Eddie Cibrian’s Skeleton Comes Out Of The Closet


Okay, so this might not be news to some of you (Canadians especially) but I *just* found out that Third Watch/Ugly Betty hottie Eddie Cibrian (who is rumored to have had an illicit affair with Country music singer LeeAnn Rimes) and Young and the Restless star Joshua Morrow were members of a CHEESEY post-Backstreet Boys/‘NSync boy band back in the late 90’s. The group, which also featured a guy named CJ Huyer, was called 3Deep and this is what they looked like:

LOLOLOLOL! Now, I know that we all have skeletons we wish would stay in the closet but this one is too good to keep hidden away. According to the Wikipedia page about them, the group was fairly successful in Canada and enjoyed “a sizeable and young female fan base”. High points of the group’s career include, performing “at events such as Ottawa’s Winterlude and appeared at the Juno Awards and at the MuchMusic studios”. Oh, the 90’s … wasn’t that just a horrid time for music? After the jump, check out the music video of 3Deep’s biggest hit Into You from their debut album Yes Yes Yes … No No No

LMAO! This is so bad! I cannot believe I never heard of 3Deep before now. Something of this cheesy magnitude can’t stay hidden for long. I’m dying! Are any of y’all familiar with this group? If so, do tell … I’m dying to hear more about this delicious cheese.

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  • nicole

    OMG HAHAHA oh the memories. man the flashback i just had. thanks Trent! haha

  • Christina

    Actually I think I remember them showing up at a Wal-Mart in my town when I was in highschool (the 90s). They were exactly like 98 degrees and I think that was their main competition in the day.

    I didn’t realize that they weren’t in the US too!

  • SS

    i thought the US knew about 3Deep? how wrong was I? lol

  • Kristy

    Hahahaha zomg I totally loved 3deep!! I’m from Canada and I
    grew up in the boy band era so I definetly knew of them.. They were never at nsync level but they had a couple good songs.. I never knew eddie cibrian was in the band though!! Hahaha that just makes them so much better now.. He totally looks like a former boybander! I should dust off my old planet pop 2000 cd and listen to their song again!

  • i’m from the u.s. and knew about them, haha. one of my friends actually met them after a 3deep concert. aaah.

  • Jenn

    AHAHA! I so remember them!!

  • Tanya

    See now, I didn’t recognize this when I saw the post originally (and I am Canadian) but when I listened to the song I immediately recognized the chorus. Weird…I had not idea that this was who sang this song. Too funny!!!

  • yvr_chickie

    OMG I so remember this! They came out while I had a huge crush on Nick from Y&R.. I think him and Sharon were still the best couple on the show at that point.

  • Lisa

    Ohh snap, I totally forgot about these guys, but I instantly remembered the song. Ahh brings back memories of the bad pop music I used to listen to as a little kid.

  • kaitlyn

    hahaha oh 3 deep.
    i grew up with the boy band era also.
    mostly 87’s to 89’s remember this band because we were all in public school when they were popular.
    the only reason eddie was in the band was because he met joshua on the set of Y&R. yeah eddie was a soapy.

  • Leanne

    OMG! I even remembered the words to this song. I was never a big fan, but I guess I heard the song often enough!

    I’m so into you.. I’m so into you baby.

  • Kimorri

    Every time I see Nick on Y&R this song starts playing in my head…lol I was just waiting for the day that this secret would come out over the border…lol

  • Elise

    I love that they are in the red box set much like Backstreet Boys Quit Breaking My Heart Video….yeah I still know that video that well…..

  • kittycatastrophe

    Never heard of this group , but how “One of these things is not like the others” is the band make up?

  • alli

    what’s with Canadian guys having affairs with b-list American celebrities, i.e. Dean and Tori, and now Eddie and LeAnn? As a proud Canadian, I just don’t get it.

