse books were awful !!!

  • Kass

    This bitch better not be dissing the book ! Yea the movie sucked but I LOVE AND ADORE THOSE BOOKS ! And yea the Sookie books were gross and dumb.

  • Source

    The funny thing is that the books may not be great for everyone because it’s geared towards young teenage girls. I don’t get the hype about it like most people. I never read the books because I didn’t have the time. I saw the movie though. I had to give it a second chance because Iw as distracted by my friend who read the books and wouldn’t stop commenting on how terrible and off-book it was. I gave it another shot. It’s a decent concept for a teenage love story, but the acting… could have been better than a lot of stuttering to make up for those awkward pauses and the wanted difficult moments. Acting isn’t easy, but I’m sure there were a lot of no-name actresses that were lined up for this part that could have done better. Stewart just probably fit the description better. Just not the acting.. to stress that.

  • CeeCee

    I’m not a huge fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books either, but at least Charlaine Harris is a decent writer (i.e. she understands character development and refrains from using the same tired descriptors ad nauseam). But then again, if you’re describing her books as “gross and dumb”, maybe you only read on a sixth grade level and are the perfect audience for Stephanie Meyer’s writing.

  • As a proud member of the Anti-Twilight community, I’ve got to say that I have a bit more respect for Whitney Port. It has to take a lot of courage for a celebrity to be honest about their opinions, especially when it comes to something like the Twilight series–which I feel is the Jerry Springer of modern literature, but that’s another rant for another time.
    Having said that though, I don’t think the actors should be blamed for the film’s poor quality (although, whoever was in charge of the cinematography should never be allowed around a camera again). Neither Kristen Stewart nor Robert Pattinson were given very much material to work with from the start, or at least it wasn’t anything good they could use. Combine that with both of their dislike for the project and you’ve got yourself “bad acting,” when really their hearts just probably weren’t in it.

  • Rebecca

    Has she EVER watched an episode of The Hills or her show?! Oh my god …….loved the books, the movie was ok but I watch it over and over, it’s like an addiction.

  • Siddy

    YES! I love Whitney even more now! Twilight is shit and Meyers is a terrible writer who never should have been allowed to get her work published and turned into a book! Thank you, Whitney! Finally some fun negative feedback. As for those asking, “If the book were so badly written, why does it have millions of fans?” Popularity is not any way to measure the depth of a book… Far from it. Ha! That’s like saying because The Pussycat Dolls are popular, they must be great musicians. The only reason Twilight got published is the publishers saw an opportunity to make money off of the masses of “readers” who as they correctly predicted would eat it up. It was about money not merit.

  • Siddy

    I agree, Alyssa.

  • EG

    Whitney is a twat!

  • javajunko

    that movie stunk so bad, i couldn’t get the smell off of me for a week after watching it

  • Rachel

    Finally!!Someone who is willing to say it , I am a HUGE twilight fan i have read all the books and LOVE them but the movie was just not well made…or acted…just hoping they can get better cuz as far as im concerned lol

  • Bb

    I agree 100% and I HAVE read all the books. I love the series but the movie lacked in every way. Here’s hoping the new director can do a much better job.

  • Dev

    If anyone one here has exquisite taste in movies, they would agree it sucked. Don’t have to read the books to realize the acting and “special effects” weren’t up to par.

  • ly

    I agree. The movie was horrid.

  • Anie

    I agree with her 100% about K.Stew.

  • Libby

    I fell in love with the Twilight books, but the movie didn’t wow me by any means whatsoever. The acting wasn’t bad…I even thought the casting was pretty good. The movie itself was pretty weak. But I think anything that’s based on the book will have trouble meeting the fan’s expectations.

  • alice

    that’s the only thing i can agree with this reality star

  • Tasha

    This “bitch” better not be dissing the book???? Calling someone you don’t know a bitch over fictional literature? People are CRAZY.