Zac Efron: Wax On, Wax Off


Zac Efron made a recent visit to Europe to do some promo for his upcoming new film 17 Again and appeared to be very lax in his personal grooming habits. First he showed up to a photocall in France wearing a t-shirt that was covered in stains (ew) and then he showed up at a premiere screening in the UK with a huge glob of ear wax seeping out of his ear (gross) …

… a sight that was not lost on his admirers here in the States because upon his arrival back in SoCal, he and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were showered with gifts to ensure that Zac’s waxy build-up problem goes away:

LOLOLOL! Someone decided to pummel Zanessa with Q-Tips as they made their way out of Beso restaurant here in LA Saturday night. The best part — one of the Q-Tips got stuck in Vanessa’s hair! You may also note that Zac’s ear canals were covered by his hair in these second photos … so who knows what ICK may be hiding underneath. After the jump, check out video of Zanessa getting showered with Q-Tips

Now that Zac is rolling in the dough, he might want to invest in a box of the cotton-tipped swabs … just a suggestion :)

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  • Pam

    Well.. I think this is insane. Throwing q-tis at the guy because he had some wax on his ear?? Asking him about the wax he had?? What??? First of, if u ask a doctor they will tell you that using Q-tips is not the most healthy thing u can do to ur ears (which doesn’t mean of course that u should leave the wax there for everyone to see). The wax is suppose to protect your ear, but he should at least try to get rid of the one that is showing.. ewww. Weird situation, cannot believe they made such a big deal about this.

  • Dana

    Could be worse… he could be into not showering, like someone else. But yeah, that is pretty gross.

  • Pam

    I forgot, though it has nothing to do with this, Becks played his 109 match in his National Team. It was World Cup qualifying this past weekend and england won. He broke the outfield appearence record Moore had (legendery player that was in the team when england was champion back in 66′). And he looked super hot while doing so hahahaha.

  • Jessica

    His ear looks deformed! Really gross!

  • Amy

    It was pretty gross. I bet the stained t-shirt was pretty gross also.

  • Jaci

    I seem to recall hearing from doctors that you’re not really supposed to use Q-tips…

  • Kendra

    I think this is so jacked! So he missed a spot while cleaning his ears! Why is everyone picking on him? I feel so bad for him..Then I realize he’s still pretty stinking beautiful and he’ll just go and cry into his HSM cash and don’t feel TOO bad anymore..

  • Stephanie

    This is just ridiculous. This is concidered news??? I can’t stand this world!

    • @Stephanie — I don’t think anyone is calling it news, it’s goss and it’s funny. Look, the kid is a multi-millionaire and he’s human … it’s okay to poke fun at little faux pas like this.

  • Megan

    Oh, grow up already. This is the dumbest bit of gossip EVER.

  • Sam

    i mean it’s gross that he had that much wax in his ear but really? you’re throwing q-tips at him when he’s walking into a restaurant with his girlfriend… really? that’s ridiculous….

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  • zachary

    Oh my god, he’s human like the rest of us! Gross! Torment him for his normalcy!!!

    Poor kid, I feel bad for him. I can’t imagine living under that sort of scrutiny. Not only that people would even notice a little extra wax in his ear, but there was BACKLASH for it?!?! That’s just ludicrous.

  • n1cole


  • aNGEL

    Is it me or is his ear deformed?

  • I hope Vanessa washed off her tongue after seeing the first pic.

  • Tina

    Trent, I agree with you. This world has to laugh a little- it’s the funniest shizz I’ve ever seen/heard of in a long time. Get some humor, people! He’s like what, 21? I’m sure he can handle this, if not he could just go cry and use his HSM Disney money to go buy something to make him happy.

  • red

    you have to put a warning with these kinds of pictures, I was eating lunch. Now I can’t. Maybe this is a good way for me to lose weight

  • alejandro

    :O thats sooooo mean!!
    and yea, your not supposed to use q-tips! it can fuckn kill you…

  • David B. 2


  • Chase

    @ Red – LOL! And uh, ya, this is pretty gross but oh well. It happens… I think. Oh, and Dana, are you talking about Robert Pattinson? If so, he has said in a new interview magazine that he does, in fact, take a shower. Which makes me like him again. : )

  • Sarah

    haha funny!

  • PixieBassline

    Oh man.. that’s screwed up!! Who would even be thinking that someone’s gonna get a pic of the inside of their ear??? It’s not like Zac can easily see the inside of his ear, to know that shit was there!! lol

    • @PixieBassline — c’mon, I would hope that people would be aware of dirt on their bodies and ear wax in their ears. I cannot see easily in my ears and yet I clean them every day … doesn’t everyone?