  • halifaxhoney

    I remember them!! LOL Sadly I was part of that sizeable and young female fan base in Canada haha

  • Katie

    Bah ha ha ha ha ha

    That’s all there is to say :)

  • Kim

    Oh my gosh. Thank you for posting this. I forgot about the, but yes this song was very popular. I definatly didn’t know it was only in canada though. I remember when it came out and how weird it was that there were soap opera guys in a boy band. But good song none the less. Thanks for putting it on here:)

  • Amanda

    OMG….I totally forgot about them!! I just loved them back in the day. Back in the day when I pined for hot soap stars!
    Thanks for the flashback!

  • Michelle

    hahahaha YEP! I remember them…Us Canadians have strange taste eh? ;)

  • Kelly

    SHUT. UP. RIGHT. NOW. Seriously…i can’t tell if i’m better off for knowing about his or not…No wait…the spoken word by Eddie just played…I’m definitely better off…it’s effing HYSTERICAL!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!

  • AC

    I remember this because it was right after Eddie Cibrian left Young & The Restless and I read about it in Soap Opera Digest! I never got to hear what they sounded like since there was no Youtube but it’s hilarious!

    By the way, for those that didn’t know, Eddie played the villian who raped Nick’s (Joshua Morrow’s) wife and Nick was on trial for being a suspect but the real killer was his other rape victim. Then he stuck around as a ghost and also a part of someone’s crazy imaginiation which led her to kill someone too. Ahh.. soaps!

  • Tanya

    haha…omg, the memories. I used to watch Eddie on a soap called “Sunset Beach” and remember when 3Deep first came out…total flashback, thanks Trent!

  • staci

    omg this so reminds me of the robin sparkles music video from how i met your mother. the one with the dawson “sandcastles in the sand.”

    it’s hard to decide which video is cheesier ;)

  • jen

    i’m from canada and definitely remember 3 deep. i just watched the video and definitely still know every word. such a blast from the past! can’t believe i forgot about this song.

  • steph

    I am female, Canadian and born in the late 80s thus, an avid watcher of YTV’s Hit List and because of this, exposed to this band. i think it’s hilarious that Americans are finding only finding out about this now…

    Does this mean you also missed out on B4-4, Dream, soulDecision, McMaster & James (or anyone featured on a YTV PsychoBlast tour?)

  • jadedsweetie

    LOL I bet they wish they’d never done this. I love Joshua Morrow, so this is really interesting. thanks for the post :)

  • Katie Condratto

    I TOTALLY remember 3Deep! I was born in ’85 and watched The Hit List religiously. They had all the great boy bands. Sigh, I miss that cheesy era!!

  • Jodi

    ohhhh Trent I remember this!!! I’m from Canada, and I got the pleasure of meeting both Eddie and Joshua when 3Deep did a mall performance at my local mall. There was quite the crowd of screaming girls from what I recall. I was a huge fan of both of them on the Y&R and Josh and Eddie were my very first ‘celeb’ encounter and I’m pretty sure I still have their 8×10 glossy autographs kicking around somewhere. Thanks for the memories Trent!

    ps @steph: I TOTALLY remember all of those bands!!!

  • Caitlin U

    Bah ha ha ha ha! I totally remember being into this when I was in middle school (in Canada).

  • Sylvie

    OMG I knew I knew him from somewhere! I just couldn’t remember where! Ahh I remember them. Good Old Canadian Boy Bands. Awesome.:)
    P.S- Trent, you’ve never heard of them because they were “Videofact” artists meaning that they got funding from the Canadian government to make videos and thus dont get airplay ANYWHERE but MuchMusic
    ahh the memories…

  • Katrina

    I ABSOLUTELY remember the cheese of 3Deep! I was right in the my mid-teens when boy bands were all the shizz… I actually remember an episode of the Rosie O’Donnell show where Eddie Cibrian talked about his popular Canadian band 3Deep…lol….good memories…

  • evelyn

    i love this song! wow
    i swear i still hear it on the radio!
    so i wouldnt be embarrarsed if i was eddie cibrian :)

  • amanda

    lol, when i saw him on tv, i was like “hey thats guy from 3deep!” and as soon as i saw the photo, the song came to my mind.. lolol

  • Ella

    @steph… lmao… HIT LIST… TARZAN DAN…

    I so remember this video… I might have even been one of those girls who taped this song off the radio… man I’m aging myself!

