Rihanna Gets A New Tattoo


Rihanna seems to be normalizing again just a month after she was assaulted allegedly at the hands of her then (current?) boyfriend Chris Brown back on February 8. We’ve heard of and seen Rihanna do a lot of things in the time since that incident occurred but this latest news could be the most telling. Rihanna enlisted the aid of her favorite tattoo artist, a man called BangBang, and had him give her a new tattoo. At first, she thought about getting the tattoos on the front of her shoulders but, in the end, opted for a single small tattoo on her right ribcage. Check out RiRi’s new tattoo of a handgun:

Given her recent domestic assault, one might think Rihanna would be the last person who’d want to glamourise violence. But the 21-year-old made the unusual decision to have a handgun tattooed on her body this week. The singer, who has often been seen wearing a miniature gun pendant necklace, had the weapon etched across her ribcage. She visited Los Angeles based tattoo artist BangBang, who initially drew two guns on either side of the tops of her arms. But the singer decided against having the weapons inked on in such a prominent position because of her contract with make-up brand Cover Girl. BangBang wrote on his website: “I really wanted to put it here [on her arms]… She loved ‘em. But, Cover Girl wouldn’t have liked it much… and they pay the bills!” He continued: “Ended up doing it on her ribs.” Rihanna already has many other tattoos, including a collection of stars plunging down her back, a music note on her ankle and a Pisces sign behind her right ear. She also has a star inside her left ear, a Sanskrit prayer going down the hip, the word Shhh… down her index finger, and a tribal patter on her right hand. Rihanna has been keeping a reasonably low profile in recent times following her assault drama. She was allegedly beaten up by her boyfriend Chris Brown during a heated argument in his sports car the day before the Grammy Awards. The couple, who reconciled after the incident despite his domestic battery charges, are said to be on a break. Brown is expected to be back in court for an arraignment on April 6. Legal experts have claimed that the case against Brown could hinge on Rihanna’s co-operation. Her spokesperson has previously insisted that she will “do everything that the law requires her to do”.

It’s an interesting choice for a tattoo. I dunno that a handgun makes a nice design at all, seems really severe to me, but each person has their own reasons for their own tattoos. I wouldn’t necessarily infer too much from this particular tattoo … but, who knows? After the jump, check out one more photo of Rihanna at the tattoo parlor — the next pic shows her considering getting this gun tattoo inked on the front of her shoulders …

I have to say that I personally do not like her new tattoo. I don’t know that I would like a gun tattoo on anybody, let alone an artist like Rihanna. Again, I do not think that her choice of design means anything grand (ie. I don’t think she’s planning to shoot anybody) but there has to be some meaning in there. Mebbe she’s trying to feel powerful? Mebbe she’s trying to feel tough? Whatever the case may be, this handgun tattoo sends a far different message than her pretty star tattoos. Do you think it means anything? And if so, what?


  • BritneyMake’sMeLOL’z

    “Don’t fuck with me Chris!” Lol That’s what I think…as you said yea maybe powerful as she came through this attack by him? I don’t like ’em that’s for sure. but I think it was wise she put it on her ribcage.

  • Ally

    I really hope these are doctored photos. I just can’t believe that someone who just went through an assault situation would want a gun on their body for life. I completely agree with Trent that I wouldn’t want to see it on anyone though…

  • Sarah Day

    Well she does where a similar gun necklace a lot. And wore that pre-attack so maybe she just likes it for whatever her own reason is.

    To Each Her Own

    Love you Rhianna!!!!!!

  • Jadedkitten

    Oh lawl why does she keep getting these stupid tats.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She has crossed into chessy tatoo land.

  • Margie

    I don’t get it either and yea, to each his own but a gun? Is she an NRA member?

  • Belle

    I’m glad she got it on her ribs. The shoulders was just too cheesy with the whole “check out my guns” vibe.

  • kittycatastrophe

    If she really wants to feel empowered, instead of getting stupid tattoos of guns she should cut that idiot ex/current(?) boyfriend lose in a very public way that leaves no doubt that he has been “canceled”.

  • ninabina

    this doesnt make sense. how recent can this be? because her roman numeral tattoo on her left collar bone isnt visible

  • Sean

    she is growing to her womanhood.
    Rihanna is still beautiful without those makeups.

  • masala

    that looks stupid.

  • Katie

    She was about to give Chris Brown “two tickets to the gun show”


  • anon

    hm maybe she wants to commemorate this event of violence against her. To remind herself to never allow herself to get into this position again.

  • those won’t protect her from chris, but a restraining order might.

  • SS

    her tat ideas just keeping getting worse…

  • Sandra

    for real? wow. celebs spend their money on the stupidest things.

  • Panti Christ

    Lol, yeah, on her shoulders woulda been real WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW but I, uh, I don’t like it anyways. To each her own. At least it’s no tweety bird…….

  • Olivia

    She is truly a dumbass now

  • nicole


  • Allison

    http://www.wwtdd.com shows that she also got them right above her armpits.

  • BRH

    Doesn’t RiRi have the birth date of her best friend in roman numerals on her left upper shoulder?

  • PixieBassline

    this girl obviously has BAD taste and possibly a very low IQ.

  • PixieBassline

    Celebs usually end up with all these little tattoos, spread allover their bodies… just little, shitty meaningless, cheap-lookin bullshit….. Why don’t they just GO FOR IT… get a “REAL” tattoo!!!

  • Pess

    I dunno, I like it. It looks a little awkward all tiny and by itself, but I mean, it’s kind of cute…

  • Chase

    I think it be a lot cuter if the guns were pink or something. I don’t really care for the black that much… tattoos in general are kind of icky.

  • steff

    i think she got it to feel powerful, and or tough.
    its a good idea… i just dont think the symbol was necessarily the best.

  • Bananaanna

    I think it means that she won’t be caught without a gun!

  • tanya

    Ha! @ninabina and brh, i was thinking the same thing, where’s that huge roman numeral b-day tattoo?

  • Mark

    I feel bad for her, she’s crying out for help. Lol As for the other tat on her shoulder maybe just bad angle?

  • nicole

    the other tat is closer to the back of the shoulder its just a werid angle and you cant see it.

  • jessica

    looks like 007 to me.

  • Michelle

    Yeah that is so not attractive in any way! I’m immensely glad she didn’t opt for the guns on her arms, but still the gun on her ribcage does nothing for her. I don’t mind tattoos as long as they are tasteful and I actually am wanting to get one of my own pretty badly, but definitely not a hand gun. I’m really not fond of the one on her hand either.

  • Shana

    It’s not on you, so why do any of you care.

  • PITNBer

    It means absolutely nothing if she’s still with “him”. Nothing.