  • anna

    I do not clean my ears every day Trent. I clean them maybe twice a week after showering. Most doctors don’t recomend using Q-tips everyday. But…. this was funny… Come on! they are little fuzzy sticks, its not like they threw eggs at them. It was just a cute little joke. I thought it was funny.

  • Andrea R.

    Big deal!!!!! It’s funny, get over it. But yeah, his ear looks really weird…….

  • Robert

    But what about his smegma? What shall we throw at him when his smegma becomes the issue?

  • Christine

    Ok yea, earwax=gross, but the qtip throwing was kind of cruel and unnecesary and immature. I mean I know it’s not that big of a deal but it probably wasn’t really all that fun for Zac and vanessa.

  • jackie

    leave him alone that so mean! And its not funny

  • RazberrySwurl01

    that’s mean. ear wax is gross. he’s human. he’s still beautiful. let’s move on.

  • Kitty

    One of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages. If I were him I’d be laughing about it. He has a great sense of humor, check him out on the Graham Norton show (UK) which he just did recently, he can take a joke. Thanks for this Trent, it made my day!

  • Kitty

    Just seen the vid, “Argh my shoe, I’ve lost my shoe!” That’s the meanest thing that’s happened here.

  • Jay

    Earwax builds up very quickly and if you stuck a camera in most people’s eardrums, you wouldn’t find clean whistles. When he shows up places looking like a dog who got run over by a dirty Swiffer WetJet *cough*Pattinson*cough*, then we’ll talk.

  • Diana

    Granted, this is not the nicest thing the paps have ever done, but they did it to get a rise out of Zac and his friends; which they did not succeed in doing. Besides, there’s pictures of he and Vanessa in the car afterward laughing it off. They don’t take themselves seriously; something like this just rolls off their backs.

  • Joanne

    I did not need to see that – just as I didn’t need to see a pic of Keanu Reeves vomiting out of his car door (on a freeway) … I haven’t been able to look at him the same since! (Not his fault – the papparazzi)

  • Lisa

    it’s true…you’re not supposed to use q-tips for your ears. it packs in more ear wax…an oil substance is better :)

  • Blakely

    thats freaking funny!!!
    but grose at the same time……..
    lol (:

  • Michelle

    That is too funny… I gotta say! I do think it is a bit odd though that some pap zoomed in close enough to even see the ear wax in his ear… WHO DOES THAT?! People with ear fetishes that’s who… I’m just saying… Still though I think the Q-Tip thing was a bit much for that photo… Poor guy, I’m sure he’ll get over it though…

  • Momo

    i find it mean and bully-ish (is that even a word?).
    i just think if you caught a glimpse of someone with waxy ears, would you throw Q-tips at him? Probably not. i dunno, i saw this clip and eventhough the guys got cash, i feel bad for him.
    oh and Trent, its bad for you to clean your ears everyday with Q-tips!!! talk to your doc, he’ll tell you the same :)

  • Verodemort

    I get that he’s “fair game” when he’s out and about but this is pretty fucked up! You can take pictures all you want, scream if you want to, but I draw the line at throwing things! Poor Zanessa!

  • persephone

    haha the paps were saying “MAGANDA KA” to vanessa! haha soo cute.. hope she understands that though.

  • rachel

    i think the weirder thing here is his oddly misshapen ear…hm. i was really confused by it at first.

  • Tracy

    That picture made me dry heave for real. Disgusting.

  • Lisa

    Yeah.. the bigger issue here is what’s going on with his ear?

    • u need to hush i thank vanessa is hotttttt

  • Cryssie boo

    WHY!!!!!!! he iz so hot & he just killed it!!!!!


  • PixieBassline

    @TRENT- maybe he should hire a “Hygiene Assistant” ? hehe
    I think I’m more grossed out by j mayer sniffin the mankini…. I’m just hoping this isn’t like a normal thing for Zac.

  • Athena

    eww… clean your ears before you go out in public. its so grosssssssssssssssssssssss…… You are a celebrity. so being clean goes first before looking good and smelling good. vanessa might not go out with you anymore

  • Personally, I think that the loser paparazzi who threw Q-Tips at them needs to shove those Q-Tips up his ass. I’m not a crazy fan of Zac, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Earwax? EARWAX?! Really, now?! There are much better things to be talking about than Zac Efron’s earwax. God, that was extremely disrespectful. No one deserves that bs, not even celebrities who may or may not clean their ears often. Contrary to popular belief, they’re people too.

  • vicky

    jaime ton zizi zac

  • yum yum yum

  • Ha ha HAHA HA!!! Clean your ears you ANIMAL!!!