  • Melinda

    O M G !!!! thank god I was already an adult when this came out……I love that Cibriani has the “speaking” part…….there isn’t amount of LOL’s I can give to this!

  • Candice

    the lyrics were ok..typical boyband stuff but the dancing..OMG!!! i cried laughing..my side hurt!! 1 and 2 and slide left..hahahahah 2 funny

  • Lisa

    OMG! i remember them…i remember the guy in the middle of the pic (not eddie or joshua) had the best singing voice..the other 2 just “talk sang” or they were just there for eye-candy

  • dee

    what’s the big deal?
    everyone knew about 3 Deep!
    So what if they did .. they took a shot at music during those pop-py years

    i cant people dont remember or are shocked now to find out

  • Roxanne

    yeah they were kinda big here in canada. Emphasis on the ” Kinda”.

    thats why i never took that eddie guy too seriously as an actor.

  • dq

    3deep!!! i was such a fun when i was in elementary school. its where my obsession with eddie started =P

  • Pess

    Trent!!! If you liked this, you should check out B4-4!!! Pure Canadian one-hit-wonder gold, my friend!!

  • Keri

    Haha! I remember listening to them. (Josh & Eddie are SOOOOO hot!) Here in Ontario, Canada they still play their song “Into You” on our local radio station lol Takes me back a few (many) years!

  • tatiana

    lololol omg. I think I remember this group. I also remember when Eddie was on YR. What up with all of the “Happy Trail” shots? I think this is going to be my new ring tone…lol

  • Erin

    Ha, yeah I met them all after a 3Deep concert too and had pics taken with them. Yes it was during my boyband phase years ago too. I still have their autographed CD around somewhere

  • Michelle

    Wow… I totally forgot about that group… probably because they were only huge in the U.S. for about a day but I totally remember the song!! I love those little boy groups that fell by the way side! Remember Youngstown and Point Break?! I’m gonna have to go get me some 3Deep songs now…

  • halifaxhoney

    Thinking of 3Deep made me think of these guys lol


  • Tammy

    That is the only song I remember from them. I really forgot all about them until now. Wow that was a long time ago. lol

  • shannon

    Actually, 1991–1995 was an excellent time for music. It started to wane in 1996 and by 1999 it had deteriorated significantly. Granted, that year saw the release of NIN’s “The Fragile” but most of what came out that year was quite unpleasant.

  • chelsea

    hahah open up your heart.. and let me in

  • J.

    Hah! I had a huge crush on them!

  • KittyKat

    CJ (the one in the middle who was the only one who could actually sing) is now a music producer in Canada. He teamed up with Howie D from the Backstreet Boys to produce/mentor Canadian cheesy pop singer, George.

  • Ann

    HAHAHA I knew about this years ago that he was in the band slash the TV show I though for sure this was all over the USA too but I guess not. I was like 15 or so I used to love this song I got the biggest crush on him when I saw him in this video were he smiles and is twirling around that girl. OH THE MEMORIES!!!

  • haha that is too funny – wonder who came up with that genius name!

  • Raquel

    OMG I used to see ads for 3Deep in Teen magazine when I was like 12….I watched “The Young and the Restless” back then so when I saw their picture I thought, “Man, that guy looks just like the guy who plays Nick!” This takes me back, Trent. The vid is too cheesy!

  • Sarah B

    this was discussed in mtv’s the aftershow like last week…. old news :(

    • @Sarah B — no one said it was news, I even stipulated that I just found out. is there a contest i’m not aware of?

