Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Coupling Up Again?


Well now … what have we here? Could the recent whispers that Drew Barrymore and her ex-boyfriend Justin Long have gotten back together again really be true? Well, if this new photo of the pair enjoying a quiet lunch together at the Farmer’s Market at The Grove over the weekend is any indication than mebbe it is time to celebrate their reunion:

As you may recall, Drew and Justin broke up way back in July of last year after a pretty significant courtship together. Something about the couple always seemed like they were a good fit for one another. Not long after the breakup, Justin was linked to Kirsten Dunst and Drew set her sights on the Gossip Girls guys — but none of that never really seemed right. I’m encouraged that all these months later the couple appear to, at the very least, still be friendly with one another. I’d be happy to see them couple up again. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of this supposed reunion. Do y’all like these two together? They look cute together, no?

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Sam

    aww i really like these two together… justin long is so adorable
    hopefully they’re getting back together but if not it’s nice to see they’re friends

  • Helen

    Aww, I really hope they get back together, after all of Drew’s misfortunes relationship wise, she could do with some happiness! Please let this be true!

  • Justin and Drew are adorable together, I hope this is true!

  • Pam

    aww.. I like them together!

  • Marisa

    ahh i really hope that they make it work.. they seem soo right for each other…

  • nicole

    thier cute together…. but Drew’s always said that they were friends….im sure working on a movie together might have helped relight the flame.

  • I love love love them together. (I’d love him even better with me, though!)

  • auby

    i love justin long he seems like such a nice guy!!

  • Michelle

    I really like them together… out of Drew’s many men he has been my favorite by far… they both just seem to have matching personalities and they look adorable together… here’s hoping second time’s a charm!

  • JessicaGiovanna

    I loved JL in Zach and Miri… His character seemed to have been channeling the purple one… Totally reminded me of Prince.

  • Justin Long is great! He’s such a nice guy, and Accepted is hilarious! I don’t even care!

  • Skylight

    I read that they’re doing a new romantic-comedy movie together called “Going the Distance”