  • javajunko

    this is hardly a skeleton, it’s pretty well known…and yah they were pretty big in Canada for a while, their song is still on the radio every so often…


    OMG! I fully remember 3Deep. CJ Huyer was the uncle of this girl @ my school in Toronto, Canada. We all got autographed posters of the group, etc. We were in grade 5 so it was a pretty big deal and Eddie and Joshua couldn’t make it, still pretty cool though.

  • chili_chick

    OH.EM.GEE. Trent this brings back sooo many memories. I’m from Canada and I definitely remember 3Deep. haha I still remember the lyrics to the song too!! Watching this video has made me youtube all the other 90s boy band videos like B44, LFO, VIP, ID and so many more!! haha the one that makes me laugh the most is O-Town “Liquid Dreams” I cannot believe they made a song about that!! Thanks helping me reminisce these memories :)

    Don’t forget about S Club 7!!

  • Brandi

    Since LeAnn Rimes’ husband is gay, could Eddie Cibrian have contracted HIV from her? If possible its so-long 3deep because he’s in deep do-do.

  • Margie

    WTF @ Brandi?!!

  • Meagan

    hahah 3Deep was huge here! that middle guy is from my hometown about 30 minutes outside of Toronto. oh man.. their songs are so bad!

  • Meagan

    oh and unfortunately, Canadian radio will still play them from time to time to fill the national band quota.

  • LAdyLove

    3Deep – brings back memories! This song was huge in Canada! I remember having a crush on them!

    I knew Eddie looked familiar when I saw him again on UglyBetty!

  • PITNBer

    LMAO. Tha’s a shame.

  • TJ

    lmao!! i remember these guys sooo well! Even went to see them perform at the summer festival here in Edmonton!! Ahh… good times, lol

  • Ally

    I remember seeing them in those teen magazines I use to read,but I didn’t really care for them because I was a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan! Still love them:)

  • S.

    Eddie never sang a note.

    His role was to take off his shirt and say ‘Baby’ and ‘Oooh’ in the songs.

  • Dustin

    oh dear looks like somebody ha sbeen shopping at Wilson’s leather! yikes….

  • Noosiekins

    ROFL I remember them on TV…. “I’m so into you..no matter what I do…” LOL

    they play it every now and then…like a very LONG now and then


  • JOe

    As an American living in Vancouver, BC – I can honestly say Canadian’s have the worst taste in Music or produce the worst music – Nickelback, Celine, April Wine, Rush, Ann Murray, Avril – and they still play all this shit on the radio.

  • and why is this a big deal/skeleton?
    what’s wrong with having a semi-career in music?
    the backstreet boys are just as cheesy and nowhere near as cute. NKOTB are prolly the ULTIMATE in cheese/boybands and people are still screaming for them… perhaps i’m missing something, but i don’t get why this is such a big deal…

  • nc

    You didn’t know about this? And you call yourself a gossip blogger! lol

  • Jenna

    I am from Canada and in high school I worked at a music store. I totally remember these guys. They came out right around the same time Backstreet Boys and NSYNC did. Pretty funny stuff! Watching the video made me laugh!

  • Heather

    HA HA — Oh I remember the days of 3 Deep. It’s a shame, but they were kinda popular….especially on YTV’s the Hitlist with Tarzan Dan….anyone remember that?! lol

    I’m surprised that this little tid bit isn’t more well known.

  • Just… unbelievable!!!

  • leanne

    Ya. The Canuk singer lives in Pickering, and has a son with a local bartender.

  • Anonymous

    Yah that local bartender happens to be a friend of mine.

  • anonymous

    That’s sad.

  • nick

    I heard the guy lives at his parents house!!

  • Bruce

    That’s sad. Supposedly the guys almost 40, and lives in his parents house.

  • Alan

    I’ve heard the guy is a sociopath. Can’t believe a thing he says, and uses people. Nothin worse than that.

  • paul

    The guy is a lier, thief, and the slickest crook of all time. He steals money from people. He’s the smoothest sociopath ever. Worst lying businessman. He’s going down in flames soon.